Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess That Gun

You know how it is, you're out and about with friends and someone says the words, and you are powerless to resist. Drawn in by the group, individual will suddenly gone.

"Want to to go to look at guns and outdoor equipment?"

Yes!!!! Been there, done that. Oh and bought the T-shirt.

And the hat. (That's my steely eyed hunters gaze. Doesn't work on 800 pound Grizzley, but Bill the sales guy gave me a free gun sock.)

But I didn't just some fun stuff to wear. I bought myself a new rifle.

I'm going to post a teaser shot or two to see if any of you recognize it. I'll have some more photos after a scope is on it. It's on backorder. I got a great price online for it so I can wait a few days.

Here's some hints. I bought it because it matches my usual fall outfits.

It has a REALLY sweet trigger.
It's for small game but NOT ducks.

And it was only a bit more than $300.

I'm 1/4 Scottish, did I mention the free sock?

OK, Anyone want to take a Gander at guessing??


  1. From the trigger, I'm guessing a Savage?

  2. Savage 93r17BV, possibly a BVSS. I have it's older brother, which has taken more woodchucks per round fired than anything else I own.

  3. I already knew it was a Savage. So I'll guess a Model 93R17 BVSS in .17 HMR.

  4. Totally off-topic, but I like your 'steely-eyed hunter's gaze.' Nice baby blues...

  5. Savage 93R17 BVSS, according to this article Brigid is an

  6. Judging from the ammo pictured, I'm guessing it's this one but in stainless steel and with a different pattern stock.

    What was the final deciding factor(s) behind selecting .17hmr over .22wmr?

  7. Probably should have gone with this instead, but the price difference threw me.

    "Take a Gander ..." :). Sheesh!

  8. 93R17BVSS

    Wonder how you got 2.5 million readers?

    Let's see, well written prose, wonderful food, guns, Firefly references and a Lab. What more do you need? Add some country and western and it may be the best blog in the whole 'verse.

  9. 2.5M? That's a lot lot of folks to feed!

    Great job and awesome laminate stock too.

  10. I have a bud who looked at the Savage, but found a Marlin 917VS for a great price. No regret either way, I figure.


  11. Gotta love a good Savage I just picked up a Savage BTV in 22lr I <3 it! Hope you enjoy yours what scope did you select?

  12. Definitely a Savage from the trigger.

    Rimfire and not LR, from the pictures of the rounds.

    The little trigger guard extension to the rear and the shape of the stock into the grip leaves out the 93R17

    Closest I can find is the 93G

  13. I love a good savage accutrigger and now with the new accustock I have a Model 11 FHNS on order in .308; hope to have my grubby hands on it in about a month. My favorite rifle I own is my Mark II FVXP, and yes, I know its a bolt action .22LR with a Simmons scope, its still my favorite. I put a harris bipod on it and adjusted the trigger just so; its just fun to shoot.
    Its pretty obvious CarteachO is right, you ordered a Savage 93R17BVSS, I think you're gonna love it.
    And as for parting with stuff and moving into a smaller place, I am jealous.

  14. One other thing, as an EMT student and medical volunteer I have learned how absolutely slow evidence gathering is and that results take weeks to come back from the lab, so yes, I rather enjoy watching the first few minutes of the "NCIS:Las Vegas CSI Law and Order Special Crime Unit" show and laughing as they figure everything out in 5 minutes. I also enjoy Pysch on USA where the guy can "see" residue on someones hand/face/leg/dog/SUV from 20 feet away and determine their guilt.

  15. Loved the hat. It was great meeting you in person.

  16. Haven't a clue on the weapon, but I definitely agree with Welshman about the eyes!!


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