Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For my Firefly Fans -

I Aim to Misbehave.

Chocolate Cream Pie. My coworkers were very happy to see me back from vacation, espcially when I walked in carrying a pan. . .


  1. That kind of misbehavior is always in fashion - but did they allow you to have any pie?

  2. This sounds really good. Gonna have to try it. Chocolate Pie, in virtually whatever form =




  3. It may be heretical, but I don't even like chocolate pie... but for this I may make an exception and ask my lovely wife to make some based on the name!

  4. About pie... I think Jack Handey said it best:

    "When you die, if they give you a choice between regular heaven and pie heaven, I would choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not... ummmm, Boy!"

  5. Can I work with you?

    Just so you understand, I rarely comment on your posts that are heavier because they leave me with far too much to think about. It is easy to make a comment on something light.


  6. Ha! We ran off the pie stealin' aliens long ago. Unfortunately, a flock of SnoBall aliens moved in behind them.

    WV: inain- Holy smokes! The Internet has become aware!

  7. Do you have positions to fill at work? This is starting to look like a recruiting campaign. :-D

    The pie looks delicious. You're making it hard on me while I'm trying to lose weight. :-)

  8. Goodness, that looks yummy.

    Glad you're back, no one can make my tummy rumble like you.

  9. I aim to misbehave. I rarely miss.

  10. og - I can well imagine. Next time I'll save you a slice of dessert as long as you promise to share with Mrs. O.

    Turk - I almost used that quote. Priceless.

  11. I believe that if Inara would have offered a pie like this to Mal, then, well who knows.......

    I know what my reaction surely would have been ;-)

    Hope you had a great vacation!

  12. That's a motivational tool that would bring it a lot of bucks if patented and published.


    WV: pyies

  13. Look at him making requests...guess I need to add to the grocery list...you know, for purely unselfish reasons...

  14. Dori - he adores you, chocolate cream pie or not. That's easy to see. The kids will eat it up, even if he is not a chocolate pie fan. It's really good and not super "sweet" like some of the ones made with boxed pudding and cool whip.

  15. Strawberries - Kaylie (sp?) LOVED strawberries. Sounds like a good addition to the above, which btw should be illegal - Chocolate Pie!

    One taste and maybe Osama Bin Laden himself would walk out of those hills voluntarily.

  16. do love me the Joss. And I do love me some pie.

  17. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Pie....To die for! Yummy tummy.
    I need to get a job where you work. Will work for Chocolate.

    See Ya

  18. I've been patient Brigid, but this has to stop! I'm gaining weight just by reading your posts.
    There are two things that will improve any food.....bacon and chocolate. Maybe you could come up with a recipe for chocolate covered bacon....hmmmmmmm.

  19. Why would anybody eat anything made from boxed pudding and cool whip? I know it's easy, it's just not *food*!

    Lise in NJ

  20. Don't leave that unattended in the lunch room fridge - you might not get the tin back either.

  21. ...been enjoying your site for a few days, now. As of today, it's officially designated food porn.

  22. Drool!

    It's my Aniversary Week. I may have to make that for the Mrs.

  23. How the heck can you NOT be a Firefly fan?

    I mean really.


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