Thursday, December 3, 2009

Light the flame

“Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness”
--Terry Pratchett

Brown butter is a flavor all its own. And you don't need a flamethrower to make it. Banana cake with brown butter frosting.


  1. Maybe, but who wouldn't want a flamethrower?

  2. Here I've been gone a couple of days, on the road, and this mornin' I come here and get assaulted with Banana Cake and Brown Butter Frosting.


    Now I must retire to the kitchen and must make myself something decadent and REALLY fattening!!

    Zucchini Bread, maybe?



  3. My wife loves all the different breads---pumpkin bread, banana bread, cranberry raisin, all of them. She proclaims they should all have at least one common ingredient---walnuts. Large chunks of walnuts.

    She even adds walnuts to her brownies. Yum!

  4. Yum - Yum - Yum.
    A positive way to go into the weekend. I was once told to "Observe, Adapt, and Improvise" when confronted with a new situation. It has served me well. Best Wishes: Ron

  5. Fortunately, my daughter has started baking & wants to give this one a try. You may be a temptress, but we're your willing accomplices.

  6. Ahh, Lady B, you're a temptress indeed, and in more ways than one. I still say you're as close to being the perfect woman for a man as one can get! Shoot, I'd marry you but then I'd really have a battle with not eating too much, besides trying to keep up with you, as I see you're a very busy woman. I also know your heart has a LOT of input on that decision.

  7. Some of the best banana bread I have eaten was made from way too over ripe banana's.
    I do have a soft spot for them and carrot cake with sour cream frosting as well.

  8. My mom sent me a couple loaves of banana bread when I was overseas with the Army. They didn't have the brown butter frosting, but they tasted mighty good even though she'd mailed them standard delivery and they came by slow boat and were hard as bricks.

    I was still the most popular guy in my squad as long as they lasted (about half a day).

    Brown butter frosting. Never heard of it, but it's definitely planted a seed...

  9. Brown butter is the amazing secret ingredient in a lot of my baking--the most recent recipient being chocolate chip cookies...oh, my!

    wv...rafiki...Swahili for Friend.

  10. Oh my goodness, I really need to eat something before I read your blog.

  11. Brigid,
    I realize NO ONE is perfect, which is why I said "as close to perfect." Sure, we all have our faults, mine as many as anyone else, but you have far more good qualities than bad. Just the idea you do so many of the things you do that a LOT of women shy away from is a big plus. Who says you have to look like a super-model anyway? Why, their all super superficial anyhow. It's what's in the heart that matters! From what you post, I can read your heart to a point, which is clean and pure and from the pics you've posted on your blog you look mighty fine to me! Don't ever let a thought other than that enter your pretty little big heart! Sure, I'm a ole siverback myself before coffee, etc. like you said, but that doesn't change what is in one's heart. That's what really matters and what God looks upon. You are truly an AWESOME woman.
    If you don't want to post this that's probably better, as I wrote it to encourage you personally, not your readers. I don't know why exactly, but I feel led by God to write this to you. (call me crazy if you want...) This is the only way I know to get it to you. God Bless You a hundred-fold in all you do!


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