Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little bend in the road

Some days, no matter how beautiful the beginning, just go downhill. When left the house the other morning I was really tired and had a bit of a cough. I stopped by Speedway for my "bucket o brain freeze" bucket of brain and the Speedy Freeze machine was broken. Not good.

I had a day off after working last weekend, so after doing on some chores around my house, I noticed the AC was pumping out warm air. Not good. I'll call someone but I just didn't feel good. I felt like, in precise medical terminology. . . . Cat Poop. I stopped by to drop something off at one of the IND blog folks house to hear "Wow you're really hot" But not in a good way. I was burning up with fever and it showed.  I got some aspirin and went off home to see about getting some sleep, afraid I was getting a cold and not wishing to hang out til I gave it to someone.

The AC was still toast and I was coughing pretty badly so I went to a hotel nearby to sleep. Nice hotel with kitchen, $64 at Priceline. Thank you Captain Kirk. The fever went up during the night and I woke up coughing up blood. Off to the hospital. It's pneumonia. I didn't have a cold that turned into bronchitis that turned into this. From gee my throat is scratchy to lung x rays was less than 48 hours. My mom was hospitalized with it just a couple weeks ago, before she passed, it's not something to ignore.

However, once I got to the hospital place, I had my usual fun with the female doctor, an older lively sort, as I had no intentions of getting all worried and serious on everybody.

Doc S. - Brigid - what medications are you on?
Me - I had a vitamin shaped like a little race car yesterday.

Doc S. (sigh). What method of birth control are you using?
Me - Nudity and back to back episodes of Sex and the City seem to work.

Doc S (laughing) - You're quite ill and you're making me laugh, now STOP that.
Me - Watch that you don't trip over my purse there, it's full of Tribbles destined for Sick Bay.

She put up with me long enough to she got me squared away with something to let me breathe a little better, my tests showed I was down to Al Gore levels of required oxygen saturation, and after x rays they had me cough up some nasty stuff for the bacterial tests (they gave me a cup and a liberal magazine and put me in a little room to give my sample). After that I got some giant Biaxin tablets which I get to take a couple times a day for two weeks, an inhaler when I need it. No hospital stay after the first visit, just rest and sleeps and meds.
The Biaxin has a warnings for side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shaking, difficulty sleeping, hallucinations, etc, etc, But the note says "the doctor has judged that the benefit outweighs the risk of side effects" Sounds like Health Care Reform in a tablet.

But, I know that for what I have, this is the right drug, and so far the only side effect I have is the one that says you may experience a bad taste in the mouth. I'm liking it to Haggis stuffed with lutefisk or lutefisk stuffed with haggis, but seeing as no one's going to be kissing me in the immediate future I guess I'm OK.

However, the AC is still out and won't be fixed for a couple of days. So I'll be a hotel for a bit while Barkley stays with friends who I don't want to infect, but welcome an extra dog around the house to play with the kids.
A hotel for a few days is not ideal. I'd as soon have a cabana boy bringing me a 7-up and fluffing my, er. . pillows, but I need to take it easy and not cough on anyone.My friends are checking on me and I will be just fine. My best friend even offered to come over in a nurse's outfit with the eye patch (as in Kill Bill). I can still laugh, that's a good sign. A couple weeks of horse pills, rest and fluid and I might even make it out to the range to try out my new Zombie Targets.
She sort of looks like I feel. Zombie Targets are from Bill's Guns up in MSP.


  1. Goodness, that sounds quite serious. :( Take care of yourself and get well soon!!!!

  2. You amaze me. When I'm that sick I don't have the energy to be joking with the doctor.

    Take care. I hope the Biaxin kills it quickly and you make a speedy recovery.

  3. Brigid,

    It sounds HORRIBLE...but, with the right medicine and a healthy sense of humor, I suspect you will fully recover. And, soon, I hope.

    I did chuckle about the birth control = nudity. Now, that isn't the case where I come from. Although, I do recall an episode once when I was wearing nothing but black socks......Yeh....NOT good. It is a bit like wearing white socks and sandals...except worse!

    Rest up. Keep that delightful sense of humor. :)


  4. Geez, first Roberta, then Tam now you! This is proof positive that guns cause illness. Either that or blogging. Either that or living in Indiana. Either that or having cats or dogs. Maybe we should just ask algore?

