Thursday, September 11, 2008

There's a light at the end of the . . .

There are scopes and then there is the Eotech.
I know there have their share of naysayers but I was impressed with the first one I bought for an AR15.

The EOTech HWS MIlitary Model 511.A65

Used by SWAT, this has been my sweaty dream since I first saw one demonstrated last year.

This is similar in technology to the Heads Up Displays used in the Boeing 737 as well as many other commercial aircraft. Head-up displays were pioneered in fighter jets and military helicopters to minimize information overload by centralizing critical flight data within the pilot's field of vision. Now used in many commericial craft, they are also used to taxi, takeoff and land in low visibility and fog in some aircraft so equipped.

But the 737 HUD is a post for an aviation blog, of which there are many. The holographic technology though, is what first caught my eye with the EOTech.
It certainly has a lot of advantages over a typical sight. EOTech Holographic patterns have been designed to be instantly visible in any light, instinctive to center regardless of shooting angle, and to remain in view while sweeping the engagement zone. Reticles are engineered as large, see-through patterns to achieve lightning quick reticle to target acquisition without covering or obscuring the point of aim. Snow, mud, even a shattered laminate screen from opposite fire -it still functions. As long as the shooter can see through any portion of the window, the entire reticle pattern is visible on target. How cool is that?

This sight certainly has the capability to make rapid sightings so seemless, as to be almost, shall we say - boring. Exactly what a girl (or guy) needs on a rifle like this.

Only this girl could seque from guns to food. . but hey.

You asked me for something easy to cook and since I played with the new toy too long to make anything fancy on a work night -

Hot Italian Sausage and Portabella Mushroom French Bread Pizza.

The secret to the topping - mushrooms cooked in 1//4 cup of Malbec wine, then the completed pizza topped with sliced provolone and broiled. Simple recipe, simple ingredients. The bread, good bakery french or Italian will work.

Did I mention that before the bread was filled it was lightly toasted, spread with fresh peppered, roasted garlic.No that's not in the recipe, but boy was it good.

Guns and Garlic. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but it works for me.


  1. Recipe from Amy Sherman (thanks Amy!!! it was awesome).

    Portabello & Sausage French Bread Pizza

    4 generous servings, reheats well wrapped in foil for lunches later.

    1 loaf French bread
    3 Italian sausages, hot or mild
    1 Tablespoon flour
    1/4 cup red wine (Malbec is perfect)
    2 large Portabello mushrooms
    1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
    8 slices Provolone cheese, about 8 ounces

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

    Slice the bread lengthwise and in half so you have four equal portions. Place on a baking sheet and toast in the oven for about five minutes then remove while preparing the topping. Meanwhile prepare the mushrooms by wiping clean with a paper towel and removing the stem. Thinly slice the mushrooms and set aside.

    Remove casing from sausages and crumble into a large skillet. Cook over medium heat until no longer pink, about 5 minutes. Add the flour and continue cooking for another minute or two. Add the wine and stir the mixture then add the mushrooms. Cook, stirring frequently and scraping up the bottom of the pan. Mushrooms will release their juices and turn brown. Cook another few minutes until mushrooms are cooked through. Take skillet off the heat and mix in the Parmesan cheese.

    Spread the sausage and mushroom mixture evenly on top of the bread halves. Cut each slice of cheese in half and place on top. Bake for five to ten minutes or until cheese is melted.

  2. I wanted an Eotech since I read the first reviews. Accounts told by troops overseas sank the hook deeper.

    I found my 512 (chosen for the AA batteries)at a huge gun show. I was accompanied by a non-shooting techie friend. Around the whole show, I looked at sighting devices and illuminated scopes. I'd told him what I was specifically looking for...

    When I found the one and only Eotech at the 1200 table show, I handed it to him. He looked through it, whistled, and said he finally understood.

    Mine makes shooting my AR180b almost boringly easy. Lift the rifle into my line of sight, align the ring and dot.... fire. So fast, so easy, and exactly like it should be.

    You are a woman of taste and vast intelligence... and more than a little evil as well. That dinner image is painful to gaze on.... what with the drooling and all.

