Saturday, August 22, 2009

Internet Squirrel

You all saw that photo on the internet of the squirrel that made his way into the vacationing couple's photo. The shot, with the camera set on timer, was taken in Canada’s Banff National Park, while the couple was hiking back in May.

That is one popular squirrel.



  1. What a ham! Next thing you know he is going to want a contract.

  2. Needs ear protection


  3. Sis - why do I have the feeling that after he popped up you were sneaking out the AR "prairie dog special"?

    Thanks for making us all laugh.

  4. Got the scale wrong.

    In the picture, Caleb looks bigger than the squirrel.

  5. Well, who harvested it for Sunday dinner?

  6. And who is that mysterious woman, dressed in black, standing silently at the back of the firing line?

    Could it be?

    Nah ... I don't think so ... but if the hair's strawberry blonde-ish ... It must be that Indy woman.


  7. There are in that photo, three Indy bloggers; four, if you count the photog.

    WV: "graph" Eerie.

  8. Holy Crap!

    The squirrel is almost bigger than Caleb!?

  9. You guys are just picking on Caleb because he can outshoot all of us. Thanks for making me laugh. Borepatch has one up as well.

    Doing my best to squirrelize the world, one blog at a time. :-)

    AD. Big hug - hope all is well with you all down there.


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