Wednesday, September 9, 2009


col·lat·er·al Pronunciation: \kə-ˈla-t(ə-)rəl\
1 a : accompanying as secondary or subordinate
b : serving to support or reinforce

Have any of you seen the movie Collateral? If you haven't DO. I am NOT a Tom Cruise Fan but his performance in this piece is not only unusual for him, and extremely good. The plot in a nutshell? A cab driver finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer: Cruise as "Vincent" as he makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in LA. I almost didn't recognize Cruise at first. He was perfect as a stone-cold killer, donning a sub-zero amoral nihilism as well as a suit with threads the color of the coyotes that roamed the LA streets that night. He throws out half rendered references to the I Ching and Darwin that reminded me a bit of Jules in Pulp Fiction. Jamie Fox, also in a role that surprised me with his depth, plays the cab driver forced to drive Vincent to his five hits, the body of the first mark ending up hitting the roof of his cab, giving his fare's profession away.

The interplay between two interesting characters is awesome, enough to make you overlook the plot holes that got a little larger as the film goes on, until finally the screenwriters just threw up their hands and started the action. By then I was not going to hit pause for anything. Cruise handled his guns like he had one in his hand his whole life, and the scene in which the two thugs steals his briefcase is one you won't forget. The speed reloads and Mozambique Drills are icing on the cake.

The main point I took from the film was not the action, and not the plot. It was a film that followed how people connect and react until the most adverse of circumstances. There's something in even the meek that comes out when someone threatens what they value.

I bet in the future, the cab driver in the film will carry a back up piece. I certainly do.

- Brigid


  1. "Hey Homey... Is that my briefcase?"

    I dig that movie. They could have just looped that one scene over and over and I would have sat there watching happily for quite a while.

    Not only are the action scenes awesome, but it was a fascinating look at a particular philosophy of life. It also put in stark relief just how quickly life's circumstances can change right before your eyes. Seemingly at the speed of light.

  2. I agree with your review of the movie: Tom Cruise should stick to playing bad guys, and Jamie Foxx has come a long way from In Living Color to this and notably Ray. The use of digital cinematography for the darker sets really worked well, too.


  3. I thought Collateral was surprisingly good. On the DVD, Cruise is shown rehearsing the "Yo, Homey! Is that my briefcase?" scene with live ammo at (if memory serves) the L.A. Sheriffs Dept. pistol range. He was taught by a former SAS guy, so they say.

    Weird thing: I added all the incidental music to my Blackberry. Favorite: "El Destino de Abril". And of course the now-chronically overused "Ready, Steady, Go". I don't usually like movie music.

  4. I liked COLLATERAL as well - next to HEAT, one of best gun films I've ever seen.

    I really wish I had bought one of Star Firestars in 9mm when they were available. All steel design, so kinda heavyish in weight, but very small (almost PPK / Bersa Thunder sized)- I bet it would make for one compact 9mm. I have a Star PD .45acp that is Colt Commanderish in size but lighter - I LOVE IT!

  5. We were talking about Kahr at the range last night and I was surprised to find out that no one else knew that Kahr is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (moonies) and is run by his oldest son. Makes you wonder.

  6. Moon has often placed money in ventures in which his children have a personal interest. He bought a Manhattan recording studio for a son who was a heavy-metal rock musician, and horse farms for two other children who rode on Korea's Olympic equestrian teams. The eldest son is an avid shooter, so he started a gun business.

  7. Tom should have gotten the award for Best New Actor for that role.



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