Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swine Flu Love Sonnet

I shall seek and find you.
I shall take you to bed and control you.
I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you grunt and groan.
I will make you beg for mercy.
I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I leave you and you will be weak for days.

All my love,

the Flu

I got lucky, two of my best friends picked up the H1N1 virus and though I was around them (but not in the biblical sense) I didn't catch it, or did and got a mild version. I had the sniffles and cough that lasted most of the week and mild fever and just felt generally crappy for the first couple of days (sorry I missed the house project, Roberta). But I didn't get tested as I was not all that sick and working virtual most of the time. If you get it, it seems, for most adults and older kids, to normally consist of 3 days with the fever, subsiding and spiking again and lots of coughing and then it subsides, though you will feel like Jabba the Hut had taken up residence in your chest for a few days.

I think the media has sensationalized it, but it is, like all winter flu bugs, NASTY and for some specific risk groups, potentially deadly. So if you, or a family member are pregnant, immune compromised, and/or start running a fever of over a 100 for more than a couple of days that doesn't respond to normal OTC fever reducers, and seem unresponsive, especially if it is a child,
Get to a doctor, now. A real one. (I normally only work with the deceased so don't ask me.)

Doc B.


  1. Sorry youo weren't feeling well.

    H1N1 is very strange, in that the elderly may be (at least partially) immune. It seems to be related to Influenza, and resistance was passed from mother to child for kids born in the first generation after 1919.

    That resistance has warn off, so that kids the same age as #1 Son and #2 Son seem much more at risk than my mom and dad.

    As I said, strange.

  2. Asthmatics should see a doctor ASAP at the first sign of flu symptoms. H1N1 could be fatal for that group.

    I have the double whammy of Asthma and an allergy to the egg white proteins used to culture the vaccine. I keep my fingers crossed, but Mrs. Roscoe has yet to see a real Swine Flu case come through her office.

    Now, I can't resist:

    "Wait till you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles, see if you're so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding."

    -- A real doctor :)

  3. Nasty, nasty stuff! Glad you did not have it full fledged! I do hope that your friends are feeling better soon! Have a great week!

  4. It's good to hear that you didn't get the full-blown version. However, my guess is the HOTR Woman scared it away.

  5. I shall seek and find you.
    I shall take you to bed and control you.
    I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you grunt and groan.

    Oh, hey.... I thought that post was going in a completely different direction there for a minute ;)

    My Mrs hasn't seen too many cases in her office, but they've been baraged with panic phone calls every time the news runs a story on H1N1.

  6. Brigid,
    I always enjoy reading your blog, but rarely comment. However I am in need of your advice.
    Every year the guys at the range (shooting not cooking) have a chili cook-off, and every year I get hosed.
    This year I thought for sure I would find a winning entry among your list of recipes. But alas there is no chili formula.
    I have even been considering making Chili Verde! How about a little help here? Texas style or with beans, nothing to sear the palette though, about half of us are geezers.

    I think my chili is pretty good, but I never finish in the money.
    I need something to wow the crowd.
    I am sure te others would appreciate it too.

  7. Yep, it's had me knocked out for three days now. Fever is down, thankfully, but I still got Jabba in the chest. I've been treating my particular case with mass quantities of Zycam, Ramen noodles, and made-in-Mexico Coke (with real cane sugar, not that corn syrup stuff). Seems to be working.

    But I liked the love note. That's pretty much how it's been for me.

  8. Glad to hear you had a mild case. The H1N1 has been making the rounds out this way. Few very serious cases from what I've heard from those in the business.

    I managed to catch some other flu variant last week. Ugh. Even when you live way the heck out of town you need to get groceries and mail once in a while. Been missing some spectacular weather with this crud. And the elk are down low,....dang.


  9. Ongoing research at U of H (University of Hostess) indicates that regular consumption of SnoBalls dramatically reduces the severity of H1N1 symptoms.

    Looks like they're right.

  10. I have a slightly older freind in Wyoming, that seems to have come through it. He had some complications that made it a bit touch and go, but is recovering. A cowboy constitution, lots of fresh air and good Doctors seems to have taken care of him well.

  11. I'm glad you hear that you ducked it to the extent you did.

    As I understand it from someone in my workplace whose entire family got it, there are 3 version of the "normal" H1N1 plus one that is supersized, according to her medic.

    Yours is the "small" version. Medium is what you had plus fever. Large is the upper respiratory and fever running for a week with up to 4 weeks to totally recover.

    Supersize is the "novel" H1N1, which has a distressing tendency to set to viral pneumonia. About a 25% mortality rate; worse among young kids, the health compromised and pregnant women.

  12. lol

    The more I read that love sonnet, the funnier it gets. Come to think of it, they would be good lyrics to some of the 'pop-rock' thats out there.

    A fine example of "be careful what you wish for..."

  13. Ahh, Lady B, you indeed have a way with words... and with weapons, also. Makes me glad we're on the same side! Glad to hear you didn't get knocked down by the beast, and have shown it who's boss.
    I also heard Stings' "I'll be watching you" in the back of my head after I read the first part of your post. Odd, eh?

  14. What do you think of the H1N1 vaccine? Specifically, would you get it first and seasonal flu vaccine later, get seasonal first, not care about the order or avoid one or both of the vaccines entirely. Glad you did not get it but wanting to make sure I do not.

  15. Thanks for the advice. That is the way I was leaning as well. I was not willing to take a chance that being born in the early 60's would provide me with immunity.
    Some evidence indicates if you get seasonal flu vaccine first it may compromise H1N1 vaccine efficacy. I think that study may be flawed but since H1N1 vaccine should be available to me almost immediately I can get it first so it may be a moot point. Your thoughts, would order of vaccines matter to you?

  16. I loudly second the motion to seek medical advice if you are not getting better. I came down with the headache and body ache, and pretty much recovered in about a week. It has been over a month for DH. After bouncing from ER to MD office to ER and back to MD office last week, I took him in early Saturday morning where he promptly collapsed in the middle of the ER--kidney failure, ischemic bowel, you name it. The final conclusion: H1N1 in its GI presentation. When the flu buries itself deep like this, it's pretty scary stuff.

    As I told a friend of mine, you can't prep enough elderberry for something like that. It surely shook me up.

  17. I have the double whammy of Asthma and an allergy to the egg white proteins used to culture the vaccine.

    Roscoe, I feel your pain as I have the same problems. I enter every flu season with enormous trepidation, double doses of Vitamin C and reduced social activities. Plus an additional 5 days of time off from work
    "in the bank" just in case...

    I agree with Brigid that the media has sensationalized this. One of my dearest friends is an R.N. in a busy urban hospital and she agrees; this flu season will be no more or less deadly than previous ones. The problem is the high risk group is different for H1N1 than for the regular flu strain.

    Should be interesting. I'll just do my usual precautions and hope for the best.

    In the meantime, I hope you are feeling better Brigid.


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