Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Snow to Dreams

SNOW!After an hour of watching people not used to driving in the snow doing circles, the sun finally came out.Then to the local church, just on time.
Just outside Londonderry, signs of life. Or at least humps.
Arrived near the Causeway. The view from the room.
A short drive before dinner.
Tomorrow, climb some cliffs and explore some castles, for now, some relaxation.


  1. Again great pics! That looks to be a rather interesting church too! Turn of the century or earlier???

    They colors just seem more vibrant over there too! The greens, blues and others just seem to jump out!

  2. Looks like you are having a terrific time Brig - the photos are all so beautiful and thought provoking! Thank you for taking the time to update us :-).

  3. Gawwwd, but those photos are splendid!

  4. No,no,no, you're going east! Go south!

    Actually, both directiona are good, as long as you do them both, but you have to see Galway. Do I sound parochial or what?

    If you get the chance, Connemara National Park, Kylemore Abbey, the 12 Bens, that whole area really does give you an idea of what the place was like back when all the hairy-legged, bekilted types were running around waving claymores at each other.

    And, assuming you do get to Galway, or even Mayo (God Help Us, a local joke), you have to eat seafood at McDonaghs down on Quay St. in Galway City. Nothing fancy, it isn't that kind of place, but try the whiting and chips, and finish it off with the apple and rhubarb crumble.

    Eveen McNamara does a great job at Ard Bia (High food) near the old medieval Spanish Arch, down the street from where "Hanging Judge Lynch" executed his own son back in the 1500's, to show the law is blind. I think the Lynch house is an Allied Bank now, but you can still gawk.

    Ard Bia is a tad expensive at night, but during the day get some of the mussel and smoked haddock chowder. You'll think you were over in the claddagh district sucking down a few with the fishermen.

    Moran's and Conlon's down by the docks are great places for seafood, and nobody in the world has a beer selection like Sheridan's.

    And, as a school town, and having the youngest average age of any city in Europe, Galway City rocks. The old part of town, with the twisty streets, book stores and coffee houses, might as well be Prague, with better prices and no crime.

  5. You are having spectacular weather. Since you are in the north, you might consider stopping by Limavady--there used to be a very good restaurant right downtown.

    Some of the streams in the area provide excellent fishing...

  6. I do envy you! Great photos, the first two are indistinguishable from NW Illinois except you're driving on the wrong side of the road! :-)

    Stay safe.

  7. Myself has been offline for a few days. Looks like you're having a great and well deserved good time.
    Carry on!

  8. Beautiful pictures...glad you are having a good time!

  9. Did you stop in Sligo on the way to Donegal? My favorite city in Ireland. Stay at Koch Gill's in Rosses Point if she still has it open.

    If you get south to Adare in Limerick, right outside of Adare town on the Limerick side is Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel. This is an Irish country hotel known mostly to locals. The best place to stay in the gateway to the Ring of Kerry before you brave Killarney.

    Have much fun.


  10. Not sure when you will see this, take your time by all means...

    Driving in the snow with other people who are not used to it can be...concerning. (Add in driving on the "wrong" side of the road and Brrr...Think I'll walk thank you.)

    Watching people drive in the snow when they are not used to it can be very entertaining. While I was in the Navy in Charleston SC we got a very rare heavy snow. I and a few of the other guys off the boat took lawn chairs, refreshments (non-alcoholic), our kids and score cards like the judges hold up for diving or gymnastics and took ourselves to the nearest major intersection to watch the fun, which it was seeing as how nobody got hurt, or acquired serious body damage. One of the local LEO's was not quite amused by our antics, but had to admit that we were doing some good.

    When a bunch of people in brightly colored snow-mobile suits start jumping up-and-down and waving their arms, you have a tendency to slow down. When you see a car go sliding sideways through the red light and through the rest of the intersection in front of you, you begin to understand maybe WHY they were jumping up-and-down...

  11. Even better, after a dinner of garlic tiger prawns, roquette salad with feta and tomato toasts (bruschetta) with Baileys and ice cream for dessert I got to watch a full hour of TOP GEAR !! Woo Hoo!!



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