Saturday, August 28, 2010

Riding With Thunder

Riding with Thunder

Hands grasping the reins of that fiery steed
an intake of breath, the sweat of pure need

With a rush of hot wind, the rustle of leaves
the sky cracks with thunder, a power she believes

Thundering hooves keeping danger at bay
on cold darkened trails, in the light of her day

The sound and the fury speaks of so many things
the why and the where of how freedom rings.

She knows without words, true meaning, and seeing
Of why she rides free, without fear in her being

The power of thunder rides with her each day
As she roams open land, a fighter, not prey.

© Brigid - Home on the Range 2010


  1. Well said... WELL SAID! Thank you!

  2. Brigid,

    That's a wonderful poem and I'm glad to hear that you're home safe.

  3. Ms. Brigid, Just wanted to say thanks once again. Youm talk in pictures and emotions. Sometimes it takes one for a memorable tour if you let it. Thanks for the ride. Look forward to many more.

  4. That poem is tattoo worthy B - seriously. I just may be talking to you about that.


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