Friday, March 26, 2010

Monster Cookies

It's hard being a cookie monster, especially when everywhere you look it's "low carb", "low sugar". You're not eating a cookie for your health, so don't even bother with adding the wheat germ to these. A cookie is a treat, made with love as a good, large batch will keep you in the kitchen for a while. But there is a reason you do it. Yes - this.
Toll House Cookies with a Twist (aka Toll House Cookies - a bit twisted). Dark chocolate chunks AND a hint of cinnamon.

Why would I do that? Take something and make it dark and different, yet good. I'm told that although my job title is more Grissom, my personality is very much Abby, according to my friends.
I was in grade school when Abby was born. I don't dress like that, but yes, probably a bit alike in personality. My work partner has been known to show up at Secret Squirrel headquarters with a giant "bucket of brain freeze" as he calls it. (a Dairy Queen Arctic Rush) much like Abby's big gulp drinks.

In any event the cookies turned out really well, chewy but flaky with nice chunks of dark chocolate and a bit of sweet savory taste. The recipe is on the sidebar.

click on photo to enlarge

These are a thin and chewy cookie, with just a hint of something. Could that be cinnamon? The first batch was an experiment and they didn't last long, once I took them to work.

The recipe on the Toll House bag makes some good cookies, just like my Mom made. But that being said, there are few recipes in this house that go "untweeked" or are just made up from scratch. Whatever you do to them, some cookie advice

(1) Use butter, not margarine, It DOES make a difference. Yes you can use butter flavored Crisco but in a word (OK, two words) HYDROGENATED OILS. . Butter, at least, is a natural product and in moderation won't hurt you.

(2) Don't use imitation vanilla. How can I describe the difference?

Imitation Vanilla -
Real Vanilla -(3) Make sure the butter is VERY soft when creaming it in with the sugars. The less you work it while the butter is incorporated, the better the texture of the cookie will be.

(4) What if your brown sugar clumps together and has the shape and form of your ammo can? You know what I'm talking about, when even banging it on the counter top doesn't break it, but only draws hungry wolves to the kitchen. A "Mom's old trick (my Mom had a a service revolver in addition to a spatula so I tend to trust her). Put a slice of white bread in a sealed plastic bag with your brown sugar "ammo can" and seal it up. Within 24 hours it should soften up.

(5) If you can wait, chill the dough 24 hours before baking, or at least chill well. If the dough starts to melt before it starts to bake, the edges will burn before the center is done. Cool your cookie sheet between batches, or run under cool water to cool between.

Whether you try the traditional recipe or branch out on your own, it's hard to go wrong with a homemade cookie, especially after a Monster day at work


  1. My favorite. Comfort food for sure.

    Add a glass of milk, and it cures what ails ya'.

  2. Have mercy on us Lady B! Those pictures are just too mouthwateringly delectable for one to possibly resist the temptation of making and eating those cookies. All at once! It is just torture to even consider not pigging out on those! Oh, the pain, the pain! Why does there have to be so much pain?!?

    But, hey, THANKS anyway! ;^)

  3. The actress who portrays Abby, Pauley Perrette, has a Masters Degree in Criminology and actively studies criminal forensics as a hobby. Acting pays better.

  4. Chill the dough for 24 hrs?


    Cookie monster luuuuvs raw cookie dough!!!!

    Yum!! Yum!!

    Chomp! Chomp!


  5. Whatever is says about me - the first thing I noticed, and laughed at loud at - were the "Vanilla" pictures.

  6. Roscoe - she started her masters, and never finished. But she is far better educated in the subject area than most actresses playing such roles, so my hats off to her.

    I may not make an actresse's salary but at least the National Enquirer is not on my porch for the "Barkley humps local poodle" expose'.

  7. I have been adding a little cinnamon to practically all my cookie recipes for twenty years.

    Try a dash in your Brownies sometime. Yum!

    : )

  8. GREAT comfort food :-) And those look delicious!!!

  9. Woman, I'm trying to keep the weight off!

    Imitation vanilla (vanillin) has the same twitchy, intoxicating effect on me as food dyes. Even if you put that aside, there's no reason to use it. It's not like vanilla's expensive.

  10. My wife has discovered that the eggs should also "sit out" before baking activities commence. She didn't allow the eggs and butter to warm up for one batch and you could tell the difference!

  11. I've never tried the cinnamon, but my people would feel hardily ripped off if I neglected to add the just slightly less than enormous dollop of peanut butter to the recipe.

  12. C is for cookie, thats good enough for me. (...And Cookie Monster. Seriously, Cookie Monster eating vegetables?)


    PS - Family Guy spoofed Cookie Monster pretty well.

  13. Hi, I have always wanted to ask, what camera do you use to take photos of your food? Point and shoot or a DSLR?

  14. hidiver - it's a little Cannon point and shoot, 10 megapexiels but small and a little more than $100. Lighting is the key to a decent shot without expensive equipment or editing software.

    Johanna - you look like a darn model, so quit that. I eat one, then take the rest to work. It's the only reason I don't have my own zip code.

  15. Make your dough in one gallon batches. scoop it out with an ice cream scoop onto a cookie sheet and freeze. When you want cookies grab a dozen or so balls of frozen cookie dough put them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven.

  16. You had me at cinnamon and dark chocolate. One of my all time favorite cookies is a humble cinnamon cookie. The recipe came from a WWII era Liberty cookbook my grandmother had.

  17. Mrs. Roscoe watches "NCIS" every week. She even did the "Abby" look one year for Tampa's city Halloween event -- corset, goth wig, boots, and the requisite dog collar.

    The whole cast has unusual backgrounds. I often think the show's creator placed priority on hiring actors he wanted to spend time with instead of signing people with the typical Hollywood background. The stories just from David McCallum alone would probably fill volumes.

  18. You and Abby, 2 of my favorite famous people :D

  19. I completely agree about using real butter and real vanilla extract. Makes a much better cookie. But I hadn't thought of cinnamon before, thanks!

  20. Slip your rock-hard brown sugar into the microwave for about 20-30 seconds at 50% power and voila! Soft brown sugar.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor...well, no. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Exress once...didn't like it very much.

  21. Thanks for the tip on chilling the dough. I've often wondered why sometimes the edges would burn but sometimes not.

  22. I know chilling dough is a good idea, but I'm far too impatient to do it most of the time.


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