Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barkley's Ode to Spring

Since I had my say on the Spring Season, Barkley asked for his own.

New Life
Discovered I Salute You


  1. LOL

    Barkley's just watering and fertilizing.

  2. What's the old saying - since he couldn't eat it or chase it ...?

  3. Lol...

    Reminds me of my Bichon, only he'd sniff the "newly discovered life" for five minutes (literal, not kidding) before "saluting" it.

  4. Simple and to the point. Sometimes I'd like to do that myself.

  5. What's the old saying - since he couldn't eat it or chase it ...?


    Treat everything in life like a dog does: if you can't eat it, hunt it, or hump it, piss on it. (chuckle)

  6. Too can you teach him to do that to politicians?

  7. The plant must've been a Democrat. One of the more intelligent ones, I would think...

  8. Ahhhh....yessssss

    The pause that refreshes.



  9. Rev.Paul and Dixie,
    You left one important activity...

    "if you can't eat it, hunt it, roll in it or hump it, piss on it.

    One of my flyfishing partners and I were plying the newly opened waters of upper Clear Creek one spring. Jess had brought his hound with him. "Mal" was a Malamute/St.Bernard mix, a damn big dog.

    I heard a howling scream followed by a long string of epithets rising to Anubis. A moment of silence folloed by the expletive: "Damn you Mal, WTF did you roll in?"

    Turned out that Mal had found a winter kill elk carcass that was thawing out upstream from us. It was ripe and the ol' mutt wanted to share his joy in finding such a treasure. So he did what the Canis genus does ...he rolled in it.

    It was an interesting ride down the mountain that afternoon; fragant, very fragrant.

  10. This reminded me of my Uncle Pete's old hound dog, Bill. When Aunt Carol's flowers started popping up in the spring, old Bill liked to "water" them. Uncle Pete loved Bill so much that when given the ultimatum that "if that dog doesn't quit peeing on my flowers, he's leaving!"...An electric fence unit was aquired and wire strung around the flower beds. Bill was "shocked" to find out that his help in the garden was no longer needed. Turns out Bill was a fast study and soon the training equipment was able to be removed.

  11. Aw, he's helping the flowers grow with water and fertilizer!

    Note to self: always rinse flowers before taking them inside and sticking them in a vase. Could this be why the cat tried to attack the flowers?

  12. Brigid...everyone growls when you say cap and trade, LOL

  13. Okay I copied Barkley today.

  14. I read the title and immediately pictured Barley on the deck(?) singing an Ode to all that could hear.

    Only the other hand, Mrs Crucis and I had a Dachshund who, when let out, liked to water a small maple tree in our back yard. Needless to say, the maple didn't survive. After that we made sure to "spread the wealth" so to speak. :-)

  15. Have a tree in the back forty called pelosi. Water it myself on occasion.


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