  3. As an old Italian once told me:

    "You can put garlic in anything except ice cream; everything else tastes better with it."

  4. That sounds absolutely heavenly.

    I'm full and you're making me hungry.

  5. Brigid: The only negative with the Eotech in my opinion was pointed out to me by Pat Rogers. The batteries are horizontal and lay in the same direction as the bore. Repeated heavy use will cause the recoil to weaken the springs pushing the batteries against the contacts and electrical contact can then be lost. It quits working.

    Therefore, always check and maintain the tension on the springs pushing the batteries against the contacts.

    Otherwise Murphy's Law says when You REALLY need the Damn thing IT WON'T WORK.

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  6. Thank you Frank! I didn't know that. The last two weeks have been beyond hectic but this weekend I think I will be able to work on some things I need to work on. :-)

    If you need any help with the night critter hunt you let me know. Foxes fear me. Coyotes laugh at me.

    Best to you and Mrs. J.

  7. Frank,

    You sent me diving after my own Eotech 512 when you said that.
    On mine, those springs are minimal and enclosed in pretty touch looking rubber bushing assemblies. The batteries can move maybe 0.040". The battery case is attached to the sight with a lever handle that wedges the thing on TIGHT.

    Never the less, I have the sight mounted on a special AR180 optics mount that can be removed by hand in seconds. It won't come lose on it own, but I can pull it off faster than I can type this sentence. It mounts back on, returning to zero within less than an inch at 100 yards.

  8. Rio,

    I've trained with Pat Rogers and he has said that he has seen a number of Eotechs fail in class. I thought I remember him saying something about moisture also being able to enter the battery box. Eotech was working to correct this but I don't know if they ever did.

  9. Am headed to the only gun show I have heard about all year here in Maryland this weekend, with a little luck and some reasonable dickering, I hope to come home with an AR and an EOTech....and a cache of ammo for same.

    Maryland doesn't have many gun shows, they got kicked out of many of our counties. Hope this change continues a trend.

  10. You ever think about opening a restaurant?

  11. I'll be curious to know how the Eotech works out for you, Brigid. I'm happy you have no quarrels with that teddy bear. For a second, I thought, "Damn, it must have been another half-sandwich day. She doesn't have intentions of sharing pizza with anyone."

  12. You neglected to mention what I find the one drawback to the EoTech sight. It appears blurry/grainy to those of us with astigmatism.

    I find the astigmatism less of an issue with an Aimpoint single dot.

  13. B- Your secret is safe with me!

    J- Thanks for the follow-up on the EOT. No equipment is infallible but I have a lot of faith in a well-maintained EOT. Currently my AR doesn't even wear BUIS. 'Course, 'otes seldom shoot back.

  14. A relatively unknown sight , similar to the eotech is the Russian(Belarus) PKAS.
    This is available in a weaver mount or an AK siderail mount. Red dot, and black dot when it is not switched on.
    Apparently very strong.(Russian military). I have been using one for some time to shoot tin cans etc and the fine 1 moa dot surrounded by a 65 moa circle is a real help in fine shooting at distance. Curious to know if any of you have used it.
    And the price is around $200.

  15. Garlic is better than CLP! I was way-impressed with Uncle's Eotech at the Rendezvous last year and loved the circle/dot combo, but I went and got an Aimpoint? Oh well, next time...

  16. You could call your restaurant "Guns and Butter".

  17. rotfl to oldie guy hehehehe

    So anyone have any hints or suggestions for my shopping trip to the Gun show? Im thinking Bushmaster M4 but have no other specifics in mind.

  18. Bushmaster M4 sounds like a fine recipe! Get something that you can't get in California, and then send troops to liberate us.

  19. I liked the 512 so much I bought two of them! One has the GG&G quick release lever on it (for my several top rail-equipped guns) and the plain one I'm reserving for my next AR flattop upper.

    Word verf: Waxsoys

    Yuck, it's like being on a diet!

  20. Dircrashr:

    As I posted on my blog, the Gun show was a complete and total bust. Not even worth the 40 mile drive. However, when I do finally get one I twill most definitely be a non-California approved variety.


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