    Anywayz, get well soon.

    WV = hukosith

    What a sith huks up when he has pneumonia.

  5. "...vitamin shaped like a little race car" ... heh.

    Get well soon, lady.

  6. Pneumonia can lay low people in their prime. Jim Henson (The muppet show creator) died in ~3 days.

    ...and you are having this in the summertime too. Not good. But then you were living off of 4 hours sleep in 32 hours. Lack of sleep (as you prolly know), depresses the immune system

    Take care of yourself Brigid, and keep us posted.

  7. They gave me a cup and a liberal magazine and put me in a little room....

    Brigid, you're wonderful - that's the best laugh I've had all week!

    haggis stuffed with lutefisk

    What a horrible thing to do to a poor innocent little haggis....

    Hope you're MUCH better VERY soon!!

  8. Hey, get well soon. We had it here, too, and it wasn't pretty. We got it from a guy just in from Norway. It seems to be all over the place. Meds worked for me. I hope you feel much better soon.

  9. Hope you feel better Lady!!

    I'm sorry you have to go to a hotel that does not provide cabana boys and 'pillow fluffing' but it's probably best to wait until you're not contagious.

  10. Get will soon, Brigid! I hear Doctors make the worst patients :)


  11. Geez Louise, really veg out and get better. Nasty vicious bug, so sleep therapy to the max.

    You have lots of friends Ma'am, and we all need you above ground and perky, so please take care of yourself and kill off those nasty bugs.

    Sleep well, and get back to smiling as soon as possible.

  12. Get well and I hope you find something to keep you occupied during your isolation period!

    "Tribbles for sick bay" You just made my evening B.!

  13. Hope you feel better soon Brigid. You still have a good sense of humor. Happy zombie killing.

  14. Brigid -

    I've been lurking here for a while, and after your last few postings, felt compelled to write.

    Your writing is awesome. Not very many out there in the web that can get me to tear up and snort my drink onto the flat screen within a minute.

    Funny tastes from the meds? Ha, BTDT with a med issue last year. Everything tasted like.... grits. Oh, not the grits that everyone eats with sugar, butter, and all sorts of stuff on them. Just.Plain.Grits. Chocolate even tasted worse. Better now though.

    Godspeed on your recovery!


  15. You know in many jurisdictions, Guinness is considered medicine? I'm not licensed to practice medicine in your country but I can make a recommendation.
    I'm just sayin'..

  16. Oh, CRAP! Take good care of yourself, Brigid. Pneumonia is definitely not to be taken lightly.

    The fact that your sense of humor is still intact relieves my worry just a bit.

    As soon as I read this, I grabbed my phone to call you...then I looked at the clock and realized what time it was. I think I'll wait until tomorrow!


  17. The worst part is "in the hospital". The rest can be survived by most people.

    I just escaped Wednesday (emergency hernia op--try and get sympathy with that!).

    I did renew an old method of annoying people.

    The hospital is convinced that if their 'puter bar-code reader (like Walmart uses--nice touch, that) reads your wrist restraint, and you say the birth date that matches what the 'putr is showing they have absolutely identified you.

    So. Every pill production has a routine.

    Zap the pill in its carrier.

    Zap the patient.

    Say "Can you tell me your birth date". (PC answer, in my case, 17Apr1939.)

    My answer: Yes.

    Pause. Will you tell me?

    My answer: Sure.

    and so forth.

    (Night nurse had been warned, she blows in like a Sahara dust storm with "SAY YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAMES AND BIRTH DATE." Not much to work with there.)

  18. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Take care of yourself!

  19. It's been a tough week all the way around.

    Rest well. Get better.

  20. Hope you get well soon. Little side note: at my last physical, my Doctor wanted to update my shot record. When I said "innoculate me for anything you can come up with", I was asked if I planned on going overseas. When I said no, she reached into a file, pulled out a list, and showed me what she was allowed to give me. I looked it over, and saw that pneumonia vaccine wasn't on the list. When I asked why I couldn't get one, she said I was too young. When I said since when was 50 too young, she said "ever since the Federal Government said the vaccine was to be given only to those 60 and OLDER!" Wonder how many people die of pneumonia every year in the U.S.A. because the Federales said they were too young! P.S. That was back in October 2008, so on this one, I will blame the Bush Administration.

