Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aer Lingus

Remember the service you used to get on Pan Am back in the 70's? Yes. The best flight EVER.


  1. Cool! Glad to hear your trip is going so well.

    WV: ullera- Irish Sno-Balls.

  2. A cunning observation on your part, indeed.

  3. Don't ever fly Alitalia....if Aer LIngus is the best (and I agree with that assessment!) then Alitalia is the worst squared. Never again.

  4. I don't ever remember flying PanAm. I do remember one flight on NW Airlines in the late 70s from KC to Minneapolis. Ham and Monterry Jack Omlets, link sausage, Home Fries, fresh Fruit cup (Where did they get fresh strawberries in January?), English muffin with a variety of Jams, a variety of juices, orange for me, and tea, coffee, or milk.

    It was a early morning business class flight, but the economy class folks were served the same as were the first class folks. The only difference that I remember is that economy folks got plastic utensils (extremely sturdy too) and plastic plates. We in first and business class ate off china using silverware.

    Returning on the red eye a few days later, the airline served us all a very nice filet with a baked potato and salad. First and business class also received a free glass of red wine---a dollar a glass for economy wine drinkers.

    I've not had that caliber of service since.

  5. Why is it that when I see the name I don't think instantly of airlines?

  6. Aer Lingus sounds kinky. Combined with the post about cold showers, guinness, and sale, I say, no, HOT shower, a lot of soap, and a gaelic guest with a match to light the fire.

  7. Ah, Aer Lingus. That cool detached elegance with a hint of flirt. Grub was good, seats were big... I think I'm going to Ireland again....

  8. It's funny because I remember the service I got from Aer Lingus back in the 1970s. It was nothing to write home about. The running joke was that we should have called it Air Fungus.

    Transatlantic flight from Montreal to Shannon at night. In the screaming baby section of a 707. I remember the interior was festooned with shamrocks.

    Unfortunately, Shannon was only a stop over for the final destination, which was Gatwick. Never got to see Ireland at all.

    The flight back was much better on an almost brand new 747.


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