Sunday, May 30, 2010

Give Thanks to a Soldier

Dedicated to SP4 Ryan Campbell and the Stryker Battalion stationed in Southern Afghanistan.
- Brigid

In times of great strife

war close and at hand
We prayed to our God
for soldiers guarding our land

In those long ago wars
enemy surrounding us all
We waved flags for our soldiers
as on our Lord we would call.

But when those wars were over
wrongs seemingly righted
Our God was forgotten
and the brave soldier slighted

The war's closer to home now

we've got freedom to save
So it's in God We Trust
as we honor the brave

- Brigid 2010


MOBro said...

And a big AMEN to that! Let us keep in mind those who died for our FREEDOM: The Lord Jesus Christ and the men and women of the US Military! Air, land or sea, wherever it may be!

Scott McCray said...

Honor the fallen on Memorial Day - thank and honor a Soldier every day and every time you see them.


Cond0010 said...

Very Nice, Brigid.

Lorimor said...


George said...

To my American friends ... and to all others who have benefited from, and been sheltered by American military power:

We all give our heartfelt thanks and bestow honour on the members of Columbia's military, living and for those who have sacrificed.


Did it MY way said...

Amen. God Bless and keep them all safe.

Hat Trick said...


Lovely poem, Brigid

LauraB said...

Perfect - and I think just the thing for the pre-feast recitation. Thanks to you and all of those who make these days possible.

Joseph said...

"'s thin red line of heros when the drums begin to roll..."

Old NFO said...

Well said Brigid. Thank you for remembering!

MOBro said...

Now those are a couple of VERY, VERY lucky guys!

Phil B said...

Or Rudyard Kiplings Prelude to Departmental ditties ..

I have eaten your bread and salt.
I have drunk your water and wine.
The deaths ye died I have watched beside,
And the lives ye led were mine.

Was there aught that I did not share
In vigil or toil or ease,—
One joy or woe that I did not know,
Dear hearts across the seas?

I have written the tale of our life
For a sheltered people’s mirth,
In jesting guise—but ye are wise,
And ye know what the jest is worth.

In other words, people back home THINK they understand, but unless you have been there and done that, you don't really understand.

Give those guys a break, they have earned it.

Mr.Wolf said...

Not too far off topic, I hope. A while ago, I bought an Emerson knife. I wrote to Mr. Emerson, saying that I would be glad to pay for two knives, if he would send the other one to a soldier at the sharp end. (No, I'm not American. Yes, it is everyone's war.) No reply.

I would be glad to buy stuff from sites that do this, or something similar, if anyone here can point me in the right direction.

I was born in England, so thank you to all the U.S. servicemen who helped make sure I didn't grow up speaking German.

Best wishes.

reflectoscope said...

If you can read, thank a teacher. If you can read in English, thank a veteran.