Saturday, October 18, 2008


It started last weekend. My friends and I were scouting around and spotted this place, Locally Grown Gardens, a cool little farm market operated by Indy chef Ron Harris. It is in what appears to be an old gas station, completely revamped and spotlessly clean. Check out the website, lots of interesting food ideas and recipes using local fare. What caught our eye as we drove past and almost missed it, were the books in the window. Turned out to be a great old collection of cookbooks.There was produce and the best apple cider I've ever had in my life. Served up icy cold, in cups and sippy straws to go. Great if you've been biking or hiking the Monon Trail. Lots of produce, all locally grown, at decent prices. Baked goods, their own bread, rolls and noodles and fruit.

Then, we saw the sign. The words Hog Roast to hungry shooters is like ringing the dinner bell.

So today we went back. After a little detour.

I like my new Ruger Mark III. I like it a lot.

The trigger was nice, and the groupings were decent for the first day with it, my first .22. It was purchased for the sole purpose of additional, inexpensive range fun. A more formal and detailed range report Monday, for now it's off to the Hog Roast. It was served barbecue style, on slices of their delicious white bread (of which I brought home a loaf). Then covered with Chef Ron’s homemade barbecue sauce, Carolina style: sweet and spicy. Indiana hog farmer Greg Miller was on hand to slice the hog and share some piggy wisdom.

There was honeygold apple pie as well. Don't blame me, this time, I didn't make it, but boy do I wish I'd brought more than a slice home.

Then - time to walk it off with a wander through Broad Ripple. Across the street was this cool hippie music store, in which we found a plethora of good used movies, some two for $5. A girl can't have too many copies of Gladiator, you know. And I replaced a worn CD of mine with a new one - Led Zeppelin IV.
Finally, some porch time at the cottage with a frosty glass of. . . yes. . . how appropriate.

Lastly, a trip to Fresh Market for just a few things, including something new - Bacon Chocolate. Yes indeed folks, Mo's Bacon Bar with applewood smoked bacon, alder wood smoked salt and deep milk chocolate. Incredible. $7 for a three ounce bar and they can't keep it in stock.

Too soon it was time to pack up and go home, while saying goodbye to all. As "Black Dog" played loudly in my big, black Chevy 4 x 4, munching on a piece of bacon infused chocolate, I was cautioned, leaving the artsy part of the city, with a wry grin and "careful you don't hit a hippie".

Isn't life just grand.