Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forget Black Friday - it's Ammo day.

November 19 is National Ammo Day.

It is a nationwide BUYcott of ammunition. You buy ammunition. 100 Rounds a person.

The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves of your local gun store, sporting goods, or hardware store and put that ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Make your support of the Second Amendment known--by expressing your support of our Constitutional Rights with your dollars!

Myself - I don't buy at wal-mart. Yes, the white box stuff is cheap there, but their support of gun rights is less than stellar. So I buy from my local FFL. Yes it costs a bit more, but it's money in good hands. Hands, that if I needed them, would help me in my support of gun rights. Heck, if I was a few miles away at the local grocery and I called these folks with "my battery's dead on my truck - help!" they'd be there. For I've found one thing. The people I've met shooting and buying gun supplies around these counties, the great law enforcement and civilian shooters who volunteer at Eagle Creek, at Marion County Fish and Game, Mr. and Mrs. Cheek, who own Plainfield Shooting supplies, are by and large, just good people. People I know would will be there with me, for me. Unlike those that just make promises, in hopes of getting themselves, or their candidates, elected.

So supporting my local gun store and my local range is important. Besides, though I don't plan on getting married again, if I did, I'd probably register at Brownell's. Some things are just important.

There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. If each gun owner or Second Amendment supporter buys 100 rounds of ammunition, that’s 7.5 BILLION rounds in the hands of responsible law-abiding folks.

Yay for our side.


  1. Since I just picked up 250 rounds of .45 ACP two days past, I'll probably have to pass on the Ammo day. But I might go look at a reloading set up again. ;)


  2. 75 million gun owners, hmmm? Well according to the IRS in 2007 there were only an estimated 138 million individual tax returns filed. So 1 gun for every 2 people, approximately. Wish we could make it 2 guns for every person, but this is a good start.

  3. I just did my part...500 rounds of .45 ACP. Yippee!!

  4. I just bought 2000 rounds of .22 and 4 boxes of shotgun shells. But I also support the component people and have just loaded 400 rounds of .223, with only 400 more rounds to go. Thank heaven for bad weather.

  5. Well I ordered 4000 rds of 9mm monday & it should be here by Friday, hope that counts

  6. Does 4000 rounds count? :-) 1000 each of .223, .308, .45, 9mm

  7. My local FFL's are out of all the important calibers and told me to wait for the gun show in Chantilly Va. this weekend. So instead of 100 rounds each we will probably pick up 1000 rounds each for the black rifle and a few bricks for her P22.

    Hmmm Word Verification is "gunkis" again kind of relevent :)

  8. Will do my of 12 of .22 long rifles...and a box of .38s.

  9. "Yay for our side."

    Indeed. Law-abiding Americans have bought so much ammo of late that EVERYBODY's wholesale orders are on BACKORDER! Talked to the folks at Brownell's about backorders: They get deliveries of high cap mags everyday, they're flying off the shelves so fast mags are still on backorder!

    Yahoo for our side!

  10. Two things, first, my shopping list: a box of 185 grain 30-30, a box of SJHP .357, and a matching box of .38 Special +P for my "shortie, two boxes of 12 guage Magnum Double 0, and a brick of .22 LR.

    Sorta like an early Christmas, and it's just my size!

    Second, concerning your essay, not only would "gunners" come out to help when you're in need, if your "stuff" is getting flakey, (a term from my youth in the '60's,) they would come out armed and with back-up.

  11. I need more Lake City '06 for the Garand and more .223 - that Privi stuff worked well in their 75-grain Match version, but not as good as 68-grain Black Hills Match in the AR. It's also as good as Swiss GP1 in the K-31 but not any cheaper.
    I got some 200-rounds of XM193 and want to try the M855.
    I wish I liked my local gunshop guys more...they're kinda dicks.

  12. I just bought (among other things) a case of the Priv Partisan pictured, so I won't be buying any ammo today.

    I do need to pickup some .40 and .357SIG defensive rounds soon though.

  13. Even for people in rural areas without gun shops nearby, there are excellent options besides Wal-Mart. I was thumbing through a Natchez Shooters Supply catalog last night and saw it had some good prices on Winchester USA 100-round value packs plus S&B, Remington-UMC, PMC, and Federal American Eagle ball ammo.

