Friday, December 18, 2009


I made it back ahead of the worst of the weather and am safely home and warm. Yesterday afternoon was interesting. The truck had a shimmy from the right front tire/brake area, as if it was hung up. I'd been driving through snow and slush and it was about 10 degrees when the truck sat for a couple of hours, so I wondered if something stuck in there and then froze. Just to be on the safe side, I stopped by a small Chevy dealer on the way home. I explained the problem and they said they'd check the tire and brake and the brake lines and such. They said they usually charge about $85 for simple diagnostic work but that should be about it, unless there was a problem with the brakes requiring repair.

I waited for an hour while they went over it thoroughly. The shop supervisor said they found nothing wrong and like me, figured it was packed snow or ice. When I got out my credit card, he quickly said "Oh Miss, no charge, no charge at all.", shooing me out the door with a fresh cup of hot coffee. I was really pleased.

Then after I got home I noticed, that having come from a hunt recently, and a field dressing, the truck bed was covered in blood stains. No wonder they didn't charge me. :-) They either figured me for a fellow hunter or an axe murderer.

But I'm home, Barkley happy to see his "Mom" and I'm ready to unwind. Tomorrow, a bit more "home improvement" to be done. to the tune of a big pot of Guinness beef stew and fresh bread. Later, some time to write a real post.

Tonight, a long, hot bubble bath.
Uh. . . . Or maybe not.

(I had asked Barkley to put away the stuff in the bathroom but he used that "opposable thumb" excuse again)


  1. I'll by pass the bath and grab a cold one and a burrito... :)

    Merry Christmas Brig...and have a Happy New Year!

  2. I find your blog fascinating. I've never seen a beautiful woman that does the things you do and wants the things you want. I find it oddly fascinating and refreshing. I find that the things that I do are not often enjoyed by women. I find, even, that most other men have not a clue about the things I do. A deep understanding of technology in firearms, computers or most anything is a mystery to most people. The ballgame and the movie are their most often entertainments. You are truly unique and beautiful. Cherish yourself as your readers do. I do even in your anonymity.

  3. That lazy Mutt!!!!!!!

    Tell Barkley no more pig ears 'til he does his chores around the house.

    Keep his paws to the fire, you don't want him growing up to be a puppy delinquent, do you?

  4. Careful with over working Barkley. He may demand range time.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    You are a very special woman.

    God Bless.

    See Ya

  5. Damn! you reloading in the bathtub again? O did Barkley go and clean brass there?

  6. Glad you are home safely. Sticky brake calipers can pull you back and forth dangerously on slick surfaces. EJ is home (Chi-town) from Virginia, and is making arrangements for his annual Christmas get-together tomorrow night. He told me that he has 50,000 freq-flier miles on hand, and three more overseas trips in his near future. It is good that he is young. Mom has another friend who wants to go shooting! She is excited. Mrs. TBS is in St. Louis with her parents and will be home tomorrow. Friends are coming in tomorrow morning to bow-hunt. Life is good.

  7. What's the sheetrock for? Desicant? Media admixture?

  8. Our dogs don't like baths. But they do like the Dixie Chicks, even though they're all commies.

  9. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a tumbler and bags of brass in the tub. Most people just read a magazine, not sort polished brass, while in the bathroom. Thats taking multi-tasking to a new level.

  10. I still have blood all over the inside of the exploder. From last year.

    Have your tires balanced. Also, remember that truck has suspension geometry that expects it to have some load. Empty, it rides a bit high. A couple extra pounds wouldn't hurt at all, get some playground sand and put it in the bed- like 250-300 lbs. See if that helps.

  11. Yea, mine uses the "no opposable thumbs" routine to get out of doing dishes.

  12. Mine would gladly do the dishes. No complaints at all, and when she was finished, they would look spotless. Any dish left low enough to reach is taken care of in that manner.

    If I didn't see her snuffling around and eating all sorts of outdoor unknowns, I might even think they were clean.

  13. With all that stuff in the bathroom, how do you find room to, umm, take care of business?

    Just be sure you don't mistake gunpowder for charcoal eye shadow!


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