Sunday, January 24, 2010


Reloading involves lead. Lead and food do NOT mix. This croissant was for a photo only.

Look, you can start your day with a tasty bowl of gruel.

Or how about some -

Croissants Pain au Chocolat . In plain English that's a croissant loaded with dark chocolate pieces.
I'll be frank, this is NOT an easy recipe to make. The professional pastry chef who wrote the cookbook labels it "difficult". Sort of like cleaning your Ruger Mark III is "difficult", unless you're an engineer and/or work on a Starship. But it's worth it if you have a kitchen to yourself and a few hours some evening.
You can make them all the way through, or freeze before the final rising. Then you can raise them overnight, to have them in the morning for breakfast.

The ingredients are simple - sugar, flour, yeast, egg yoks, whole milk, butter, butter and more butter, and some shaved dark chocolate (did I mention there's butter?) Once assembled (which includes two sit periods of a couple hours between incorporating the butter into the layers and a final rise to let the yeast do its thing), it's ready to go into the oven. Puffy little footballs of goodness.

The end product needs no butter (gee, imagine that). It's incredibly flaky, tender layers of light pastry in which resides in the center, melted pieces of dark, rich chocolate. Barkley didn't get one as it is too rich for his tummy AND contains chocolate which dogs should not have. It did not, however, keep him from sitting in the kitchen as the aroma filled the house as they baked. His new name around here is "Puddles O'Drool".

click to enlarge any of the photos, have a napkin handy


  1. I have HEARD the phrase 'food porn' before.

    This is the first time I have UNDERSTOOD it.

    But I'm still puzzled. I can't for the life of me work out where you have hidden the bacon....

  2. I enjoy cooking, but I rarely bake. When I do bake I avoid recipes labeled "difficult". I've discovered the hard way, that is usually an understatement. Nice photos, fresh out of the oven, I can almost smell them!

  3. You have tackled one of the pinnacles of cookery. I LOVE the book "Baking With Julia" (the TV series was a hoot, too) - it has the dough in there but I have never attempted it. I ought to!!

    Your version is absoluely perfect!!

  4. I wonder if one could cheat and use canned croissant dough... :P Probably not nearly as satisfying or tasty, though.

  5. Good god woman, you are a kitchen ninja.

  6. Anything in a croissant is pretty much sooper dooper. My favorite is with raspberries and cream cheese. Not that I would turn my nose up at one of those chocolate ones. Or two......

  7. All I can say is I think the criosants looks good and so do the guns.

  8. I've studiously avoided canned croissant dough, but Pillsbury does a pretty workable packaged puff pastry dough usually found in the cold (not frozen) food section.

    Anyone who has ever tried the cold butter, roll and fold, chill, rinse, repeat process for puff pastry will appreciate the stuff.

    Also there are some pretty good pie dough sheets (not pre-formed shells) and filo sheets available for the kitchen-skill impaired.

  9. I'm beginning to worry a little, Brigid, that you are slipping away to the Dark Side. ::@@::

  10. With 4 kids and 5 dogs, "kitchen to yourself" is unheard of - until the days of such peace and solitude arrive, I will hang with Barkley and just drool over the photos. Gorgeous and enticing!!

  11. Shannon - I do not know how you do it. But then, I didn't get a chance to start baking like this until I hit 40. It's been a blast.

  12. Arghhh... I have tried those twice, to great FAILURE... Obviously you have the 'touch' :-) Yum...

  13. Old NFO - if the force is not JUST right they don't work. Humidity, temperature, you name it.

    I make them about 3 times a year and only for birthdays and holidays or someone really special.

    Oh, Colts came back on. . . . .


  14. Yeah Brig - some days, I'm not sure how I've gotten this far either. I do my share of baking, but nothing that teeters those croissants...but that's okay, they are now on my 'must do someday' list, which I intend to successfully check off...I've got just short of 2 years until 40...I do believe I feel a challenge coming on. :-)

  15. You know...

    I wonder how it would turn out if you substituted butterscotch chips for the chocolate?

  16. Not to be a nitpicking ninny, but 'Ruger Mark IV'? :^)

    I understand where you are coming from though, Ruger Mk. series is not easy to disassemble / reassemble unless you know the tricks to it. I'm still learning, but do some searching on the net, it is there.

    That recipe does look tricky, but the results look like it is worth it - YUM!

  17. These rolls with chocolate are one of life's great things! My daughter grew up in France, and this is what French kids eat after school as their snack.
    Do you sell those by mail? :-p


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