Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Early Bird Gets The . . . . .


You remember Quisp? The voice of Quisp on the commercials was Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss and Huckleberry Hound. It tastes like Captain Crunch but doesn't remove the roof of your mouth when you eat it. The slogan I remember as a kid in 1970. . . "it gives you Quazy energy".

Look folks, on range day, there's no time for gourmet, especially as it's going to be 90 degrees today and a number of LEO's will be wanting to use the range. Some sugar and carbs and I'm out the door.

Because I have Quazy Energy. . . . . And an AR15.


  1. And a good time will be had by all.

    Today and tomorrow I'll be at the gun show in Tampa.

    See Ya

  2. Gives you Quazy energy?

    Sounds like the original ‘Frosted Sugar Bombs’.

    Have fun on the range! (Home, home on the range, where the deer and antelope…)

  3. I was never a big cereal eater.. but if you had written the ad copy I would have been all over it :)

    Eat Quisp Cereal..

    "Because I have Quazy Energy. . . . . And an AR15"

  4. Well I have never heard of quip....but I'm drooling.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of gear. Good luck on the range. Happy "shoots".

  6. You Rock Brigid!!! Enjoy your range day, 90 degree's isn't bad as long as the humidity is down, infact it's pleasant.

    Come to my neck of the wood's and shoot, or spend a day afield, you'll go home and thank your lucky stars.

    I love where I live here in the NW part of Middle TN but sometimes grow weary of the humidity. It's ever more challanging when in full uniform and body armor.


  7. Brigid,

    That's a nice lookin' EBR there! What kind of stock is that? I've been looking to replace the faux collapsible stock on my Bushie...

  8. Ahh. A simpler time. Saturday mornings were the best. Cartoons on every channel and even the commercials were cartoons. I always liked Lucky the leprachaun from the Lucky Charms commercials. Some big city shrink would proably tell me, "So, Stephen, The cereal you ate as a child is directly responsible for your addiction to playing the Bodhran while listening to very loud Flogging Molly." steve

  9. I have never cared for cold cereal for breakfast---or any meal for that matter. Guess I still remember the popular tale how cereal food was created.

    My weekend breakfast is usually two bagel and some creamcheese. If there's time I'll add scrambled eggs with diced ham or bacon.

    Now, I'm off to Cabelas for my semi-monthly ammo survey. Maybe to acquire some more .45 acp whitebox to feed my afternoon trip to the range. I'm carrying my para CCO today and feel the need to practice drawing on some steel plates. :-)

    My AR is on its way to the gunsmith for a new JP trigger and to have its too-tight chamber reamed a bit. Wish I'd gotten a chromed barrel and bolt, but I bought it during the ban and they weren't available at the time due to scarcity.

  10. Have fun. I actually turned down an opportunity to hit the range today. Too hot, and too many other things to get done around the house. Perhaps tomorrow I'll pack up on of my little shooting buddies and go.....

  11. I knew we were kindered spirits! Where did you find it? I loved this stuff. It was my favorite cereal. I have had to settle for the Captain and sores on the roof of my mouth for years and now you tease me with the little green Martian...I never took you for a cruel woman!

  12. The voice of Simon LaGreedy was Hans Conreid, who was the uncle on the Danny Thomas show, and also Capt. Hook in Peter Pan.

    The cereal was good, if loaded with lots of sugar (which would make anyone Quazy).

    The AR-15 looks like fun.

  13. I liked Quisp better than Quake but we did like both cereals. Actually Im surprised that those two didnt survive longer than they did.

    Hope Range day was fun. I should have gone shooting but somehow just didnt get round to it. :P

  14. You overlooked the announcer, Jay Ward Productions regular and the Haunted Mansion's own "Ghost Host" himself, the late, great Paul Frees.

    We just hit the freshly rennovated/tweaked Mansion last weekend. It was a dark and stormy night (literally), and after indulging the kids all day seeing the Mouse, I had to ride my favorite attraction in the parks. Free's voice floating around the "stretching" room is a moment Disney has yet to top in any of their rides IMHO.

  15. I remember the commercial but never got to try Quisp. My parents never/rarely allowed us to have sugary cereals. Ate almost exclusively Cheerios as a kid.

  16. We have Quisp at $5 a box. I bought one, and it was wonderful. But like Mexican Coca-cola (the real original recipe with sugar, not corn syrup) at $1 a bottle, it was a one-off.

  17. Quisp was my favorite cereal as a kid. The last time I saw it in a store was at a "Lo-Bills" in a less prosperous area. It's for sale one the net too but it's pricey!

    Quisp and range time, what a great morning!

  18. Wow! I thought I was the sugary cold cereal expert and I have never even heard of Quisps!

    Captain Crunch with crunch berries and Cookie Crisp were the best I ever had.

    Sigh.. now my breakfast consists of no sugar, high fiber, low cholestorol "healthy" food... at least I have an AR-15 also.

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