Monday, August 10, 2009


Frank W. James brought, as promised, a truck load of corn to the IND blog meet. It was a really good turn out, with the regulars, and a few new faces. The corn is incredible. But after prepping some for the freezer (Frank has great instructions on his sidebar for storing fresh corn), I had a cup or two left after prepping that there was no room in a freezer bag for. What to do with it?

An experiment in the kitchen to use up a couple things in the fridge before they went out of date. It started out as cornbread and went off the beaten path. The result? A thin, cake textured cornbread with some extra touches. One Jiffy cornbread mix, 4 Tablespoons of melted butter, a tablespoon of milk, half a cup of cottage cheese, a dash of sugar and a pinch of nutmeg, a handful of fresh corn blanched with sugar and salt (or you could use thawed corn from the freezer) and two beaten eggs, mixed all together in a bowl and then baked in a lightly buttered and pre-heated cast iron skillet at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes.

In the oven it didn't look all that exciting. It didn't rise very high and was just bumpy looking.
But it baked up light yet dense, with a crisp buttery edge to it, and a soft, not too sweet touch in the center. The cottage cheese just sort of melted into it, leaving just the bare trace of moist flavor. I grabbed a salad plate, just as the sun was setting on the horizon, dabbed on a bit of fresh butter and drizzled it with just a bit of pure maple syrup.

Supper on the deck.

click on the pic to enlarge. Hope you're not hungry.


  1. Jiffy Cornbread = Win.

    Jiffy Cornbread+Extras+Syrup=World Domination

  2. Good God!

    Brigid, you take the most scrumptious pictures of food I have ever seen!

    And to top it off, you cook it, too!

  3. Unfortunately I am hungry. That looks terrific.
    Have you tried the corn preservation technique mentioned? I love corn but have never found a good way to keep it.

  4. WOW! What an incredible way to end the day. Thanks for sharing. ;o)

  5. I just today bought a box of Jiffy mix and fresh corn has hit the farmstands. Can't wait to try this!

  6. Why, oh why do I read your articles just before bedtime? Now I'm hungry.

  7. Looks tasty! Good enough, in fact, that I shall now pass on breakfast after seeing that. Anything else would be a let down.

  8. That photo causes a reaction that I call; Pavlov's food blog lurker.

  9. Brigid, you're freakin' killing me here! I'm going to weigh a thousand pounds!

  10. Brigid, why does this dish sound like a jazzed up form of corn pone? I've made simple corn pone in dutch oven's and with a refelective camp oven. Have also made Mexican cornbread outdoor's too, goes great with a stew or chili...


  11. Sure wish I had some of that to go with my wild salmon.

    I want to be first:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    May you have many more.

    See Ya

  12. Yum! I like to spread strawberry or blackberry preserves on mine. Think it's time to remind Mrs. Crucis that it's time for some cornbread and Ham 'n Beans.

  13. Oh my that looks good and with fresh corn added too. Bet the whole house smelled fantastic.

  14. Mongo - I don't think it beats the Mongo recipe for cornbread with bacon in it, but it was good. Barkley got the crumbs and now he wants his own bottle of maple syrup.

    Stephen - pavlov's food blog lurker. ha!

    Sport Pilot - it is actually, but worth trying. Not tried it in the dutch oven. Will have to one of these days.

    matthiasj - welcome! Obviously, you could make this without the Jiffy, but it's a staple I always have for those nights when I'm really really tired and just want some cornbread and soup.

    Diditmyway - well thank you. I'm working AND on standby so we'll see how it goes, cake may be on Friday. :-)

    Crucis - when I do the cracker barrel restaurant on the road I always get the blackberry preserves for their cornbread or biscuits.

    Quigley - it did. Farmer Frank grows the BEST corn.

  15. Mmmm, cooking and shooting, the world needs more of both. I just have to convince other people here that corn is not the root of all evil. At least purchasing and building firearms are considered an necessary expense here.

  16. [...] Guns as Porn [...]

    Every time I visit your site I get hungry, for food and shooting.


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