Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mausers and Muffins, on the Road

There are sometimes little perks about being on the road for most of a month.

(1) I don't have to make my bed

(2) There is no bathroom scale actually IN the bathroom

(3) I don't have to worry about "accessorizing" as my entire travel wardrobe would only appeal to Joe Friday.
(4) I sometimes run across some of my friends who live away from the land of Corn.

This month had times such as these. I got to play with toys and eat supper with friend and Miles who was residing during a trip to the grandkids about 15 minutes from where my business . I got to check out his awesome Smith and Wesson Model 66 and in turn, I gave him a flying lesson.
And I got to explore a HUGE Cabelas.
I'd post a more scintillating shot but we female bloggers were recently taken to task by a young female blogger who said most of us only have readers because we use cleavage and skin shots to lure in traffic. So for my 2.6 million readers, here you have the secret to Mausers and Muffins. Captivating photography.
The Cabela's was really awesome. We don't have one in Indianapolis. I wish we did.
I was tempted by a thing or two in their large assortment of firearms, but I'm quite a ways from home.

Besides, it just didn't match my outfit.

I will be looking forward to going home next week. I miss my friends, I miss my home, but for every day like today, I realize, that at the Range or on the Road, I am truly blessed.


  1. Funny, love the photo.

    Yeah, none of us read for the intelligent and witty prose.

    Just keep doing what you do.

    Mr Fixit

    HA again- word verification= dahum

  2. "...most of us only have readers because we use cleavage and skin shots to lure in traffic. "

    Really?? Hmmm... though the very few cleavage shots you have posted are nice, there are other things that keep me here (I'm not 20, ya know...)

    Besides, if that were the case, Og should be very nervous as I am basically camped out over there too.

    Food and Fylosophy and fun with poetry.

    (The pics of you are nice too - but please... a full photo would be pleasant someday) ;)

  3. Thanks for the Tuesday morning laugh :D I love beaver shots on your blog. Though Im not sure the beaver had any cleavage I found the post to witty, fun and insightful, the Cabella's here in the PR of Maryland is not so much fun. Limited to no reloading supplies and nothing but the most basic of hunting weapons. One of these days Im going to move to a more free state.

  4. Yeah, more cleavage and less of that intellectually honest, succinct and downright lovely wordsmithing! DUH!!

    I LIKE people that know how to USE the language to create emotional pictorials of the mind.

    Cabelas and Gander Mountain get me in trouble all the time.

    w/v = verce (how apropos)

  5. This one was in the Central U.S. It had a TON of ammo and supplies and the sales folks in the ahooting section were quite nice and very knowledgeable (thanks for the help Larry). I was looking for the new XDM in .45 which they didn't have in yet, probably just as well.

    I was quite impressed with the amount of stuff in stock however.

  6. You know, you seem remarkably calm for being attacked by that zombie raccoon. I'd like to think I could manage at least a "Gee whiz!"


    PS I'm not the first to say this, but your writing would be its own draw even if we had no idea what you look like.

  7. Zombie Raccoon - Jim now you made me spill my coffee! bwahahahaha.

    Off to work, there will be folks waiting on me.

  8. Is that a greasegun magazine in the AR platform?

    And I thought I was the only person in the known universe that understood the joys and practicality of a .45ACP carbine.

    Oh! Regarding the beaver shot - nice, but I understand (having no actual experience personally) that the good ones are taken from a lower angle?

    stay safe.

  9. I don't have to worry about "accessorizing" as my entire travel wardrobe would only appeal to Joe Friday."

    Just the slacks, Ma'am?

  10. I typed "gratuitous beaver shot" in my browser this morning and somehow ended up in this blog...

    I think I will need to have my Heisenberg Compensator looked at.

    Nice post btw...

  11. Anything I'm likely to add is just going to continue this downward spiral. Personally, I like the direction but...

  12. "I got to check out the awesome Smith and Wesson Model 66 and in turn, I took him for a flight and gave him a flying lesson."

    Okay...now I know you can't be a real person. A woman who loves guns, cooks AND flys airplanes??? Next you'll be telling us you have a motorcycle and drive an A.C. Cobra replicar on the weekends.

    I'm a married man...don't taunt me this way.

    Seriously though, what do you fly?

  13. So many quotes that would utterly degenerate a great post into high-school lunacy. Glad you're able to have some fun while you're on the road.

    I read a LOT of blogs written by women but I don't really recall any with massive amounts of cleavage--just good writing.

