Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home on the Range November Highlights

I'll be blogging a lot on the road in November. I'm doing a class for the Academy and then have a few short hops here and there to testify and do some follow up work on some old cases. The posts will be posting, thanks to my own little laptop.


  1. Just don't get that zip caught up in the forward assist. Interesting things might happen.


  2. Ohhhhh!

    OK. I'm looking at it on a Blackberry and when Peter said "forward assist" I went back and gave it a closer look.

    There's cleavage in that picture!

    And I missed it the first time. Wow, that's not like me; I'm a man! But I'm an old man.


    Con sarn it! By cracky! I feel like Gabby Hayes' older brother, Purple.

  3. Put me down for a subscription!

    word: fultust

  4. Glad it wasn't a hot .308 casing.

    I was blistered once when a hot one landed in the pocket behind the right collarbone. I couldn't fish it out fast enough because of my shirt and some webbing. Like most ole honkies of Scotch-Irish descent, it doesn't take much to raise a blister.

    I did keep the muzzle pointed downrange.

  5. Somerled, BTDT from a hot 30.06 brass last year at a high-power match. Down the collar, down my back to stop at the belt line between me and my undershirt.

    Big time boogie!!

  6. *whistles, leers, á la Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress*

  7. Pity, This doesn't seem to be on the news stands in Chicago.


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