Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forget the Stock Market - Whitetail Futures - a Pictorial

I also want to go whitetail hunting. But they're not afraid of my knife.

They might be afraid of this. . . .

Mr. Whitetail. Meet Mr. Muzzleloader.

And the Bullet Brothers

Barkley smells trouble brewing in the woods.
I smell Guinness Braised Bambi Brats.

Click to enlarge - come on, I know you want to.
And perhaps a new stuffed animal for the wall.
My first bow kill, not that large but I was a happy hunter that day.


  1. Looking forward to the range report!

  2. Memo to self: bring venison to Brigid this fall!

    Shootin' Buddy

  3. Looks like a dandy Bambi thumper to me.

  4. You sure know how to get a guy's attention. Deerhunting, guns, bullets, knives, a big black dog and delicious food in one photo essay!

    wv: humagne, Skynet's watching! ;-)

  5. I just finished supper, my belly is full, and the picture of those brats STILL makes my mouth water.

    "My fist bow kill, not that large but I was a happy hunter that day."

    That's a perfectly respectable deer.

    Besides, I've always clung to the idea that size doesn't matter. It's a premise from which I've drawn a great deal of comfort, over the years. :)

    Happy B-Day a tad early, btw, just in case things get crazy at work for me tomorrow and I don't get a chance to say it on the actual day...

  6. Mmmmm....
    If I wasn't stuffed from eating dinner already, I'd be having brats tonight after seeing this. They wouldn't be bambi, but you have to work with what you can get...

  7. Oh man, those brats look fantastic.... would anyone think it strange if I fired up the grill at 10:00 at night???

  8. Beautiful rifle. I wish you luck with it.

    Nice brats.

  9. Does Barkley like guns as much as you do?

    I had a small hunting dog once that would curl up and sleep with my shotgun if I took it out the night before a hunt. I had to teach her not to teeth on the stock or lick the metal work though. ;o)

  10. Bagging a deer with a bow is nothing to sneeze at! It's an entirely different skill set than using a rifle, and you *really* get in tune with nature and how you interact with it. My best shootin' buddy back in Illinois used to go bow hunting. I tried his bow a few times out on the back 40, but I didn't spend enough time to get the hang of it.
    He was good, and both our families had venison that year.

  11. my calendar says its your birthday again. Seems like you just had one last year :)

    hope its a happy one

  12. Oh thats right! Happy (x)0 b-day Brigid.

  13. Oh! ...and be sure to wish upon a falling star this morning as the Perseid Meteor showers are occurring right now.

    Hopefully the sky is still dark enough in Indiana.

  14. Happy B,day,thanks to your blog your pictures of food make me Hungry which is a good thing as i keep forgeting to eat and as i dont get hungry normaly your photos help, have a great day and happy hunting.AJD

  15. Ummmmm. . . Delicious looking brats. Are the noodles home made as well?

  16. Great first bow kill. Mine was considerably smaller of rack but was a pretty big deer(Mulie). Still I'm very proud of it. Very welcome as my county sold out of rifle tags that year, a rare occurrence.

    Looks like you're set, like Old NFO, I'm looking forward to the range reports too.

    Good luck in the hunt, have fun.

  17. Sadly, I now pass on Gerber blades, the few I've purchased recently leave me wanting. Especially the Chinese made. I have a pair of old Armorhide sheath knives (A400 and Bird and Trout) I really enjoy - the newer ones - no thanks.

    Yep, deer season coming up for us in early November, but its waaay to hot right now to even begin thinking about deer hunting, century mark for close to 40 days straight now. Blech!

    Food looks scrumptious as always . . . thank you ma'am.

  18. Surely you're not going to post pictures of those brats without giving the recipe.

    ...you tease!

  19. That first bow kill is a quite respectable size for western PA, but I dont know where you got it.

    As always beautiful photos!

  20. Happy Birthday Brigid! Those brats look like some mighty tasty, mouth-watering goodness.

  21. Nice!

    Inspected and approved by Barkley?

    Those brats and noodles look fantastic.

    WV: seslint (what people in the software engineering society accumulate in their belly-buttons)

  22. Bruce B. stole my thunder. As of 3 nights ago I'm completely out of N. Nevada mulie in the freezer. BUMMER. But, I am taking solace in the fact that I still have 3 well guarded packages of elk burger. Manicotti stuffed with elk,cheese,onions, peppers, homemade sauce.....ahhh, the possibilities. steve

  23. Nice looking smokepole. Been thinking of going that route myself, as I can start in the season earlier with a "primitive weapon".

    Is it a .45 or .50?

  24. I haven't been hunting in decades. The last time was many years ago sitting in a jon-boat with my Brother-in-law waiting for some trespassing Candians to fly over. It was cold, wet with a sprinkling of sleet and snow.

    I got one and my BIL one. Mom baked mine for Christmas that year. We had my BIL's for New Years dinner. I cracked a tooth on some shot that wasn't found during cleaning.

    A church friend is an avid Whitetail hunter. Maybe this year, I'll dig out the Garand, buy some Hornady Ballistic-tips and spend some time in the woods again.

    BTW, Happy Birthday!

  25. Just wondering if you have read "the Tank Lords" by Dave Drake. Given your interest in Science Fiction you may enjoy it. I see from your current quote from Discworld why I have an uneventful life.

  26. dave - the recipes are on the sidebar. Look for the "Guinness" section for the brat recipe.

  27. Happy Birthday!

    I knew we shared interests in flying, hunting, etc. Now I find out we share the same birthday! I hope you are having an excellent day.

  28. To begin,happy birthday. I had no idea. If, as my old man the seadog put it, "Any day above ground is a winner", then I wish you many more winning decades.

    If you really need to whack a Bambi, please consider Connecticut, where you can, if you work all the public and private permits, harvest 14 to 16 deer a season. More of the nasty running roadblocks per square mile than anywhere else in the U.S.

    You could also help out people like me, who recently spent almost two years getting over the effects of meeting Bambi's daddy at 80+ MPH.

  29. That's terrible!

    The poor deer was just minding his own business, on his way to the range...

    And, BruceB, you left out that it's a NAKED dog...

  30. I used a .45 CVA Mountain Rifle for nearly 20 years, on many a whitetail hunt in Missouri. I miss that rifle. A lot.

    A perfectly good deer, indeed.

    Happy birthday, Lady.

  31. Happy Birthday, beautiful article and pictures as usual.

    Is that muzzleloader an encore? I have a frame I am not doing anything with these days and as I priced my favorite hunting round in 257 Roberts today only to find it has doubled just thinking to myself.


  32. B.. bbb....Bambi Brats?!?!

    Mmmmm... Bambi.

    I have GOT to try that one this season.


  33. Here's a muzzle loader and consequently the next project.
    and Happy Birthday.

  34. What bow did you shoot? I'm an avid archer myself and I work at an archery pro shop, setting up, tuning & fixing bows and arrows. My curiousity, she is piqued :)

  35. Link all fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  36. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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