    There are a few guy's blogs that have nude pics (lots of artsy stuff) but they also have good writing so I think whoever wrote that about female bloggers is off base by more than a bit.

  14. @ Ambulance Driver, thanks for the coffee on the keyboard!

    @B.- Not a fan of The Naked Gun, huh?

    Sorry, I will behave!

  15. Live about 25 miles from Owatonna Cabela's and a little over an hour from Roger's Cabela's.
    Yeah it is tough.
    "Should run to Cabela's quick?"
    sounds of scrambling and doors slamming and "Hurry up, Dad!"
    Yeah it is tough....
    One funny incident a few years ago.
    Was listening to sumdood telling what appeared to be 3 generations of female folk he was with how all the animals on the "Mountain" in Owatonna's Cabela's died of natural causes.
    I damn near choked with laughter as I blurted out,
    "Yeah! Natural lead poisoning!"
    Boy did they storm off in huff. Didn't help I had two boyz with me laughing hysterically!
    My diplomacy skills are so lacking...

  16. Brigid,

    Captivating photography indeed - with a large dollop of wit and wisdom. (and gratuitous beaver shots don't hurt - snort)


  17. Brigid, next time you pass through KC, stop off at our Cabela's for an hour. It's one exit north of the I-70/I-435 interchange on the Kansas side. IIRC, it's the first exit eastbound after you pass the toll booth. They have a new section displaying mounted Elk some going back to the 1920s.

    Fabulous place to visit even without shopping. My wife filled her phone's video storage during our last visit.

    BTW, no male will mind any cleavage. We men may grow older but we're not dead.

  18. "Nice beaver."

    "Thank you - I just had it stuffed."

    TRUE classic cinema.

    And the pink-handled revolver is a nice accessory, too.

  19. Remember, DeeEffDubya has 2 Bass Pros AND a Cabelas....

    and Ray's Hardware, and CTD, and MGS...

    and isn't too far from Elsewhere.

  20. I suppose my last shred of naivete just went out the window as I did not pick up on the picturesque beaver pun until I read the comments. You're all bad influences on me!

  21. Your writing is wonderful, but I'm here for the cleavage shots! Nice beaver too by the way.... j/k Brigid. :)

    Who was this idiot woman who made the derogatory comment about your blog? (and others apparently)

    I'm jealous. The nearest Cabela's is 2 hours away in PA. I've never stepped foot inside a Cabela's in my life.

    Also, using your beaver to keep a head warm is very, very naughty.

  22. I always read your writing and catch up when I have missed a few posts. I sometimes skip the comment threads, but after the hilarity of this one I'll be sure not to miss the comments either.

  23. You know, sometimes a little high school lunacy once in awhile feels pretty good, like a pressure release valve. Too bad I'm catching up and all the good beaver jokes are taken.

  24. Cleavage? Where? I was looking for some good recipes and allegory.

  25. Actually, it's the recipes and the posts like the one you did the other day about your brother that keep me coming back, but feel free to post some of those allegedly objectional photos, too. 8)

    (The pics of you are nice too - but please... a full photo would be pleasant someday)


  26. RM1 - I need to keep my privacy for a lot of reasons, none of them being that I'm as ugly as a mud fence or a coward. But like Farmer Frank and Og discussed once, some of us don't have the means to speak without occupational retribution.

  27. Thanks for this enjoyable blog. I have seen the Smith and Wesson Model 66 and thought it was definitely a sight. I would love to hear or read about your opinion of the M134 G minigun by Garwood Industries. www.GarwoodIndustries.com This gatling gun is by far my favorite.

  28. Nothing against cleavage at all ma'am, especially when done tastefully and accompanied by a well handled weapon and a smile.

    Also some truely lovely and memorable prose, for which we should all thank you on a daily basis.

    However, I must put in a plug for our local Cabela's, across the Connecticut river and a bit south of me in East Hartford. You turn final over it as you come in for a landing at Brainerd Field, and it's built on property deeded from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, who's buildings surround it.

    In keeping with our local traditions in aerospace and firearms, as you walk in the door and face the mountain covered with all the stuffed wildlife, you have over your head an honest-to-jingo J-3 Cub, flown by a dummy in a plaid shirt. I won't go there, it's too easy.

    The firearms department takes up half of the second floor. A tad pricey, but if you want it, it's there.

    If you're ever local, just whistle.

  29. Now that you've mentioned it, I'd forgotten there's a J-3 in the KC Cabelas. I wonder how many more has them?


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