Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess That Gun

You know how it is, you're out and about with friends and someone says the words, and you are powerless to resist. Drawn in by the group, individual will suddenly gone.

"Want to to go to look at guns and outdoor equipment?"

Yes!!!! Been there, done that. Oh and bought the T-shirt.

And the hat. (That's my steely eyed hunters gaze. Doesn't work on 800 pound Grizzley, but Bill the sales guy gave me a free gun sock.)

But I didn't just some fun stuff to wear. I bought myself a new rifle.

I'm going to post a teaser shot or two to see if any of you recognize it. I'll have some more photos after a scope is on it. It's on backorder. I got a great price online for it so I can wait a few days.

Here's some hints. I bought it because it matches my usual fall outfits.

It has a REALLY sweet trigger.
It's for small game but NOT ducks.

And it was only a bit more than $300.

I'm 1/4 Scottish, did I mention the free sock?

OK, Anyone want to take a Gander at guessing??