Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Smart

Dear NRA:

If you really value my opinion on your telephone survey, it would be helpful if
. . . .

(1) You don't call someone during mealtime on a SUNDAY, on a holiday weekend.

(2) You actually direct your people to listen, so when you call while I'm wrestling a roast from the oven and I try to politely say, as a dedicated member, "can you call back?" you don't plow right over me before I can get two words out and immediately cut off live communication to launch into a recording, admonishing me like a wayward child to listen as you need my feedback.

(3) You have callers that actually sound like something other than a bored robot reading a script. If they obviously don't believe in your message, but are just reading it for X dollars per hour, and obviously are hating to do so by their tone, then why should I?

No, I'm not going to cancel my membership. Rudeness or not, you do some great good out there and I would like to continue to be a supporter. But yes, I will treat you like any other rude telemarketer and just hang up if you do this again. As Jay G. would say. That is all.
- Brigid


  1. I hate telemarketing so much I won't encourage it by listenig to the NRA calls. Won't listen to policatl parties or polls either.

  2. Telemarketing is a thankless job for those few who actually try to do a good job. The rest seem to be automatons paid by the call, rather than based on results.

    They deserve neither our patience nor courtesy if they can't be bothered to ask, "Is now a good time?"

  3. All excellent suggestions, but we both know they probably won't take them.

    I haven't heard from a telemarketer since we dropped our land line a couple of years ago.


  4. Funny, they have never called me. I don't even get mail from them, just my monthly magazine. How'd I get so lucky???

  5. Wow, that is awful! I have yet to recieve one, either.

  6. That is bad, I'd expect better from the NRA but I haven't gotten any NRA calls either.

    Of course like Paladin I dropped my land line a while ago and haven't heard from telemarketers since. True bliss.

  7. I don't open NRA mailers [how much does it cost to send me fat envelopes five days a week?] or listen to the robocallers.
    If you send a couple of bucks to any of them, NRA, Repubs, GOA, CRA, etc. your on the 'list'.
    Word- spend the money on defending us not on marketing me.

  8. I am thankful for many, many things. Somewhere in the top 25% of that list is caller ID.


  9. ...bored robot... hehe what a word picture.

    I didn't know 'Marvin the paranoid android' from Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy worked as a telemarketer for the NRA.


  10. I simply won't answer the phone, if it is an emergency, then they can leave a message. There is no need to drop what you are doing for a phone call. There are some electronic boxes that will zap unwanted calls as well, while letting friends and family get through.

  11. Years and years ago I sent a letter to the NRA pointing out the same concern Skipelec raises here, i.e that I don't send them money to be used to try to get me to send more money, but to fight for our rights.

    I never heard back, of course, but I do get regular solicitations. It must work for them, I guess, or they wouldn't do it.

  12. I have to say that the NRA is a great organization but I kinda agree with Brigid on this one.
    The best way to describe them is a telemarketer who doesn't care about anything but getting you to sign up and ultimately give them money.

    I feel I should not have to be hounded for money to protect my 2nd. amendment rights. It is a big turn off and that is why I am not a member.

  13. The reason I dropped my NRA membership several years ago was because of this and the never ending stream of mail begging for money....if they saved the cost of paper and postage they might be able to break even on membership dues :P

    I am toying with joining again, but am not looking forward to the flood of paper mail.

  14. I put up with this crap from the NRA for many years before I finally cancelled my membership. I remember the last straw. It was a conversation with the caller where he was belittling and badgering me and I was having nothing to do with it. I called him on his attitude and methods. Finally, I asked him what the best possible outcome for this call was so far as he was concerned. His response was that I make a large donation. I then asked why he was doing everything conceivably within his power to make sure I would not do that. He was dumbfounded for a moment then continue his condescending conversation. Finally, I hung up. When my membership renewal came not long after that, I sent them back a response explaining the call and informing them that they lost a loyal member of more than two decades because of it.

  15. I haven't received any NRA calls. I have received a ton of RNC calls mainly wanting my money. They don't get it---the current situation nor my money.

    All that aside, I help build call centers. Mostly for inbound service calls, but some do outbound telemarketing calls. Every call is recorded. Not for the reactions/comments of those called, but to monitor the agent. Agent who is bored and doesn't care to mask that on a call won't have a job long. Think on it. What good is the call if it immediately produces a negative reaction by the person called? That's none productive and the business climate is too stressed for a company to piss off existing or potential customers. Ditto with opinion polls. The pollers want honest opinions or reactions. Any call that is irritating to the called isn't going to produce the desired results.

    Just my $0.02.

  16. Telemarketing sucks. I to wish the NRA would stop sending membership requests to Life Time Members, and spend the monies on something better.

    Can't think of anything else right now...My mind is still on that roast.

    See Ya

  17. The moment I hear a robot caller, I hang up. You want to talk to me? Call yourself.

  18. Do you know the main reason that I hate telemarketers? Hint: It's the same reason I hate panhandlers.
    Both train me to ignore them to the extent that I tend to ignore the people I should talk to or the ones that really need help.
    Recent example.
    My wife was out of the house when I get a call for her. You know the type: Answer the phone, long pause, a click and then a bored voice asking for Mrs so-and-so. Obviously a telemarketer using a robo-caller to find people at home, right? I ask who they are. Big department store (name withheld) wanting to speak with the missus. I figure it's a survey of some sort, tell them we're not interested and hang up.
    Next day, they call back. This time when I answer, I get a recording that all customer service representatives are busy, so please hold (after they called me!). I reach for the off button when there's a click and a voice says hello. I stick around to complain, only to find out they're calling because they never received our last credit card payment and it's overdue.

  19. Caller ID and don't answer the phone unless it is a number I recognize. If the number doesn't show I stand next to the phone, if you want to talk to me you damn well better talk to the machine so I know who it is.


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