Friday, December 18, 2009

B Sharp

Neighbor: "What orchestra do you play in?'

Me: "huh?????"

Neighbor: "I see the musical instrument cases you carry out of the house all the time."

Me - "oh look, a squirrel!" (escapes to truck)


  1. Hah! What they don't know won't hurt you. . .

  2. In my first apartment *cough cough some number* of years ago everyone of our neighbors thought my roommate and I just HAD to be cops, because they could imagine no other reason for people to keep such strange hours & take guns in and out of the house to go shooting so frequently... and this was in Texas, where people are used to guns.

    Fortunately now with the marked truck I get fewer looks when the tools go out with me for a ride.

  3. Ha! :) We watched the Pixar flick "UP" the other day for the first time. I can't see a squirrel or even hear the word squirrel without smiling now.

    I've experienced the upside to being noticed as a "gunnie" in the neighborhood. Down the block, there are some unsavory folks that have taken residence in a rental house this past year. They hang out in the front yard drinking their gigantic 40's and occasionally wander up and down the street. Everyone who walks down that way takes care to cross over to the other side when they come to their house.

    When the hoodlums wander up my way, though, they cross to the other side :)

  4. Eh. I bought my first hard case because it looked like a friend's guitar case. :-) Attracted much less attention from my neighbors.

  5. Some sweet young thing asked Kevin (the Smallest Minority) what instrument he played in the hotel elevator during GBR-IV when we were taking our stuff to the hospitality suite for show-and-tell - and he said, "Percussion."
    I put kewl stickerz on my case.

  6. Okay who wants to clean the Diet Coke off of my laptop that I just snorted through my nostrils!
    You know sometimes it is just darn hazardous to read the comment section here!!
    I just put mine in regular rifle/shotgun cases, take them to the car and watch my leftist neighbors run screaming into their houses....HA!!

  7. I tell people I play the bass staccato.


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