Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ammo I can find! Fun with a .22

This upcoming Sunday night - a Home on the Range Review of the Ruger Mark III .22. UPDATE: I am heading out on the road for some work that popped up. I'll have the Ruger range report up Wednesday Night.

Til then, something else small and sweet.

Individual Chocolate Souffles.

But hurry, they too are going fast.


  1. Looking forward to this one! Hopefully it answers a few nagging questions I have since I'm in the market...

  2. Well, I can't even find much 22 ammo around the Dallas area. But, I can get plenty of shotgun ammo. So, I've switched to shooting shotgun

  3. Love the Post title:)

    I never thought I would get to the point that I'd be passing on going to the range, just because I don't have any ammo to shoot. Lookin' that way, though.

    Just bought a Makarov pistol, so at least I'll be able to shoot that when it finally gets here from J&G. Seems *funny that I can buy 9x18 easier than I can buy .38 special or .380.

    *Not funny Haha, or funny queer, in this case.

  4. My big WalMart, the one that's only 120-miles away, was all out of .22 last time I visited. I keep 10K on hand and when I dip below that I restock. We'll see how long it takes them to get some in.

  5. You can find .22? I can find the expensive stuff but finding the bulk rounds in bricks is pretty tough in these parts. (Going to PA to pick up one of my childhood .22 semi-auto rifles from my Dad who just got a new Ruger 10/22)

    I just reloaded 500 rounds of 12 gauge
    #6 shot for messing around with but it is still way more expensive than .22 ammo just easier to come by while the supplies to reload last.

  6. oh wait you had food pics too :) Yumy looking.

    WV: pedis

  7. Those souffles look fantastic.

    Paladin - You'll like the Makarov. I had one that I sold when I was laid off in '03. It was a fine little pistol that pointed well and shot accurately. Wish I still had it.

  8. Hi Brigid,

    I have a .22 Hi Standard which was purchased in 1962, before all the problems Hi Standard endured. Sweet shooting gun. It came with a 4" barrel. Later I bought a 6" barrel for it. Love it with either. I am interested to see how it compares with the Ruger Mark III. Looking forward to your post. Are those 30 round magazines? I wonder if I can get them for my Hi Standard?

    Immagikman, your father is going to love the Ruger 10/22. I have one, and love it. Surprisingly accurate. I hardly ever take out the tubular feed Winchester .22 since I got the 10/22.

    Chocolate Soufflés! You cruel woman! I can smell them from here!

    Enjoyed the picture of you, and your brother, with the barbecue. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Man, I love my .22's. I spent this past weekend camping with some friends. Sunday morning, we sat in our lawn chairs, lined up by the fire with our coffee, propelling aluminum cans as a far as they would go until there was barely any aluminum left to make contact with. Nothing better than a .22 on a Sunday morning in the woods with good friends!

    Walmart's are all out of .22LR here. Last time I was in Cabelas they finally had a good stock of Federal bulk and CCI again. It was very sparse for a month or so. Prices on bulk has risen several dollars over the past few months....

  10. I have always loved .22's, not only the most fun you can have inexpensively with a gun but the best ever round for a new shooter, you can teach all the basic safety and marksmanship without any "big gun" intimidation.

  11. I ph33r souffle. Would it help if I carried while I made it?


  12. Looking forward to this post, I love my .22's. Plenty of ammo in Kentucky, don't guess that helps you much though. Going to a gun show just down the road this weekend, I'm pumped you might say. MMMMMmmm, I love chocolate in anything.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  13. I've seen lots of .22 and 9mm still available in Wallyworld & Academy down here in Houston, but not much else. Getting hard to find some big stuff so I may have find a nice 22 to practice with.

  14. Attended the Tanner Gun Show last weekend:

    - Reloading vendors had people stacked 4to5 deep, the tables were M/T by the time lunch was over.

    - Sellers of bulk .223 and 7.62X39 rifle and 9mm, .380, .38/357, .40 and 44Mag pistol had folks taking numbers in one line, filling out order forms in a second line and paying (cash or plastic only) in a third...pick-up the order in a fourth.

    - Retailers of pistols, particularly semi-autos and "black ugly" assault rifles were burning up state and federal paperwork paperwork, folk lined up to buy.

    - Sportsman's warehouse shelves are M/T of all ammo and reloading material and no pistols left in inventory.

    I am soooooooo glad I have my reloading shed well stocked!

  15. Made 3 trips to K-Mart over a couple of weeks to buy the last three 500 round bricks of Remington Thunderbolt ammo at $22 per. I couldn’t see paying $28 per brick of copper coated Remingtons but I still my purchase 1 or 2. Wal-Mart only had 50 round boxes of .22s. Time to break in my new Ruger 10/22 with the Fiberforce stock.

  16. I'm single and I have Primers!.....still gigglin' here!

    The vision in my head:

    A Frank Frazzetta painting all dark chiaroscuro with pleasingly muscled, busty, shooty goodness gal with the monicker - PULCHRITUDE AND PRIMERS


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