Sunday, March 14, 2010

When the skies are dark - a little bread and whiskey never hurt anyone.

Saturday it poured all day. I ventured out to get some shopping done, food, gas, dog food, a new rifle (more on that tomorrow). Mycroft Holmes had mentioned shooting , he and his wife both belong to the same gun club I do, but short of an Ark, that wasn't going to happen.

Sunday - it quit raining but it was just DARK. So after laundry and finishing a book, I made scones. There's a couple recipes over on the sidebar for scones, I normally use the flaky scone one. If you you wish a mix - go to World Market and get the Sticky Fingers brand of scone mix that they carry. Excellent. Mine were simple, a basic recipe with wild Maine blueberries and glazed with butter, whiskey, cream and sugar.

Scones are usually best on those cold grey mornings, when children trudge sullenly off to school, when the buildings creak strangely and dark shadows shiver and scratch on the walls, days when your body aches for the strength of another and the smell of the sea. Days of a fire upon a cold hearth, warmth in the kitchen, and perhaps a drop of Jamesons. In this case, a little Jamesons in the glaze.
No recipe for the glaze, just a couple of teaspoons of butter, melted. Stir in a teaspoon of cream, a drop of vanilla if you like, a good splash of whiskey and enough powdered sugar to make a glaze. Put it on the scones as they come out of the oven, they taste like a melencholy moan of a Celtic tune, best shared with a friend, or a loyal dog.

click to enlarge photos

The day is already getting brighter.


  1. Love the recipes. As a old before his time fat diabetic though, the guns are more my preference.

    I wait your next post with bated breath.

  2. Considering how mild a winter we had, perhaps I am in fact willing to wish for some rain. (That I'd have an excuse to make these is secondary, honest!)


  3. Enlarging the pictures causes excessive drool.

  4. Mmmm... looks outstanding. I'll have it give that one a try.

    We were rained out up here in New England as well, so I took the opportunity to make some Irish Soda Bread and start a batch of homebrewed Cream Ale.

    Sadly, the beer won't be ready for a month, so I guess I'll just have to enjoy the Soda Bread and some store-bought Stout with my Corned Beef on St. Paddy's Day ;-)

  5. Slobber, drool, smack....wonderful baked goodness. And whiskey glaze. Why haven't I thought of that?

  6. I love scones. I bet I would love scones dripping with a Jamesons butter glaze even more. I especially love waking up to Mausers and Muffins, particularly when there are no scones waiting for me in the kitchen!!

  7. It's Bushmills here. And the gray days of March, wet and sullen. A smattering of snow fell last night, after the rain, after the sleet.

    When Grandpa Wm. "Woody" Martin died, he had left an unfinished bottle of Bushmills in Dad's liquor cabinet. Grandpa told Dad to hold on to the bottle, that he would return to help him finish it.

    Grandpa never made it back.

    On St. Paddy's day, Dad and I would drink a toast to the sturdy, ornery Irishman. Other special occasions called down the bottle 'til only a small shot remained. Dad then refilled the original bottle. His theory was that no matter how many times the whiskey was replenished, there would be at least one molecule of the original, and that one day Grandpa would return and they would raise a toast in sheer defiance against the wicked world.

    I inherited that bottle when the a final stroke stopped Dad's brave heart. It now resides in my liquor cabinet. Its sides dusty, the labels yellow and flaking. The cap still has the old tax stamp strip that was once required on all distilled liquor.

    On Wednesday, I will raise a toast to Grandpa Woody and Dad Anthony, knowing that somewhere in that old bottle, at least one molecule of Woody's original is still extant. And I know that both men will look down from God's great hand and smile, and in their own way raise a defiant toast against the wild and wicked world.

    Such is the Celtic way.

  8. Now that does look mighty tasty and the weekend was kinda of nasty to be doing anything outside.
    I look forward to hearing about that new gun.

  9. *droooooool*

    And here I have over an hour to go to lunch, and I'm certainly not going to get anything as tasty as your scones look. *sigh*

  10. This is playing hob with my ongoing struggles re: weight loss. On the same note, YD making lemon chicken risotto tonight, and your boxty recipe tomorrow.

    My waistline is doomed.

  11. Hi Brigid -
    My God those look good ! Pray for the sun to please come back.

  12. That would be a nice dessert after
    a couple of bowls of my baked leek
    soup made with 1015s.

  13. If those taste anywhere near as good as they look (and you just KNOW they do!) there is almost no way one could keep from eating the whole batch by oneself. Thus one MUST use extreme caution before making! But, hey, THANKS anyway!

  14. Dear P - if you have a recipe to share that you don't want up in the open comments, you can just send it in a comment with a note, family recipe not for sharing or such. I can copy it and not moderate it to post.

    Yes, I take the photos. A good friend taught me the basics and I'm still learning.

    Morris County Feedstore - Welcome! And YUM!

  15. Brigid, I made your Irish Soda Bread yesterday, in the biblical rainstorm we've been getting in the Boston area. Toasted this morning, it kept me full all the way to sunny Charlotte, NC this afternoon. Thanks, it was delicious and easy!!


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