Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On the road this morning. At least so far, my day is going better than his did. . . .

SITE: 59mls South of Churchill Manitoba
AIRCRAFT & REGN: C206 Reg: -----
CIRCUMSTANCES: Amphib a/c bounced its emerg landing on water, landed upright on tundra & was immed surrounded by polar bears.
DEATH & INJURY: not reported
PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS: Polar bearing seizure.

"Polar Bearing Seizure" - ha.

I hate to break it to a certain someone with the initial A.G., but polar bears aren't dying out in droves up there due to global warming. In this particular neck of the woods there are hundreds of them. They're like rats. But rats with big, big, big teeth. Big white furry rats that are one of the few animals that actively hunt man. Not what I'd want peeking at me through the window of my transportation.

I think that would be a good day to be like Marlin Perkins on
Wild Kingdom and just "wait in the safety of the jeep while Jim wrestles the giant Polar Bear " Yes, if you were a little kid in the mid 60's through the early 80's, you know what I'm talking about. Go here. Watch some excerpts of Jim wrestling the "giant Anaconda". A little nostalgia to start your day.


  1. "Polar bearing seizure".....

    That just spouted the last of my morning coffee.....


  2. Ouch. Emergency landings are bad enough without flipping the aircraft and *then* being surrounded by polar bears...

    Rough way to end up. I don't know if this one would count for the standard "Any landing you can walk away from" clause....

  3. THe Ice Pack melting and the Polar Bears dying....just two more lies to go along with "I invented the Internet" >:(

  4. Good Sense of Humon on a guy who just had an emergent landing :)

  5. I don't know about polar bears but I'm from Missouri and one caution we were always given about hunting pigs, wild or feral, is "Remember, the winner eats the loser".

    Jerry in Detroit

  6. Thats one of those situation where you turn to the person next to you and say, "I think you're a great friend and I love you to death, but when that Polar bear come after us I'm so tripping you ass."

  7. Heh. Kick back with a cold Budweiser... Hang out in this handy tree... Run like a scalded ape...

    Poor ol' Jim.


  8. Jon:

    The description was of a landing which could not be walked away from! At least not until the bears had departed at the end of their duty day.

  9. Just a bit east of Springfield, MO on I-44 is an animal park. It's designed as an auto-tour, you drive through the various areas and the animals are loose to roam as they wish.

    There's nothing more to make you wish for an armored car instead of the family sedan than to be surrounded by lions and have one look at you hungrily through the windshield.

  10. Polar bears, eh?

    Best viewed through an insanely high-powered scope on an equally insanely high-powered .50 BMG...

    Or on TV...

  11. That one definitely falls into the aw CRAP category! Hopefully somebody had a large caliber gun handy!

  12. "Yes folks, Jim seems to be having quite a tussle with that very large bear. But don't worry! I see JIm has jammed his forearm into the bear's mouth. That'll give him him a little extra security. And speaking of security, Mutual of Omaha..."

  13. WE just got to arrange a situation like that one for ol A.G.

    Like this one from crusis:

    "There's nothing more to make you wish for an armored car instead of the family sedan than to be surrounded by lions and have one look at you hungrily through the windshield."

    I'm so laughing my butt off!

    "Here kitty kitty kitty. Got sumthin' for youuuu", LOL!

  14. Is this what they mean by the bear necessities of life...?



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