Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Things in Small Packages

This weeks upcoming Range report - The Springfield XD9 Tactical. A friend let me try one to see how I liked it. I did. Something doesn't have to be humongous to be a classic. Like these, a simple cupcake, hardly more than three or four bites. But those are bites that count.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting

I made these over the weekend as I felt like baking Sunday. If you are going to make for a household with children, leave out the liquor and use vanilla flavoring. They're still awesome.
The topping? Flake chocolate by Cadberry, brought back from Ireland. I found it served with the ice cream there. It's a soft, light colored chocolate that's fresh as can be, but crumbles. This ice cream truck was found at a very cold, wind swept beach near Portrush, Northern Ireland. In each little dish of ice cream was a small roll of Flake. I have to admit, I only bought a hot tea with milk and sugar from the nice gentleman and his companion there, but the ice cream looked wonderful. It also gave me an idea after I found a small grocery and bought some Flake of my own.On top of the ultra creaming frosting. . . perfect. Click to enlarge, you know the drill.

The cupcake itself, pure vanilla, light textured, a firm crumb on the outside, and soft as marshmallow on the inside.
If you enlarge this one you can see the stealth snoot in the background, trying to look casual in case I dropped it during the photo shoot.
I didn't. My grip and stance are still good.


  1. Good ol' Barkley, on the job to make sure you don't get chocolate smeared on the kitchen floor.

    More on the XD9 por favor...

  2. My mother's Belgian Shepherd, Gandalf, knew a number of words and commands. Most notable among them were "Walk?" (which meant he got to go for one, and occasioned wild joy and a mad dash for the leash); "Sit!" (which meant there might be a treat on the way); "Out!" (which meant he'd gotten into something he shouldn't, and had better stealthily sneak away); and "OOPS!" (which meant something possibly tasty had been dropped on the floor, not always unintentionally, and there was vacuuming to be done). Smart dogs follow the food. :)

  3. I find the XD in 9, .40 or .45 to be a great shooter and bargain priced. For that matter, the .45 was a much softer shooter than the 9 which would make it very attractive as a carry piece if I just weren't in love with my P6.

    Oh... and the cupcake looked good, too.

  4. I have the little XD subcompact, and it's a nice little shooter. Doesn't set up quite like the Glock, so the sighting is a little different for me, takes some getting used to. It seems to sight much like the Sigs do, which ought to suit your preferences just fine, from what I've seen on this blog. Great triggers as well.

  5. Sigh. You're making it hard to give up the carbs...

  6. If you liked the flake you'll love Galaxy Ripple, its a flake made of far far better chocolate that's encased in a layer of chocolate. Never seen one in the US, pop me an email and I'll send you one. Well I'll send you two, one is unlikely to be enough.


  7. I've been carrying an XD45 for a couple of years now, and used it when I shot the Gunsite Alumni Shoot match a couple of years ago. Great pistol, durable and reliable and easy to shoot. I also have the XD(M) in .40, which I liken to a death ray when shot with fast 155-165 grain ammo. Loaded with 17 rounds and a Streamlight TLR-3 light on it, it's my nighttime bedside gun. I give the entire XD series the highest recommendation.
    Now if I just had cupcakes to go with them.... :-D

  8. How is the trigger pull? Shorter than the glock would be nice.


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