Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Need to Worry Folks -

It's safe to get back on the ride.

A number of my readers had serious issue with my posting a non-bacon, beef or butter recipe last week.

Just so you know that . . .

(1) I wasn't kidnapped by aliens
(2) No one fell madly in love with me, resulting in marriage and my replacement by a tree hugger (as likely as the alien thing).
(3) I had that frontal lobe damage thing and started eating brussel sprouts for dinner.

I present. . . . .

I'm off to watch the new Resident Evil movie with some of my guy friends from the IND blog group. For some reason it's a spouse free night, as "that's not my thing" was cited.

Who wouldn't love Resident Evil, especially as the guys say it's in 3-D????

I'll be back for shooty or bacony goodness on Friday night.