Monday, March 29, 2010

More Range Fun

Folks, here are some more pictures taken Saturday. I will have to wait to post the Savage Range Report. I have a parent in the hospital with pneumonia.(I just found out, they are doing well and hopefully released in a few days, the brothers said). But I need to make sure they're taken care of, as opposed to writing some new posts.

But enjoy the photos while some posts I wrote and saved up earlier come up.

It was a great day, one that I'm sure many of you can have if you just fire up that vehicle and get on out there. To the folks at The Atlanta Conservation Club, thanks, as always, be it member or guest, you make everyone feel at home. Cheers. - B.

It was an impromptu match so we didn't bring a whole lot, a few pistols each. Mycroft Holmes had a Bushmaster Shorty (I've picked up one of those, good choice) and yes, there were "the Barbie Twins". Seems there were TWO Savage's on sale at Gander Mountain and guess who bought the other one? Same scopes. Like minds. But it's time to sight them all in, as all three long guns were new purchases.

Let's start with a warm up.

Yes! Iron sights and all. Holmes looks and says "don't piss HER off". (Look, even the blind squirrel. . . . )

We tried everything, getting the rust out, sending a message to AARP and sighting in our new toys.

New scope, new rings and a shot (or two) rang out. Just a little tweaking. Holmes brought his Pocket Pro, which he uses to practice for competitions. It was pretty cool and I got to try the Sig with some timing from low ready, as well as holsters. What a great little tool. I'm on the road or on call too much to shoot the matches, but it would be great to hone the skills, for anyone. 1.28 was my best time, but I still really enjoyed trying that out.
NEXT! One of the troops goes up against the "beep".
I also got to try out Holmes Walther .22 which he bought to teach his offspring the art. What a great little gun, though it didn't like the PMS ammo, watching it mis-feed several times. Oh, sorry, that's PMC ammo, but I think I'll continue to call it PMS, because frankly you don't know if it will explode or mis-feed, at least in this firearm. I also got to try your a Keltec 380. I fired it once, and after I quit, saying "ow ow ow " where the trigger and my long fingers met, I named it the Nancy P. of guns. Small, mean and it bites. But you know, that's one heck of a slim gun and for having no sight picture, it was accurate up close. A nice little up close and personal defense for some, though I think I'd pass for anything other than a pocket pistol.

A great day, and one I need to do more often. I'll be back with a full report on the Savage and the recipes that keep us all fired up. :-)


  1. I hope the parent is doing well! My parents are approaching the 70's in years and I know how it goes. But on the other hand, a laser on the trusty .45 has rekindled my fathers passion for the shooting sports! Take care!

    Nice range shots BTW.

  2. I have a Kel-Tec P3-AT and it is not fun to shoot unless you have the magazine finger extension and even then not so much. I am working on a post on my blog about the little thing. It spent the winter in FL for warranty repair. Better than nothing and equipped with a Crimson Trace laser the sight picture is much better! Your friend may encounter the same issues I had and I hope to provide insight on my next post to my blog.


  3. Hope your parent gets well soon. Those problems at their age can really be life threatening.

  4. Brigid:

    My best to you and your family.

  5. Best wishes for your parents, your brothers, and you. A hospitalization for pneumonia is always cause for concern.

    Good range pics and that last one exemplifies why I bought a flattop AR. I can't tell for sure from the pic but could you even rest your chin on the stock when your eye was inline with the scope?

  6. Prayers for your parents. Mom's Walther was picky about ammo, but worked every time with Mini-Mags and Velocitors.

  7. Hmmm, lack of Class III there.

    I haven't found a Kel-tec trigger that I've liked in any sort of pistol. The sub2000 was an ok trigger, but that rod stock up against my cheek meant the sight picture was way off. Oh, wait.. you aren't supposed to use the sights, you just blaze away at the zombies!

    Good health to all.

  8. Please accept prayers and best wishes for your parent, Brigid. Looking forward to your return to blogging.


  9. My P220 has already become my favorite .45, and I didn't think it would beat out my P12 and P14 Paras or my Llama IX-C. But it's making me appreciate single-stack .45s more.

    And you should try the Kel-Tec PF9. Not much bigger than the P3AT, same good trigger and not nearly as much "bite" for the shooter. Not to mention a lot more "bite" for the shootee.

  10. Hope your parent is okay and recovers quickly!

    RE: Kel-Tec--I have my PF-9 and I like it but it also has the 'ouch' factor. Great for defense and I have to practice with it but at about the 25th shot, I'm done.

    RE: Walther--good to know that there is certain ammo it doesn't like. I was thinking about getting one, but may go with a Buckmark with custom grips instead.

  11. I agree about the Kel-Tec. We have a 3AT and a Ruger LCP. Neither is fun to shoot. But both are fine second guns...

  12. Heh

  13. Great shooting and continued prayers for you and all your family. My Mom, who's 84, is recouping from a hip replacement that popped out of the socket due to fragile bones that chipped. She's tough, too, but like you said, the age thing doesn't help.

  14. Hope all is well at home... Good report and we'll wait for the Savage! Family DEFINITELY comes first!

  15. Walther--good to know that there is certain ammo it doesn't like.

    P22's can be real picky about ammo.

  16. The P22 seems to hate PMC ammo. I had some when I first got mine and it would jam all the time. It likes just about any plated round, though.

  17. I love seeing young kids having fun!

    God-bless and keep your Dad and (step) Mom.


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