Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's in YOUR Range Bag

drjim started this one -

I have 4 range bags. I own one purse. It's nothing designer or expensive, just a plain black purse from LL Bean with a plaid cloth interior that takes some beating up. I guess I'm not like some women.

Some women have the little evening bag.

I have this.

Some folks prefer brightly colored shopping bags.

We prefer brightly colored ammo cans.

There's bags for a trip.

Or trips that require more than one bag.
And there are times you just need the old standard, "not too big, not too small", black bag, full of odds and ends. Which is why I normally carry just a plain black purse. . .

And one good old black range bag.

Eyes, ears, extra plugs
A high quality multi-tool
Needle-nose pliers
a Pachmayer gunsmithing screwdriver set
an NRA chamber flag( for high power matches)
A chamber brush
Mauser stripper clips
A marker for making targets
Dove chocolate bites
an AR magazine
a snub nose .38
a speed strip of .38 HP,
two stack 'o ammo
Donald Duck Pez Dispenser (single action, 12 rounds)



  1. Typically at the local pistol range for the monthly IDPA shoot (which I've been remiss in attending for several months now), I'd have two handguns (usually a Kimber Classic and a Kimber Elite Carry, but occasionally a Sig P228 replaced a Kimber), plus eyes & ears, Kramer IWB holster, paddle mag carrier, five mags for each gun, two boxes .45 ACP and two 9mm, two bottles of water and a small screwdriver set.

    For rifle shooting days, throw in six AR-15 mags, target pasters, compact 8x binoculars, a larger screwdriver or two and a ham sandwich (preferably on rye.)

    Small cooler of beer and water for after completion of range outing during exchange of technical data and competition for most outrageous hunting story and/or lame joke.

  2. I will be sure that Mom reads this one. She does not have chocolate in her kit.

  3. No matter what's inside, black goes with anything.


  4. Funk...oily and narsty stuff that is probably meaningless to anyone but, tuning equipment.

    - cheap factory wascutter reloads in .38 special for practice.

    - two speedloaders for Snuffy Senior (S&W "N"frame, Model 29) and a black belt carrier.

    - a brick of handloads topped with Hornady 158gr.HP/XTP.

    - similar for the .44 mag hogleg and carbine

    - similar for the .32ACP


    - always plenty of .22LR rounds.

  5. I have two range bags. The primary carries staple gun with staples, 2 inch masking tape, pasters, 5.5 inch Shoot & See targets, electronic ear muffs, ear plugs, small first aid kit (bandaids, sunscreen, bug wipes), 100ft tape measure, small screw driver kit, small cleaning kit, PACT shooting timer, spare AAA, AA, and 9 volt batteries, dummy rounds various calibers, shooting glasses, Leica 1200 range finder, small binoculars, and chamber flag. The second bag carries gunsmith tools such as a brass hammer, punches, allen wrenches, large screwdriver kit, sight adjustment tools for Glock, Beretta, and SIG pistols, Bore Snakes for various calibers, bore brushes and cleaning rods, various lubricants & cleaners. I only take the 1st bag and leave the 2nd bag in my truck unless I need to make minor repairs or adjustments to my guns.

  6. In mine:

    2 pairs glasses (clear and amber)
    Sharpies in red and black
    Spotting scope
    Sandbag rifle rests (sometimes you'll find a lane at the range that doesn't have a set)
    Gerber multi-tool.
    Sonic II ear plugs (two sets)
    Low profile ear muffs
    Shoot 'n See targets
    Allen wrenches
    Gunsmithing screwdrivers
    Rem-oil wipes and a cleaning rag
    Cleaning brush
    Dental picks
    Small bottle of Break Free
    Lens wipes

    Of course, that doesn't count the guns and snacks, and I usually bring a universal cleaning kit.

    Now if you really want a peek into one of the mysteries of the universe, you should see the blind bag I take duck hunting. Friends have remarked that it was the camo version of Rufo's fold box in Glory Road.

  7. My bag is much like Ed's. Mine has external pouches for two pistols, 3 internal pouches for mags, 4 to 5 boxes of ammo, staple gun and staples, target pasters, felt-tip markers, notebook & pen, eyes/ears and additional plugs and glasses.

