Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Advice from the Road

If you're having one of THOSE weeks, I suggest you go look for that 8 x 8 pan now.

It's been a hectic week. I'm covering for someone in an advanced position for a few months, I guess we can call it a "temporary Grissom" position. Less field work, less travel, definitely less people going "hey, didn't I see you on TV last night?" which is a nice break, but a lot more stress at least for the next couple of months.

Add to that a few mornings of barfing dog (it appears the new brand of dog biscuit given before bed did not agree with him), all over light beige carpet (completely ignoring all the hardwood and tile floors of course). He's fine now, but I'll have to change his name to Barfley.

Some last minute travel this week, another flight to catch tonight, and time is short. However I can offer you this advice. If you are ever out and about and see this brand of chocolate chips., from the oldest family owned chocolate company in the U.S. . . . . BUY THEM. Make these - Brownies Fast and Easy. If you have one of those little disposable foil pans, a tiny stove and a tiny oven in your tiny hotel kitchen you can make these brownies in a little more than half an hour. They're harder to find, but Guittard also makes an extra dark chocolate chip that's great in cookies.

As the incomparable Jay G would say. That is all.


  1. That whole "hectic week" thing seems to be going around. But the brownies look good. (Barfley ... heh.)

    May you travel safely & make it back home without undue stress - you're important to many of us.

  2. Last minute flights REALLY suck. More than normal. Hope you do OK.
    Brownie's are GOOD.
    w/v= criyabi. (Snicker snicker)

  3. Nothing like waking up to a pet barfing in the morning except for two pets (cats in my case) barfing in the morning. Reaction to a new brand of cat food apparently.

    Yours on the carpet, ours on the bed.

  4. I support what you're doing. It has to be done. Good luck.

  5. Hi Brigid,

    Somehow I know that you will come through your temporary assignment with flying colors. Pun intended. They couldn't have picked anybody better. I have lost my 1/2 time person in the unit, and am going nuts with work. One of my few breathers is keeping up with you. May the God of the "no glitch, and on time flights" smile upon you. There is such a God isn't there?

    As for barfing dogs, there is a "doggy rule" that any barfing, or pukey behavior must be done, if not on the carpet, then on the most expensive rug in the house.

    Hang in there!! Things are bound to get better.....??? A pat, and some Peptobismal for Barkley.

  6. Fizgig! I remember Fizgig.
    I started sleeping with a flashlight beside my bed after waking up at oh-Gads-awful to the sound of a ralfing cat somewhere between me and the light switch.
    Apparently cats like to dig into a surface as they get ill, which is why they prefer carpet over tile, no matter how their servants protest. Not sure what excuse dogs use.

  7. "completely ignoring all the hardwood and tile floors of course"

    That's a law a physics- like gravity, and the toast always landing jelly side down.

  8. Watch it, you're going to get promoted!

    You'll get it done. No sweat.

  9. Ohhh...SHINY! :-) Those look delicious!

  10. I like the No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix that you make with non-fat yogurt; it's very low-cal and it's quite tasty.

    Of course, I sprinkle up to half a bag of Trader Joe's chocolate chips over the top, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Crucis: Cat barf and dog barf and completely different, in size if nothing else. Given a choice, I'll take cat barf on the bed any day.

  11. Fizzgig?

    Travel safely.

    The brownies look so tempting.

  12. Good luck with the new gig, and I hope Barkley is feeling better.


  13. "Holy Moley..."

    (Said in the most reverent Walter Matheu voice I can muster.)

    Those things could be classified as deadly weapons.. Sheesh..

    Be safe, and come home to us soon.

  14. Joanna, on a one-for-one basis, I agree vis-a-vis cat barf v. dog barf. In this case it was cat barf X 2. I once owned a miniature Dachshund who loved pop-corn. I've had to deal with both kinds but sometimes quantity overwhelms quality (on non-quality) in this case. :-)

    WV: Urgal

    That sounds suspiciously like the sound that woke me up 'thother day!

  15. Regarding Guittard Chocolate...

    In the early 90s I worked in Burlingame CA (just south of San Francisco) basically across the street from Guittard Chocolate.

    I probably gained 10 pounds just from the AROMA from the chocolate factory!


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