Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Road Poems

photo by Malamute Bill
Nature's light so softly speaks,
that heaven shines upon these peaks.
In our view, celestial light,
so we can see past mortal sight.
- Brigid


  1. That's a beautiful poem to go with a beautiful picture. Have I told you that I love the mountains as much as I love the woods?

  2. You and Bill could collaborate and make a fortune selling this combo as a greeting card. Pure celestial beauty!

  3. That sounded great and the picture as a backdrop was perfect.

  4. I was going to include this in my original comment, but chickened out. Braver today. Inspired by Brigid and Bill.

    Angels dance, felt not heard

    Mysteries shown, but not revealed

    Mortal puppets, can't say a word

    Hang from heaven, fate not sealed


  5. steve - beautiful.

    I'm never sure if people like the bits of poetry, but I write for me, so why not. That was really lovely.


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