Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner is going to be WHAT??

Church Supper Chicken Dinner.

This is one of those recipes that is in probably every church cookbook I've ever seen. Probably because it's easy and good. I added a few Home on the Range touches, which made it even better.

Start by rubbing the chicken with Old Bay Seafood seasoning (yes, but just a little) then sauteing a Vidalia onion in a tiny bit of olive oil. I used fresh cut up leg and thigh pieces, but you can use skinless, boneless chicken breasts and just cook them about 15 minutes less. Ladle the caramelized onion over the rubbed chicken in a 13 x 9 inch pan. Mix up one glass bottle of country French dressing (not the chemical laden Catalina stuff), a small jar of farm fresh peach preserves (not jelly) and the obligatory packet of Lipton onion soup mix (even I'm not Martha Stewart enough to make my own) and pour over the chicken pieces.

Here's what it looks like going into the oven.

For bone-in chicken, bake for an hour and a half, covered with foil, at 350 degrees, turning once or twice, then pop under the broiler for just less than a minute to fully glaze the chicken. Serve with fresh noodles (another post for another time, I promise, tomorrow is going to be a very long and late shift I'm afraid). Tonight's veggies? Fresh picked peas and mushrooms.

The Lutheran church ladies would be proud.
(click to enlarge)


  1. I attended so many fried-chicken dinners at church, growing up, that I still shudder its mention. But yours looks better than most, and the veggies & pasta look great.

    If those potluck dinners hadn't included pie, I'd have starved. But alas, one look at me now proves that's not so.

  2. YUM!

    I had sautéed Tilapia and corn on the cob tonight.

  3. Well, I rubbed the chicken with Old Bay Seafood seasoning and then it got mad at me and ran off. Not sure how I will get the legs and thighs off now...hehe.

    This looks very tasty! Thanks.

  4. It looked good till I got to the green peas... I STILL can't stand them... sigh.

  5. Sounds Great!

    I'll be trying this one soon.

  6. Looks Great! I had to suffice with home made BBQ beef and Bacon Coleslaw. It's not chicken, but I'll live. Thanks for the Bacon Coleslaw recipe, it's a family favorite now!

  7. Those pictures look good enough to eat, thanks for sharing.

  8. I do believe that in between you and Rev. Pauls' youngest daughter I'm going to be cooking a LOT more! Now if I can figure out how to keep off the pounds...
    Fantastic post!

  9. Brigid,
    Do you think it will work with wild game(quail or pheasant)?
    Do you treat wild the same as chicken?

  10. Either my sense of humor is really twisted or that red fire bar made your sense of humor twisted. Your having chicken, fowl,.... for dinner.
    The church ladies will never be the same.

  11. anon - I'm sure this would work with any game bird, just adjust the cooking time for size.

  12. Mine had a rank (and I don't mean smell).

    It was filling.

    w/v: culntedl; I don't even want to know what they're trying to do culinarily.


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