Monday, July 28, 2008

Moosecellaneous Notes from the Road

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade. When someone gives you moose meat. . . .

What do you do when you've been charged with putting together a meal for a working (or hunting) group and what's in the freezer is a four pound moose roast (or venison, or a freezer-toughened cheap cut of beef).

Slow Cooker Italian Meat on a bun. A 4 pound game roast, peperoncini, dry Italian dressing seasonings,Worcestershire sauce, garlic and bouillon, 10-12 hours in a slow cooker, and you can shred this with a spoon. Add some crusty rolls, a sprinkle of Italian cheese perhaps and it might be the high point of everyone's day. It certainly is delicious.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Brady Campaign has a list of each state's gun laws on their website with their interpretation of said law. Check your state out and compare it against the truth. For my state I'm going to cover the laws that pertain to the areas that, pardon me, "chap my hide" the most.

ASSAULT WEAPONS - Are there limitations on assault weapons? No - BRADY: No state restriction on the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. Assault weapons are as easy to buy as hunting rifles.

TRUTH: Why should there be? They are almost rarely used in crimes, but are used by citizens legally every day. This is a simple play on the image uninformed people have on rifles that 'look dangerous'. The facts say otherwise. More people were killed by mules in my state than by assault weapons in the last 10 years. This is now coming back into play in Heller Part 2 - a District ban on semi automatic pistols in DC. CHILD ACCESS PREVENTION - BRADY: "Are gun owners held accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids?" Partial in my state making it a felony for anyone to "knowingly, intentionally or recklessly" provide a firearm to a juvenile under 18 years of age, with exceptions for sporting use. Unless I missed something in the media, more young children have been killed by parade floats these last two weeks then from non gang-related guns.

CHILD-SAFETY LOCKS Must locking devices be sold with guns? No. BRADY: "No state requirement that guns be sold with child-safety locks that could prevent a tragic accident. Child-safety locks cost as little as $10 and could save lives if sold with firearms." CHILDPROOF HANDGUNS - Are only authorized users able to operate handguns? No BRADY: "There is no state law mandating that all new handguns be sold with 'personalized' handgun technology that would only allow the authorized user to operate the firearm. Childproof handguns play an important role in helping to prevent unintentional shootings among children and to deter suicides among minors. " TRUTH/TRUTH/TRUTH: This is where I'm going to get on my soap box. Guns were commonplace in the area in which I grew up. So I was taught respect for a gun as soon as I could stand up. I knew the difference between toy and real, and learned to shoot only when I was old enough to discharge one safely. You can't legislate responsible parenting. But the answer to most 'accidents' with kids and firearms is training, not ineffective locks. Most kids know where the keys are. And no, I would NOT leave a young child in the house with an accessible gun. I wouldn't leave a young child alone in the house, gun or no gun, without a responsible teen or adult who knew how to protect them. I know money's tight, but if you ask a 10 year old to babysit your 3 year old, you're just asking for trouble.


Call me old fashioned, but I believe that requiring it, by law, in every city and situation, to keep guns locked up, ammo free and separate, is akin to looking up the life preservers on the Titanic. The Brady folks and their allies at Packard Foundation are determined to make it illegal for you to do anything else. "If they choose to keep a gun in the home, it must be stored, locked, unloaded and separate from the ammunition," the groups opine. Considering the documented and increasing number of home invasions, this amounts to advocacy for the total surrender of your safety, and that of your family.

Case in point - Jessica Lynne Carpenter was 14 years old on Aug. 23, 2000, the morning 27-year-old Jonathan David Bruce came calling at the Carpenter house in Merced, Calif. Jessica Lynne knew how to shoot -- her father had taught her guns AND firearm safety. And there were adequate firearms in the house to deal with what happened next. That Wednesday morning, Jessica was home with four of her siblings -- Anna, 13; Vanessa, 11; Ashley, 9; and John William, 7 -- in a quiet San Joaquin Valley farming community. Then enter, Bruce, an out-of-work telemarketer, likely high on drugs, stark naked and armed with a spade fork. It sounds like something out of a bad horror movie, but it was real. He cut the phone lines to the house, broke in, and began chasing down and stabbing the children in their bedrooms. Jessica Lynne tried to dial 911. The phone was dead. So she ran to the gun closet. Then she remembered the new "safe storage law" her parents had informed her had just been enacted in California. As required by law, her parents had left the gun closet locked so no one under 18 could have access. Jessica's only option was to climb out a window and run for help. By the time Merced County sheriff's deputies arrived, shooting Bruce who came at them with a bloody pitch fork, John William and Ashley were dead, Anna wounded and in shock. The children's great uncle, the Rev. John Hilton, told reporters: "If only (Jessica) had a gun available to her, she could have stopped the whole thing."

Seventeen states now have these so-called safe storage laws. The problem is, you see no appreciable decline in either juvenile accidental gun deaths or suicides when such laws are enacted, but you DO see an increase in crime rates perpetrated against the newly disarmed victims.

Jessica Lynne Carpenter could have used a firearm to keep her two siblings from being pitchforked to death, but her parents had to follow the Lock Up Your Life Preserver law in Merced, California -- and were left with a loss that is beyond comprehension. While these gun prohibitionists pretend they stand for the safety of children, the truth is that they are using children as a shield to deflect attention from their true aims while getting as much gun control as possible passed. The technology for childproof handguns has been rejected by many law enforcement agencies as being dangerous and ineffective. The biggest advocates of it? The companies who make it, and finance the Brady's while they are at it. LARGE CAPACITY AMMUNITION MAGAZINES - Are there limitations on large capacity ammunition magazines? No. - There is no state law restricting the sale or possession of large capacity ammunition magazines that can fire 30, 50 or even 75 rounds without reloading. Ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition are considered large capacity magazines.

TRUTH: As my state's crime statistics read, this is NOT a crime issue, this is a CONTROL issue. As Yosemite Sam would say "Great Leaping Horny Toads - what a load of codswallop." To quote an unnamed Soviet general, "Is gun, is not safe!" The Brady's would have you believe it's about the type of guns. It's about ALL guns. The Brady bunch wants to ELIMINATE gun ownership by honest citizens. Period.
I own multiple guns of all varieties. I've been formally trained in their use, both practical and tactical. I was a CCW holder as soon as I was first able to be. I keep proficient. It's a responsibility as well as a right, one I take seriously. . But I don't keep them locked up when I'm home, they're handy where I can get to them, before they get to me. That's my right, one that the Brady's or any administration that supports them is going to take from me. Join the NRA, Join some of the fine organizations out there that promote gun ownership.