Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's not Saturday without malt, brass and an old English Poet or two.

It's Saturday which means there's some cleaning to be done before time to play.
Now for breakfast.
And malt does more than Milton can
To justify God's ways to man.
A.E. Housman
English classical scholar, poet, & satirist (1859 - 1936)
My favorite outdoor range is very close to a tiny little town well north of the city. In that little town, there's a Dairy Queen right across the small street from a gun store . Can it get better than that? Dairy Queen AND a gun store right next to each other? Liberals are still aghast that no one has shot up the little town after a brain freeze from a Mr. Misty.

It's a great way to spend a Saturday. though. Go to the range, have some Dairy Queen and then wander across the street to see what is new in stock. I tend to order the same thing each time at DQ though. A small chocolate malt. I love malt. Malt is what is often used in "diner" type pancakes and waffles in place of sugar and gives it that unique "can't get at home" flavor.

Malting is a process applied to grains, in which the grains are made to germinate by soaking in water and are then quickly halted from germinating further by drying and heating.

The term "malt" refers to several products of the process, the most common we know and love in this household as beer, whisky, malted milk balls, malted vinegar and of course malt powder.

Malt powder, also known as diastactic malt powder, is pure maltose, the sugar achieved when you ferment barley. Malted milk powder is maltose plus powdered milk and other ingredients. The two are not interchangeable, so be sure to use what the recipe calls for. Malted Milk Waffles. This one calls for the malted milk powder and makes light, delicious waffles with a nice undertone of vanilla and barley. I like my beer very hoppy and my waffles very malty.

Throw in some fresh .223 and temps in the low 50's and it could just be a perfect day.


  1. Malt vinegar, yum. Not on waffles, though.

    As much as I don't have the materials for such waffles on hand, I do make a pretty mean coffee, so I'll have one of those instead.


  2. This morning I had grits made with cream and butter. I mixed in some fresh extra crispy bacon. In a short bit, I will be heading to the biggest gun show of the year for Dallas. Yes, we have a gun show on black Friday weekend.

  3. I like loading and shooting 223, but I just hate doing the case prep in large volumes.... primer pockets, sizing, trimming, chamfering... ugh. I just don't have a good system worked out yet to do it quickly..... Have you got a good system worked out for this??

  4. Oatmeal with raisins is on the breakfast menu this mornin'.

    After that, we have 30 degree weather out, with a hard rain yesterday, soooo.....the river is up and it's time to go steelhead fishin'!!



  5. My dad always bought me a malted milk on the way home from the dentist. Problem is, I could never taste the damned thing, or even suck very effectively, because of the novacaine. But I liked the memory idea of them so much I never turned one down. (The novacaine probly numbed my brain from thinking to ask Dad to buy me the malted milk on the way to the dentist.

    Have to try it on waffles now.

  6. I truly love a malt vanilla milk shake. Haven't given myself the pleasure of one in a long time. I believe it's time to break that pattern... Thanks for the nudge!

  7. Please, please marry me.
    Guns, cooking, airplanes and red hair so wonderful it could kill a man in his tracks.
    Please marry me.

  8. I swear, Brigid, the more of your stuff I read, the more I believe you must have a line of suitors that goes out to the mailbox and down the block.

    In my neighborhood, there is also a Dairy Queen that shares the parking lot with a small gun store. I have never combined the two in the same day. But I'll have a peanut buster parfait, instead.

  9. That's *diastatic* malt powder. Contains enzymes that help break down starches as in bread dough, or in adjunct grains used in brewing.

  10. "Perhaps a large shadow of someone watching over me,"

    Hey! No need for sunblock, then, right? =)

  11. The shadow is just my stomach. Imagine if you got the whole deal. It weighs 47 lbs!!!


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