    When loaded up, it weights around 35lbs. I also add a small cooler with ice & cokes and a thermo bag for any warm fast-food or micro-wavable goodies. Our range clubhouse has several microwaves, friges and a couple of stoves. The restrooms also includes showers used for club work days.

  8. A.D. - if I could get one of those bag's from glory road I'd be set.

  9. "Donald Duck Pez dispenser" -- I love it!!
    What loads do you use in Mauser?

  10. YeOldeFurt - 7.92x57mm (also known as 7.9mm or 8mm Mauser) ammo

  11. What's not in mine, but soon will be, is a small wind-up flashlight.

    Don't ask how I found out I needed one .... :-p

  12. I've found that one of the little 3-oz cans of WD40 can be handy sometimes, so I usually keep one in my range bag.

  13. As I stated on Dr's thread:

    Sorta depends on what gun(s) are going shooting that day other than a full cleaning kit, 1911 tools, Wheeler gunsmithing screwdrivers, leupold scope related multi-tool, militec1, breakfree-clp, and a can of Kroil. Perhaps a bore snake. Usually a 500rd box of .22LR just because you never know when you might need it. Roll up ear plugs to go under my electronic muffs for when I'm shooting my belted magnum Encore and .223 pistols. Forgot, Encore/Contender multitool also lives in that bag.

    The rest is quite gun(s) dependent for that particular day or weekend if it's a shooting event. Currently it's got the above and otherwise stuffed full of plastic boxes of .375H&H pistol loads.

    Front stuffer guns have a whole separate bag related to cleaning, stuffing, wadding, caps, flints, round balls and conicals, powder measures, etc. Also somewhat variable depending on front stuffers. Same bag does double duty with my black powder cartridge rifles.

    Matchlock project will likely get it's own bag until I figure out just how different it's going to be from the other smoky things.

    Binocs, spotting scopes, targets, and such are all very firearms and range dependent. Some ranges I go to have loaner spotting scopes of reasonable merit and my annual membership comes with free targets. Shooting on my or friends property is a different animal. There's a separate bag for that too that involves wood for patching purposes, duct tape, a hammer, stapler, etc.

    Life's too complicated for a handful of items if you shoot more than just pistols and the odd rifle at more than a couple places on a regular basis.

    Guns go in gun cases or holsters (or both) not range bags. Food items are dependent on where I'm going to shoot and how long. Indoor pistol range where I'm informed not to shoot Barney, Sponge Bob, or Bob The Builder targets is next to a good taco place and convenience store so you can always move your earmuffs to low ready and walk next door for a break. Priv of membership instead of being one of the silly people that pays 15/hour.

    Bugout bag is a separate issue. That can be the next thread, "What's in your bug out bag?" aye? In case of zombie attacks and such....

    Flashlights, knives, Gerber Multi-tool all live in my pants pockets every day. Guns and Magazines go in their dedicated cases/range bags. No sense in carrying AR mags to the range when I'm shooting a 1911...on those days they live in the truck plugged into the AR cocked and locked as you never know when you might see a coyote =]

  14. G34, G17, Kobra Carry, and associated mags, holsters, and ammo. Ears, glasses, multi-caliber cleaning kit, handy wipes, chamber flag, Leatherman Wave, pasters, markers, Boresnakes in 9 and 45. Mini first aid kit, 5 inch shoot and see targets, IDPA and NRA rule books. Little mag light and bore light. And the ^^&* thing weighs about 30 lbs!

  15. On Mauser days my loads are .308 Norma Mag, .220 Swift, and .300 WinMag, but I sorta tinkered with my Mausers a bit instead of leaving them stock. The bolts, some of the bottom metal, and receivers were manufactured as Mausers, though. Makes them Mausers, right? Don't worry, they started out as stripped Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka Brno actions, not minty collector items.

    My collector military rifles are 19th century and before, we all have our tastes.


  16. Heh. Good one, Brigid. This one's so good that I think I'll respond accordingly, with pictures and everything... What does the well-heeled gunning bring to the range?

    Excellent post!

  17. I always end up with odd brass and sometimes rounds in mine. I don't own a .410, but managed to get one .410 round (it was loaded with 9 shots, so I assume it was when I was shooting 5 stand).

