Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brigid's Bachelor Chow - Guinness Brownies

There are always those recipes that appeal to both sexes. Then there is this one. With rare exception when I've made these for some social function, the delicate women that tend to gravitate towards salads and frozen diet meals sort of try them, nibble a bit and then leave them for a safe little cookie. These are serious brownies, black and powerful stuff to have on hand. Not for the timid.They're just not that popular with that crowd. But the female shooters and the men in the group? Get out of the WAY. Stampeeede!They are a bit time consuming to make but well worth the effort. There's not even crumbs left if you make them for a crowd. They are very thick, yet moist and incredibly lightweight inside, almost souffle like. But they hold up in your hand without crumbling, with a crisp brownie like edge to them that cake doesn't have, to stand up to whatever you have in mind. Inside, just a hint of dark sweetness, accentuated by the dusting of powdered sugar. Whipping the eggs and sugar before you blend in the melted white AND dark cooking chocolates, then dark chocolate cocoa and Guinness is the secret. This is no wimpy little Twinkie. This is a dessert that will let you know,"I've had a Brownie, now I need to go rope a steer or hunt something". You can't exactly taste the beer in them, yet it's there, perhaps a siren call to we who love Stout.

click on photos to enlarge.
Feel free to conduct your own experiment on the cowgirl/cowboy demographic in your household. I know they're popular here, and with my neighbors with whom I shared since the Range was quiet today.


  1. Those look really "interesting".
    A brownie dense enough to be a meal!

  2. M. made those when J. came back from Afghanistan. We have been ordered to make a DOUBLE batch next time he has a birthday.

    Fabulous. I can't believe how light, yet rich they are.

  3. Those look absolutely decadent.

    One of these days I will work up the ambition to try your recipes. Keep posting them! :-)

  4. Holy Cow! Those brownies look soooo good. I'm from the Rachel Ray school of cooking. I DON'T BAKE. However, those are the kind of pics that could entice me to make a big ole flour mess and buy some measuring tools. Lucky ass neighbors. steve

  5. stephen - picture the scene, I'm balancing bowl of melted chocolate, dish of eggs and sugar on the counter. Maneuvering a hand mixer on low and trying to drink that last 1/2 cup of Guinness somewhere in there. The mixer hits the side of the bowl and bounces off of it, onto the counter still running. Melted dark chocolate sprays everywhere.

    I'm not Rachel Ray. I'm Red Green.

  6. Red Green, too? Gee whiz, its no wonder we think you're pretty alright. </understatement>


  7. Ho ho ho, awesome. These would be dangerous to have on hand in my house because I would wantonly consume them all within hours...nay, minutes...of their departure from the oven.

    I must try to make these.

  8. Brigid,
    I may have to try making some of them. I'm still making those sissy out of the box ones...

    Best regards,
    Trophy Merriam’s Turkey
    Fallow Deer: Hints and Tips

  9. OK that was so completely not fair when I'm 600 miles from home and my lovely wife's wonderful baking!

    Thanks for sharing another good recipe miss.

    And thanks for the work on the file - haven't had a chance to respond properly yet but greatly appreciated. Especially given your busy schedule.

  10. Chocolate EVERYWHERE!!! WEll clean up sounds like a two person job, Here I think I see some on your cheek, let's not let it go to waste.

  11. I may have to take up bakeing. Or pehaps begging at your back door.

    They look GOOD!

    Perhaps I can get a friend to make them for me.

  12. I like to cook, but don't bake often.
    Your description, has inspired me to make a batch to take to our next SASS Cowboy Action Shooting match.

    Thanks for all the great recipes!

  13. They look real good, I have a fan of brownies for longer than I care to remember.

  14. That is one of the best Guinness posters I have ever seen. The best beer with a great Clint movie.

  15. When are you making those again? And, could you leave some somewhere I could find them. Maybe on the corner or something? Mmmmmmmmmm.

    Mike S.

  16. Looks good. I tried the bourbon brownies for a friend's party and they went over well.

    I had tried making a test batch a week or so before to see what they tasted like, but managed to significantly modify the recipe while doing so.

    Given the lack of bourbon on hand, as well as lack of 8x8 pans, the recipe ended up being doubled, tossed into a 9x13 pyrex pan, and used Cpt. Morgan's spiced rum instead of bourbon. I'm pretty sure it ended up with 2 extra ounces of bittersweet chocolate and and extra ounce of alcohol as well.

    Because of the difference in area I tossed an extra 10 minutes on the cooking time, but what I ended up with was a bastard cross between fudge and brownies. It was really, really good though and there were still enough left over for the party(mainly because given it's near-fudge consistency, normal brownie portions would have been difficult to eat). You'll want to keep them refrigerated though.


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