    Since Wal-Mart stopped selling firearms in all its stores in this area, I don't even buy simple stuff like solvent, brushes and patches there. Brownells has it beat in price, quality and selection, anyhow.

    You might want to share your Brownells and Midway USA wish lists even if you don't plan on them being wedding registries, Brigid. Christmas is coming up. :) See which reader stimulates the economy the most.

  14. Well I'll drag over to Cabela's and grab a couple boxes of 9x18 Makarov HP....

    Either that or four boxes of Hydra-shok.......

  15. lessee here.

    Son & Heir ordered an M1A from Springfield Armory, bought 25 magazines from Sportsmans Guide and then from the local gun pusher, 1040 rounds of Federal 7.62 Nato, 1000 rounds of 9mm Euro-Pellet and 1800 (all they had left) of .45 ACP, 250 rounds of .357 mag AND 500 rounds of 30-06 AP.

    I bought 1280 rounds of 7.62x39 in 2 spam cans, a spam can of 192 rounds of 30-06 on Garand clips IN bandoliers and 12 more loose bandoliers of 48 rounds on Garand clips, 450 rounds of 7.62x54R to feed the Nagants and the Dragonuv, 2080 rounds of 7.62 Nato, 1000 rounds of Lake City 5.56 and 600 rounds of Bosnian M855 5.56, 500 rounds of .30 Carbine AND last but not least...cleaned out all 5 cases of .22 LR remaining. (running .22 total, somewhat north of 50K)

    I think that covers myself, my son and a few others.

    AFTER work, I’m heading to Kesselrings to pick up the order they are holding....for 15K of various primers, ~30# of various powders and assorted reloading wads in 12, 20 and .410, shot (250#) and some bushings for the MEC press.

    Think that REALLY covers it.


  16. William the CoronerNovember 19, 2008 at 3:22 PM

    BTW--Cabela's has a good price on 8 x 57 mauser ammo, both in 20 and in bulk. It was half of what I paid at Atlantic Gun and Tackle.

  17. Of course in Kanadastan if you possess more than 100 rounds of ammo, you are breaking the law!

    WV = stedle

    A foot control for riding a steer?

  18. 500 rds of Winchester 115gr 9mm FMJ
    100 rds of Federal 9BPLE 9mm +P+ JHP
    50 rds of .45 ACP FMJ locally reloaded

    New extractor for my Colt Series 70
    New 8rd Chip McCormick mag for same
    New bushing wrench for same

    Fired the 50rds of .45 reloads to test the new extractor.

    I figure I've done my part.

  19. Ordered 300 rounds of 7.62x54r and 100 rounds of 174grain .303 British.

    Hope that counts

  20. WOW! Everyone has done so well. . I bought some .45 acp as I'm pretty well set on .223.

  21. As one of Brigid's zombies I do as she commands. jk

    I bought a nearly new Chinese SKS last weekend at the gun show and bought 100 rounds of 7.62x39 today along with stripper clips and cleaning supplies - it's my first semi-auto rifle. I've been bolt-action (.303) up until now.

    7.62x39 is so much cheaper than .303 these days.

    Now to arrange some range time.

  22. Brian - good choice. . and so much fun!

  23. I came too late, will get ammo tomorrow.

  24. Despite having just picked up a sizable cache of several rifle calibers last week, I still managed to do my bit for National Ammo Day, and picked up 150 rounds of .357 Magnum and 100 rounds of 7.62 NATO.

  25. 100 rounds of 9mm and 333 rounds of .22LR from Gander Mt.

    I did my part! :)

  26. I think I may have gone a little bit overboard. In the last six months I have bought these guns; Sig 1911 .45ACP stainless, Sig mosquito.22, Remington 570 .30-06, M1 Garand, 20ga Mossberg, (for the kids) 12 ga., Henry Mod H001 lever action .22, Kids again. Winchester 12 ga, Pump with a slug barrel, A new .17 Savage Stainless bolt is in the works, and oh yeah, the Bushmaster XM-15 ES. There is now on the premises enough reload stuff for about7500 rounds of reload stuff for all above plus various other guns. Loaded stuff from factories is to much to go counting. You forced me to face THE music and add up all the buys for this period and it comes to about$12K! Yikes! I need a new small CCW but if I carry it and get caught I go to the big house. Oh well, such is life. Have a good one all!


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