Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half Priced Bonanza

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I got to visit a Half Price Book store this last week. There's one right next to where my friend Angie works so it's a regular stop to chat and buy books when I'm in the city. Don't forget to go to the back of the store where they have the "all under $3 Section", a lot of them in excellent condition only $1. With some careful hunting through the higher and lower shelves there that aren't picked over as much, I brought home several bags of really good condition books, for less than forty bucks.
Always nice to add a few more things to the bookshelf.


  1. Nice haul!

    I actually have that Calvin and Hobbes "Lazy Sunday Book" around here somewhere. I'll have to look for it.

  2. Brilliant idea. I haven't been in awhile. Should make a point of it this weekend.

    I'm also about out of unread books and can't really afford to support authors (read: pay full-price at retail) at the moment.


  3. mmmm...half-price books ... must. buy. more. books.

  4. Yay Books! I love stores like that. They are always a highlight when I visit new places and new selections. You never know when you'll run across a stash of Pratchetts, or Ringos, or high end cook books, or...

    Even more enjoyable are old used book stores, where vintage treasures hide in the dusty stacks. I can spend hours at those stores, and we have several around here.

    Like your selection... looks like ones I would chose myself.

  5. It is always nice to get a hold of a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

  6. The library down the street from my sister has a book sale every year--the last day of the sale is $2 per shopping bag and all the books that will fit therein. Because our decorating style is "Books" and "Bookshelves".

  7. Dori - I can imagine you have a good collection.

  8. No spoilers, but - the sniper scene in Darwin's Radio is amazing...

  9. Fallen Angels - Great book (seeming to be a little prophetic). Unless you regularly attend Science Fiction conventions, some of the lingo may be confusing. If you want an electronic version, you can get it free from the publisher's ( free library.
    1633 - A great book for history buffs. If you have not read the first book in the series (1632), you can get it free from the publisher's ( free library.

  10. I got Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen at a used bookstore. That was a darn good buy.

  11. I see much Pratchett on that shelf...Good times

  12. I'm glad you have a goodly collection of Terry Pratchett. It's very unlikely we'll ever see any more from him. Mind you, some knowledge of things in the (former) Great Britain will help you get his more subtle snark.

    My library and used books stories are the route for me now.


  13. There are several small Half Price Bookstores near my home, but they never seem to have anything good. There's a HUGE older Half Price in Dallas proper, on the other hand, that's a WONDERFUL place to spend an afternoon. Lots of treasures there.

  14. In my area, all of the Half Price book stores are posted against licensed concealed carry. So, naturally, I never go there at all.

  15. Hi, Brigid;

    I see you're a Terry Prachett fan, too!



  16. If you like 1/2 price books, you should check out
    My wife joined a couple of years ago and we've swapped literally hundreds of books so far.
    You list books you want to get rid of by ISBN number. When someone wants it, you get an email with the address. You pay shipping (about $1.50), but when they receive it, you get 1 point. Then you pick out a book you want for that 1 point and the owner ships it to you.
    The search interface is good and you can put books on a wish list if it isn't currently available.
    We've acquired a number of books for our kids, a few graphic novels and even a few hardcovers.

  17. Lots more things in those piles that are already on my bookshelves, particulary Terry Pratchett, a great chap I've been lucky enough to meet a few times over the years and have a few signed first editions from.
    Good secondhand bookshops are one of my favorite shops and my local one, definatly operates in L space! No way on earth should any more than 10% of books they have in stock fit in a shop that size in normal euclidian space!
    Oh and the Guardian newspaper thinks they are one of the best 10 bookshops in the world I think I have to agree with them!

  18. Used book stores in college towns are great because faculty often sell parts of their collections when they retire. Or in one case when the engineers ordered the faculty to reduce their office books by over half since the floor was collapsing! (oops)


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