Friday, November 7, 2008

When someone is waiting for you. . .

. . .it's always great to get home.


  1. Welcome back
    Not sure if you've seen this

    Being a pilot I thought you'd be interested.

    Pilot has stroke, is blind and has to land his plane.

    half pint.

  2. Awesome blog!!! Reading it from the family room one marathon from NYC and inspired by the cool feel of your take on the environment and of those who inhabit it!

  3. He waits for you like that?

    Hell, Zack greets me with a toy and the tail of death!

    He's one beautiful dog.

  4. So patient. My dogs tend to tear things up if they decide I've been gone too long. But I love their poinging excitement when I walk through the door!

  5. Glad you're home safe, Brigid. Rest well once Barkley gnawling up the pig ear. May you not step on any remnants in the night.

    That Tam thinks of everything, Barkley! Don't forget to send her a thank you note.

  6. Best boy EVAH! And I think cutest, too!

  7. Awwww! Too bad it'll be a while before I can have a dog. I really want one...but kids are even more important.

  8. Welcome home and I'd bet Barkley was one happy dog to see you.

    WV: coaul (putting the "you" back in coal - soon to be regulated out of existence and my electric bill going up)

  9. J.R. - yes indeed kids are.

    Brigid Jr, has been a joy. A little redheaded stubborn piece of joy, just like her Mom.

  10. What? You? Stubborn?


    Enjoy the time off, you have most likely have earned it. Toss Barkely a tennis ball or two for me.

    hau' moos' ka'!


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