Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Bachelor Chow

Friday night. The house is quiet, and after a long week, AND a long day, I'm starving. I could go along with my co-workers on one of those commercial diet meal plans and have this?

Here's one of their "dinners" which consisted of pureed salt-like by product flavored with artificial potato and some small chunks of "fricassee of solent green" floating in some strangely Star Trek red-orange gravy. But it's only 250 calories!

Or I could pour a Guinness, steam the last of the incredible Farmer Frank corn that was frozen briefly, roast some garden veggies in a little balsamic dressing and have THIS.

Like it's open for discussion.


  1. Got enough for two? I'll be over in 15....

  2. Ooh! Ooh! Plate #1! Plate #1!

    Oh! Wait a minute. You didn't ask which one we wanted to throw out? Which one had so much sodium our arteries would start hardening just from looking at the picture?

    Well then. Never mind.

    But as long as I'm here...Numbers 2 and 3 look DELISH!

  3. Like was mentioned over at Sean's recently...Food Porn--it's the best! My niece was very grateful to no longer be a vegetarian when that big ol' slab of meat came out of the smoker--all crusty and juicy.

  4. Oh, yeah....getting ready for winter. I sure remember that! Help Dad clean out the gutters and inspect the roof, put the bicycles up in the rafters, put new filters in the furnace and vacuum it out, and get the shovels cleaned and ready.
    And do all my antenna maintenance for the year. NO fun going up the tower to free a stuck rotor or restringing an 80 meter dipole in the dark. When it's snowing. Which it always seemed to be when something broke!

  5. Man does that look good.... Brigid, you're killing me!!! I'm trying to finish a project for work and the best I can hope for tonight is MAYBE salted peanuts and root beer. Tomorrow though...well tomorrow ...Smoked Brisket! The rubs already on and I'll put it on in the morning about 5 o'clockish!

  6. Hey Doc, whats winter?
    Here in central valley of The SSSR, I mean California, We have prepare for a little fog.

  7. Best. Chow. Ever. Hungry man be damned!

  8. Soylent Green... almost made the coffee come out my nose :)

  9. One of those dishes is a meditation on the world, the cycle of the year, and by implication where you've been and where you're going.

    The other is a Fortune Cookie.

    Confucius say: fortune cookie does not nourish soul. Or body.

  10. I dig the chicken,
    the teriyaki too,
    I even like the turkey,
    If the sauce is not too blue!

    TV Dinners
    ZZ Top

  11. Couple things, It's not a coincidence that die is the biggest part of the word diet. And additionally there is a difference between " die from.." and ".. to die for.." just sayin' steve

  12. Last night was homemade Mexican -- chicken marinated in achiote and real corn tortillas.

    Tonight is the anniversary dinner, a trip to Tampa's shrine to one man's obsession with fine pieces of cow:

    Highly recommended if you're ever in town, but you might have to wear a dress.

    Good luck selling The Range. If you're seriously considering Miami, talk to someone who lives down here about the real costs of Florida -- it is far from cheap anymore, and our so-called Republican governor got very lucky this hurricane season. You have my e-mail, but we're already plotting our escape from here.

  13. Fricking work...

    I grilled another pie and made pot roast last night at 11PM...

    By the time 2AM rolled on, the pie was ready as was the pot roast.

    OMG! SQUEEEEE! I so glad I didn't order pizza!

    Dogs were happy to get some fatty bits too!

  14. Oh my gosh, after a couple of hours hand splitting and stacking wood, plate number 2 sure does look good!! Now if somebody could figure out how to package that plate so i could put it in the microwave and have it turn out like that.......nah, it just wouldn't be the same!

    Brigid, you can be a very cruel woman at times.....


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