Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shooty Quote of the Week

"A people who mean to continue free must be prepared to meet danger in person..."
Representative John Randolf 22 Dec 1790

Danger - meet my little friends.
One can never have too many friends. Thanks J.for the reminder.


  1. Like your AR setup. :-) It's almost identical to mine, except I'm using an LMT sopmod stock (found it helps me with getting a consistent, comfortable stock weld, instant correct sight alignment with my ACOG). Other than that, identical right down the line.

  2. You have the most wonderful friends :D

  3. Your friends are my friends. Very nice to know.

    See Ya

  4. It's nice to have friends. They attract others along the way.

    Mr. 223, meet Mr. 30-06.

  5. Excellent photographs and great set up.

  6. Nice scope-shot and good lookin' range! I tend to line up and shoot on 7 because its angularity and linearity make it stand apart from the rotundity on either side - and we don't have scopes so I have to try with my naked eye.

    It's hard to take good pics of a whole rifle let alone black rifles - they are long and don't fit the camera frame well, and their color sucks up the light. I have to take them in picture-pieces, especially the Krag because it is so long - but not all of it is very interesting. Going from the fine engraving on the rear-sight to the blade at the tip of the barrel is like driving across Kansas...

  7. If it was my decision to make, I would have engraved on their barrels "Local Call" and "Long Distance," respectively.



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