Monday, July 26, 2010




stbaguley said...

Yeah, when I need one of those I can be pretty "Thor" too! It is unwise to reload "angry"! I do appreciate the occasional need for some "theraputic disassembly" and with that instrument things can be made better. Carefully pounding out the error, allowing a fresh start.

Keads said...

LOL! I call mine the bullet eraser!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brigid, you need to get the Hornady Cam-Lok puller and collets that you load into the press. Much less work, less mess, and if done right, less damage to soft point bullets.


idahobob said...



og said...

They really are thors hammer if you try to pull bullets from rimfire ammo with them. Seen it done. The plastic gives the flash a pretty green glow.

BK said...

Do we get points if we know what it is?? Not in this group I'm guessing.

Anonymous said...

Those bullet pullers are great, sure saves my

Now if we could just find a politician puller... couple of whacks and they pop out of office!

Dann in Ohio

Mjolnir said...


Don said...

You have given me the courage to admit this:
Those kinetic pullers still seem a little bit like magic, ten years after I first used one. The idea that you could just pop a cartridge apart without firing it was surprisingly surprising to me . . . you'd think it would be no big deal, but on some level, I'd always seen cartridges as these little solid pills.

Crucis said...

What every reloader must have. The do-over device.

I have one just like it. It works as well with .223 as it does for .45acp.

It's also a learning tool. With experience, you'll use it less.

ajdshootist said...

The Bullet Puller a very very important tool i one reloads.

Anonymous said...


Being of Norwegian decent, I often wondered what Thor's hammer looked like. I assumed it was some massive tool weighing several hundred pounds. Thor, being something akin to the Nordic equivalent of a deity, would wield the hammer in battle against the evil Loki Pelosi (I believe that was Loki's last name).
Has the modern Thor been limited to such a smaller caliber hammer due to bureaucratic legislation limiting weight, length, and color?
Sigh...we clearly must fight this trend. If we do not, I fear Thor may be found at a local bar drinking things with little umbrellas in them.

THEN, all is lost. And, we will have become assimilated. Resistance is NOT futile!


Brigid said...

stbaguley - "theraputic disassembly". I LIKE That!

BK - I would be disappointed if everyone didn't know what it was.

SWModel66 - Loki Pelosi. Ha! Brilliant. I've arrived and will chat with you later.

Matt said...

Thor's Hammer is nice, but I would much rather have Thor's Lawn Mower.

Hat Trick said...


Recognized it immediately though I've never used one. Always been a little afraid to with a live round. I would go the route that Vic303 suggested.

Anonymous said...

BTW, don't try to pull OLD military ammo (like WWI era .303 brit) in one of those impact pullers...the old stick cordite can be unstable, and would make a much larger 'flash' than the .22lr Og mentioned.


Everett said...

I also have one of those hammers, and am still scared of it! Every timeI have to use it, I reach around the corner of the door and pound it on the cement floor! "Just in case", you know? I'man OLD chicken.

old okie said...

I have a mistake fixer just like that.Loaded 50 rounds that I had to fix the other day. My right arm looks like POPEYE now.the sailor man

Gerald Dreisewerd said...

In my experience the kinetic pullers work quite well for limited numbers of cartridges and there are some loads where this is the only option. Typically, I prefer the collet pullers used on a reloading press. I prefer the RCBS puller because if the collet sticks, you can loosen it with a slight tap on the top of the screw.

The note about old military ammunition is a good warning but I would expect an accidental ignition would do little more than ruin your "Thor's Hammer". I'll ask the manufacturer if they test for accidental ignition. The reply might be interesting.

John B said...

Brigid, Vic303: What A Feeling!

I rest secure in my CroMagnon-itude.

I've broken two of these, never had a bullet go off yet. I have learned that a rhythmic tapping beats the hard angry slamming. Sort of translates into regular life eh?

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm part owner of an ammo company, I spend far too much time with one of those little charmers in hand.

There is a line about 4-wheel drive vehicles that strikes me as quite appropriate to high volume reloading equiptment:
"The purpose of 4-wheel drive is to get you 20 miles further back in the woods before you get stuck".

Therefore, it's reloading corollary would be "The purpose of big presses is to create a much larger 'Oh S--t" factor when something goes wrong, usually in the primer feed.

Gotta love having 50 or 60 unprimered cases trickling ball powder down into the works. Happy, happy.

Ed Foster said...

Bridget, the bitchy, whining essay about my reloading machines was written by none other than Ed Foster. For some reason it took off while I was writing my name.

Also, my editor lady suggested I send you something to read. Tam will have it in a package next week, along with some stuff I owe her. I recommend it highly. It did me well. Ed.

Radagast said...

Now that brought an instant chuckle to my throat. :)

As you seem to be a sci-fi fan, back in the 80s in one of Jerry Pournelles "There Will Be War" anthologies there was a short time travel story, the hero is an early IPSC shooter and the story is relevant to this post.
I'ii only drop one spoiler: ever since I've wanted to order an STI single stack with custom serial number MJOLNIER. :0

Well worth keeping an eye out for if you ever haunt second hand bookshops during your travels.

Gerald said...

Well, I asked RCBS about inadvertent ignition and they repliad;

"The bullet puller has been tested. If the tool is being properly used
it is unlikely that you would be able to initiate the powder or primer.

You would have a better chance of being struck by lightning while being
eaten by a shark."

A straightforward answer except now I wonder what they call proper use. I suppose I will have to blow up a couple to satisfy my curiosity.