  18. My bag is also situation dependant. It always has spray paint for my steel targets, paper targets, stapler and tape, first aid supplies, spare eye and ear protection, a timer, and cleaning/lubrication supplies. If I am going to shoot a handgun other than the one I am carrying, I'll slide it in, along with whatever ammo, holsters, etc. I need. Long guns have their own bags to hold optics, cleaning gear and magazines along with ammo.

  19. Well let's see now, I'm at work so I have to go from memory.

    The bag has a set of earmuffs and several sets of E.A.R plugs, I like the old school can shaped plugs. In doors, I actually wear both. I have a few Ammo holders saved from boxed ammo to hold my carry rounds. There's 2 spare 1911 mags. A jar of Brian Enos' Slide Glide Lite (love it) and a couple disposable brushes to put it on with. I have a packet of stick on shoot n see targets. I carry coffee in my mug. My 1911 is carried (usually IWB) with 2 spare mags loaded with 230gr Golden Sabres or Hydra Shocks.

    All my cleaning supplies are found in an ammo can and I do any detail cleaning at home. I wrap my Torso targets in a cardboard tube.

    I'm going to need a better bag or the AR unless I wanna drag the whole vest to the range, but I'd feel a little silly doing that.

  20. Is that Pez dispenser a single stack or a double stack?

    My take on things is that it should be OK for a woman to do the "girly girl" stuff as well as do the range bag, assault weapon, hiking boot thing. Why limit oneself to any single paradigm?

    Did you see Xavier's piece on his range bag?

  21. I too would like to see a bugout bag / disaster prep article here too.

  22. Wait, those are my brightly colored ammo cans.

    Pink is 9mm, the Pontiac Blue is .45acp.

    Well, at least my Waller range bag pictured there is a more manly gray. Now, I simply must skip off to work. Oh, this tie color is just so wrong.

    Shootin' Buddy

  23. "YeOldeFurt - 7.92x57mm (also known as 7.9mm or 8mm Mauser) ammo"

    Is that .318 or .323 diameter bore?

    I'm still looking for some 8x57 factory loads I can hunt with, preferably in a boat tail hollow point, not a plodding old 170 grain lead round nose...

    WV: pyratte


  24. Still newish to shooting...

    Two sets of safety glasses.
    One set of goggles.
    cheap-o earplugs from a local feed and grain store.
    Two sets of "mouse-ears."
    2-4 boxes of 9mm para.
    ~500 rounds .22LR
    spare mag(s) for whatever I'm shooting that day.
    .22 Kadet conversion in case.

    Still working out what else would be good to go.

  25. I love your fashion sense, it's a lot like my girlfriend's taste; to the point and practical.
    I don't have the bag from GLORY ROAD, but I have an ogre name Clyde, who packs a 4.2 inch direct mortar as a concealed weapon as my backup.

  26. Gets worse when you start burning black powder!

  27. Eye and ear protection, S&W 638 .38 Special Bodyguard, Bersa .9mm Pro and 100 rounds for each gun. A bottle of water, a first aid kit (never used it for me, but I've passed out a few Band-Aids for new semi-auto shooters with thumb injuries), I.D., Moleskine Reporter journal, Pilot G-2 pen (yes, I take notes!). Brigid, I would love to see a post on your Bersa .380! I have one on order!


  28. Pretty much what you have except SKS stripper clips, 7.62x39 ammo from Serbia, .223 by S&B, always 9mm ammo and 2 spare mags(I love the 9 mil), alot of .22 ammo for the kids, a first aid kit (mainly for the kids), snacks (again for the kids), 4 sets of eye and ear protection, loose change for soda and then cleaning solution, polishing rag and a cleaning kit.

    No Pez, but lots of gummy bears (my addiction) and snuff. Oh hand sanitizer and wet wipes. I have gotten where I love to help them shoot as much as being on the firing line myself.

    Brigid, where can I get one of those super cool screwdriver sets? I think I have to have one.

  29. Wow, Brigid, glad to see the new screwdriver set. Isn't it nicer to use than the household one? I also keep a roll of duct tape in my bag, after all I'm a member of the possum lodge. the mushroom

  30. Ed Rasimus...loved your books. I think of you every time I see a Webley revolver.

    I was slow to appreciate the utility of a purpose-designed range bag, but I am a true believer now.

    In addition to the usual stuff, I keep a wide-blade screwdriver in there, and folding sets of imperial & metric hex wrenches, and also folding Torx drivers.


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