Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Road Again

Not sure if I'll have internet connection at tonight's motel. Here are a few more from the last few days. For now, heading further southwest where wonders await. Leaving already?
Castles, castles everywhere.
Moments of thought.


  1. Don't know about you, but I certainly am enjoying this trip!

    Probably as close to that part of the world as I will ever get!

    Thanks for letting us tag along!

  2. Thank you for the photos. I always wanted to visit Scotland and Ireland with daughter. Unlikely to happen, though.

  3. Oh, sure and you've got me pining for the auld sod! Thanks for the memories!

  4. Rolling in envy. Hopefully this September for a week, but only Galway to visit family.
    Keep having a great time, and post for the rest of us vicarious folks when you can. 'Mille Failte.

  5. HermitJim took the words from me. Yep, we are enjoying this trip! Marvelous photos.

  6. That Lamb is absolutely adorable, Brigid.

    ...and that caption fits to a tee!


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