Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brigid's Bachelor Chow - Guinness Brownies

There are always those recipes that appeal to both sexes. Then there is this one. With rare exception when I've made these for some social function, the delicate women that tend to gravitate towards salads and frozen diet meals sort of try them, nibble a bit and then leave them for a safe little cookie. These are serious brownies, black and powerful stuff to have on hand. Not for the timid.They're just not that popular with that crowd. But the female shooters and the men in the group? Get out of the WAY. Stampeeede!They are a bit time consuming to make but well worth the effort. There's not even crumbs left if you make them for a crowd. They are very thick, yet moist and incredibly lightweight inside, almost souffle like. But they hold up in your hand without crumbling, with a crisp brownie like edge to them that cake doesn't have, to stand up to whatever you have in mind. Inside, just a hint of dark sweetness, accentuated by the dusting of powdered sugar. Whipping the eggs and sugar before you blend in the melted white AND dark cooking chocolates, then dark chocolate cocoa and Guinness is the secret. This is no wimpy little Twinkie. This is a dessert that will let you know,"I've had a Brownie, now I need to go rope a steer or hunt something". You can't exactly taste the beer in them, yet it's there, perhaps a siren call to we who love Stout.

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Feel free to conduct your own experiment on the cowgirl/cowboy demographic in your household. I know they're popular here, and with my neighbors with whom I shared since the Range was quiet today.