Friday, September 4, 2009

Bringing Home the Bacon - the Weekend Begins!

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Home! Four days off now and there, waiting for me patiently, in the fridge - BACON!

Throw it in some pie crust with eggs, a little Mozzarella cheese and lots of spinach and caramelized onion, top with chopped, peppered
and you have an impromptu
and almost sort of healthy Bacon Florentine Quiche. (Well there are veggies underneath the bacon).

Barkley tried to work his dog-fu on me, to no avail.

OK, Barkley did get a piece of bacon.

Try making a quiche sometime. You can leave out the spinach and use broccoli. Ham instead of Bacon, Cheddar instead of Mozzarella. It's a dish that's as individual as you are.

Besides, it's the kind of meal that can start any weekend off with a bang.


  1. Man, that picture of Barkeley is creeping me out - those EYES !! AAAaah!

    That quiche looks tasty - I thought it was pizza, but the description sounds like it would taste better.

    Thank You - have a great weekend.

  2. Welcome Home! Nothing says home like fresh cooked bacon. The florentine quiche just went on the list of thing to cook this weekend.

  3. OMG! I love the Bacon Hypnosis pic of Barkley! I admit that recipe looks quite tasty too...

    However, this morning I was rudely awoken by my 85# Ridgeback trying desperately to crawl into bed with me as he quaked (literally) in terror of the smoke detector that decided to CHIRP at him this morning. (Dying battery). That Big Chicken Ridgeback is afraid of the evil space alien smoke detectors!


  4. That is down right mean. I mean how can you put pictures like that on your site and not invite us over for dinner.

    I love bacon.

  5. You sure know how to make someone hungry. As a fan of bacon I can highly recommend a spice called Bacon Salt. It's fun to try on almost everything. My daughter loves it on popcorn (which I can vouch for being quite good). It also helps out in a pinch on eggs (if I'm too lazy to make real bacon) or (God forbid) we are out of the real thing.

  6. So Breda has the Death Stare, and now Barkeley has the Bacon Stare.

  7. The last picture says it all.

    See Ya

  8. vic - the poor thing. Barkley is not afraid of familiar noises, but I can see where that would spook him.

    Turk - it was. Hope to see you over this way for dinner with the gang again soon.

    Mad St. Jack - hello! The Bacon stare. Yes. :-)

  9. I bet that "bacon-stare" works for Barkley more often than not. Great picture. Haven't eaten dinner yet because I wasn't hungry. This post changed that.:-)

  10. Bacon - check
    Spinach - check
    Caramelized Onions - check
    Use goat cheese instead of mozzarella.
    ......uuuummmmmmmmm good!

    Real Men eat quiche - and anything else they d*mn well please.

  11. LOL on the excitement over the ammo. :-) It reminds me of my reaction to finding boxes of canning jars at a garage sale last week (but they were not overpriced). Love the creepy picture of Barkley. Good bacon is good food. Have a great weekend.

  12. Never knew he had green eyes. That normal in a lab? ;)

  13. Bacon Quiche?

    Sounds good. Nice pic of it too.

    Dear ol' mum used to put Thuringer (Summer Sausage) in ours when I was a kid.

    Quiche is for Sissies? I'm guessing a guy named "Sue" ate Quiche too... ;)

  14. Yum - trying not to drool on the keyboard. I can only get beef bacon at the moment - missing the real thing. Have to head over the causeway for bacon sarnie.


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