Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it live or is it Memorex?

Blog meet gone live. The usual gang was there, with several bringing new notebooks to live blog the fun!. We had most of the outdoor seating area, with a few more folks than expected arriving. It was great to see some others there from past meets, Og, Mad St. Jack, and some folks I did not get a chance to say hello to.

In the first photo, Frank James tells a tale, while Caleb and I watch from the south, Mark Alger, Tam and other friends gather round. In addition to the usual crowd, Caleb (Ahab) of Gun Nuts Media kept us up to date on the latest show. We were sorry Breda and Mike couldn't make it but it was great to catch up. I got to meet new blog meet arrivals Nathan Brindle, and Owen of Owen's Life. If you don't have a blog meet in your state for fellow shooty bloggers you might want to think about it. Good people, great conversations, and delicious food.
I had to scoot early due to some other plans that were made pre-blog meet, but it was worth the drive into the big city to see everyone for a little while.