Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turkey Hunting Update!

Tom wanted me to go to the Bowling Pin Match. But I had other ideas. Sorry Tom - best you go hide with your feathered friends because Spring Turkey Season is here!I heard the first reminder at work a couple of days ago. This is a place that is 97% men. Most of us are shooters and many are hunters. It was very early, about 5:30. No one appears to be in, though the lights come on automatically sometime in the wee hours. At my desk I hear it, the sound of a turkey. Quietly, from a small cubicle way back in the far corner of the facility where my closest friend at work has a desk. It's a tree call, a series of soft muffled yelps given by a roosted bird. Generally acknowledged as a call to communicate with others in a flock. I hear it again, followed by a soft clucking. He's got a mouth call. The office falls silent. He thinks he's alone. I call back, with a VERY loud duck call. I can hear the laughing. Time to make the coffee to share with our colleagues as they arrive. It was opening day in my flat and beautiful state. We might have to work but the weekend is ours.

This coming Week at the Range - Tomfoolery - Spring turkey hunting tips for beginners.

Update: At reader Bruce B's request - todays hunting recap !

The turkeys didn't cooperate but I managed to kill a box of freezer burned fish sticks.


  1. I haven't been spring turkey hunting in a decade. I really miss it. Maybe I'll get back to it when work isn't so crazy and both my kids are grown. I used to be pretty good with a mouth call, but the turkeys seemed to prefer the slate call.

  2. Turkey in PA opened this morning. Fantastic weather.... unrivaled.
    No Toms in sight yet, but perhaps after lunch.

    I'll have to get myself a duck call like that... would be the treat for calling my class to order (g).

  3. Never actually had to go "Hunting" for Turkey....if we wanted one we just took the 22-250 out on the back deck and shot one. Seems like we always had quite a lot of them in the fields out back of the house. (Grew Up on a Farm)

    WV: sulabod sounds kind of Trekkie.

  4. There were a couple characters at my last gig that did that - brought calls to work and would make a little noise early in the morning. One day, another earlybird brought a different kind of noise maker - an air horn! He snuck up behind one of the duck callers after they had started up and blasted him good. I think he had to go home and change after that one!

  5. I've never hunted turkeys. Turkeys weren't established in huntable populations until relatively recently in my state. I may need to learn. I'll look forward to your "Tomfoolery" post.

    BTW how was the hunting today? I think you're obliged to give us a report. :-)

  6. Better zip up. Could be cold out there!

  7. Sounds like fun. We do not have turkeys here but it would be great to have an excuse to get out in the spring weather. If we ever get spring that is.

  8. Regarding your update LOL !!

    Any day spent in the field or woods is a day well spent in my book.

  9. Spring Turkey hunts... sigh... Brings back good memories, but I haven't done it in probably 20 years. Glad you could 'sneak' out!

  10. Ewww man I havent had fish sticks since I was a little kid....those and Kraft Macs and Cheese were our staples for a while....I can still tolerate the macs and cheese but just the smell of fish sticks turns my stomach.

    At least you had a nice day out.

  11. Well, on the bright side. You enjoyed a day in the woods and there's always tomorrow. I'm sure a nice fat one will be silly enough to wander in front of your sights.

  12. William the CoronerApril 25, 2009 at 11:28 PM

    Around here, you could beat the turkeys to death, and you'd have to because we have a discharge ordinance. Human and avian.

    WV: pothen.

  13. Girlish giggle...

    I have that same barley twist base tray thing...

    DUN Dun dun...

  14. Tried the fish stick hunting technique - the manager isn't going to like what happened to the freezer/fridge and I'm still picking out the pellets from the fish. I think I'll try another one of your recipies.

  15. Great story.
    We hunt both Merriams and Rio Grande turkey here. Merriams live in the uplands, ponderosa parklands, the northern river basins. The Rio Grande's are south...for the most part.

    Nothing like it. It REQUIRES me to quiet the chatter in my head, to watch and listen.

    How long is your season?

  16. 'Round here, fish sticks are turkey bait.

  17. Even though you did not bag any birds, any day in the field is a good day. Besides, fish sticks can be hard to bring down with a 12 gauge.

  18. Never did spring turkey, the camo and calling business always eluded me. We did have fall turkey at the same time as deer in New Mexico, and I managed the trick twice. The first time, stalking through the aspen slowly for deer I actually walked up on a flock of turkeys. Took one with a single shot from a .264 WM. Way too much gun!

    Second one came while lurking pre-dawn in a snowbank waiting for deer to appear. The turkeys came out of the trees about 200 yards from me in the pre-dawn twilight and started up the hill to me. I had to shoot one in self defense.

    No deer was taken that season, however. Ahh, hunting stories last forever. Keep up the great work!

  19. Brigid,
    Same here in Colorado, RE: general dates and what can be harvested during which season.

    However, Colorado allows a hunter to put in for and accumulate "points" for specific GMU (Game Management Units)in which only those who have aquired enough annual points to allow them a license. They can also buy an "over-the-counter" tag for open GMU for the same season.

    That allows a person to possibly harvest three Turkeys in one year, two in the spring and one during the fall.

    The general or "open" GMU don't necessarily hold resident flocks, as the birds here tend to migrate over large areas following food sources defined by the changing seasons.

    BTW, Big, tubular,Canadian Goose calls are the best for that office trick!

  20. I ate a hell of a lot of fishsticks growing up.

    And mac & cheese.
    And spaghetti.
    And barbecue chicken.
    And pot pie.

    Basically, if it was easy and cheap, that's what we ate. I don't remember the last time I had fish sticks...

  21. That turkey hunter has beautiful hands ... great for pulling triggers and piano playing, too.

  22. Thanks Somerled - I was chastised by a reader for "showing too much cleavage" in the picture. It was 85 degrees that day, I would have probably removed the whole jumpsuit if the picture taking had gone on longer, those coveralls are HOT. But I liked the hands on the gun so I posted it.

    My current piano playing makes my friends glad I can cook. . but at one time I was pretty good.

  23. Piano playing is like riding a horse or a bicycle. With some time spent at the keyboard, it will come back. Maybe you'll find the time and desire when you're not on the road as much.

    The Lord's pleased with your music and blessed you with a body and fine mind. To God give the glory. I'm glad you found the time to wander and wonder in Creation. The turkey was better at hiding than you were. :)

  24. too much cleavage? Let me try to wrap my mind around that.....nope, no such thing :)

  25. I managed a few days of Turkey hunting last week but was foiled by my own impatience! Twice by not waiting long enough to let there curiosity bring them to my calls and getting busted by a gobbler on his way in as I had given up... and twice more trying to close the gap and get to the same side of the trees where they were hanging out. I did get to witness some pretty cool displays and one dual between Toms. GREAT fun! Our season lasts until the end of May. Hopefully I'll get another crack at them in a week or so.

  26. Ignore the critics Bridid, its a fine picture of you!
    Wish I could just go out hunting at the drop of a hat like that but on this crowded little island it takes planning and probably police approval to shoot over the patch of land you want to hunt! And stil a while away from getting the license I need for my own guns!


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