  21. Well, at least your spirit is kicking up a storm! Hope that's not from having a high fever and you're delirious...
    Prayers and wishes of well being sent your way.

    Gee, a very healthy sense of humor on top of every other fantastic traits you have... and then you say you're not... well, you know!

  22. Rest, and get well!


  23. Heavens forfend - if it makes chocolate taste like haggis I call that "number 5 - right out". Let's hope not. You need anything (including a rather riled up husky) you know who to call!!

    Get well, sleep lots!

  24. I'm sorry you are ill. Good job you are just a girlie, and not a big strong man. We get things MUCH worse.
    (If laughing will not make you cough too much, Google 'manflu' and look at the comedy show extract on Youtube. I can't provide a link, it makes my nose bleed just turning this machine on.)
    May I suggest 'Red Mars' by Kim Stanley Robinson. Might help the time pass more quickly.
    Best wishes.

    P.S. WV=cycout. Being upset by a semi-literate.

  25. I do hope your body gets well again, it will need to in order to keep up with wit like that.


  26. Brigid, Get some rest and take your medicine. Speaking from experience as you age, you just can't burn the candle like you did when you were younger.

    Funny post, even if you are feeling poorly...

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  27. Hope you are feeling a little better! I know I am after the "nudity" comment had me wiping coffee and toast crumbs off my 'puter!

    Hang in there lady, I had it for two months last winter but then I'm 72 and stuff hangs on.

    wv: inedis, as in "I need this" Biaxen i.e.!!

  28. Went through this back in October, went from "fine" on Sunday, to ICU on Friday. Don't muck about with this crap, the relapses suck!

    Take care of yourself, and get well soon,

    Best wishes


  29. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.

    Get well sweatheart.

    See Ya

  30. Gee, Brigid, that's discomforting to know that there's such a thing as surprise pneumonia. Knock on wood, I haven't had any sort of respiratory infection in years.

    Hope you get well, and I know you will, because Biaxin is the antibiotic equivalent of nuking the site from orbit. About ten years ago my MD was giving out the free samples in lieu of a paid prescription, and my particular side effect was dizziness--for, you know, days on end. Did work for me, but for some other folks with different equipment, it throws off the delicate balance of microbes in the body.

    wv = "losts"; the sequel to Lost--directed by James Cameron.

  31. No injection?

    We have a stock bottle of Decadron at home and a stash of needles which we need about once a year or so. I can't stand being laid up, and I'm not going to sue my doctor over adverse side effects.

  32. Geez, you're upbeat (and posting) even with pneumonia!

    Take it easy for as long as you can and get better!

  33. Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

  34. Take care lass, we need you around to keep the zombie population down. Get well soon.

  35. I've had pneumonia several times, it is no fun. Take good care of yourself until it goes away.

  36. Be gettin' well soon,'s hoping you feel well enough order up a cabana boy in a coupla days!

  37. Sorry to hear you are sick..Hope you make a quick recovery....Really enjoy your blog.."Makes me laugh so hard I have to P.....

  38. Hope you get well soon, and hope you find plenty of things until then to keep you amused.

    May I recommend a bunch of boys doing a capella Lady Gaga?

  39. Wow! That's some fast stuff. I've had pneumonia. Frequently when I still smoked. Glad you're fighting it.

    For the AC, have someone eyeball the exchanger. Our freezes up occasionally when the humidity gets real high. Happened a couple of days ago. Just turned it off and let the outside heat thaw it out. After 4-5 hours it started working again and has been fine since.

    A eyeball check could save a few bucks.

  40. @Crucis - An air conditioner coil frosting up means you probably need to add refrigerant to the system. The coil is not supposed to operate below freezing and will be less efficient. You'll be paying in extra power useage.

  41. Birth control method...Nudity!

    Congrats Dear! you just made me baptize my netbook.

  42. Chicken Soup or gazpacho or both to feel better. Do take care of yourself and hire the cabana boy anyways!

  43. Sounds rough. Get well.
    And Bill's Gun's?
    About 3 minutes from my office.
    The Robbinsdale location.
    Yeah. The salespeople know me.
    Thats nice.

  44. I have to say, those are some shoulders.


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