Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Posts from the Road - Rules of the Stagecoach

This listing of rules for Stage Coach Passengers was found in a very old Durango, Colorado Newspaper.

1. If the stage team runs away or you are pursued by Indians, stay in the coach and take your chances. Don't jump out, for you will be either injured or scalped.

That's OK, he'll buff out.

2. In cold weather, abstain from liquor, for you are subject to freezing quicker if under the influence than if you were cold sober. But if you are drinking from a bottle, pass it around. It is the only polite thing to do.

3. Don't smoke a strong cigar or pipe on the state especially when women and children are present. If chewing tobacco, spit to the leeward side.

4. Don't swear, snore or lop over on neighbors when sleeping. Let others share the buffalo robes provided in cold weather.

Buffalo robes are not to be confused with the Buffalo Snuggie

5. Don't shoot firearms for pleasure while enroute, as it scares the horses.

6. Don't grease hair with bear grease as travel is very dusty.

7. Don't discuss politics or religion.

8. Don't point out sites where robberies have taken place.

9. And don't imagine you are going on a picnic, for stage travel is inconvenient.

You all travel safe now!


  1. Ah, the universal rule: "Don't scare the horses!" Mrs. Patrick Campbell was somewhat adamant about that!

    Chances are that will not "buff out".

    Great rules!

    WV: luast-It seems we luast your luggage while defending against Indians.

  2. Got me with the "buffalo" robe... that one was a spit take... :-)

  3. Brigid,

    So, is that you driv'n that stage? :)


  4. SWModel66 - you're only saying that because you've seen me drive. :-)

    Keads - "we luast your luggage". HA!!

  5. SW Model66: The stagecoach wrangler clearly has dark hair. And seems to be less gifted than Brigid, as well, although, well, never mind...

  6. I like the first image in spite of the technical errors and Drang's right, not Brigid.

    Love #8. chuckle

    I-5 didn't have that much traffic when I drove it.

  7. No politics or religion? Well at least we can still talk about sex.

  8. "If chewing tobacco, spit to the leeward side."

    My friend Lee doesn't care for this advice.

    Dann in Ohio

  9. The one thats missing is "Women on the right, men on the left"

  10. 7. Don't discuss politics or religion.

    Coincidentally, my carpool had this exact discussion last night. Though our verbotten topics include sex and "No discussion about Bill's (lack of) hair."

    With those simple rules, anything else said in the carpool, stays in the carpool.

  11. We in the UK had mostly deserted the stage coach in favour of the steam train, whilst you americans were still battling the natives and the terrain.

    However the recommendation "If you are pursued by Indians, stay in the coach and take your chances. Don't jump out, for you will be either injured or scalped." Would be very sound advice for anyone having the misfortune of have to travel thru the parts of our inner cities today.

    What I would give to have the freedom that my South African cousin has.To drive with a large calibre pistol tucked under his left knee when driving in the city.In case one of the natives get ideas above his station. LOL

  12. Samuel Clemens, wrote a story about his stage ride and some of these rules applied.
    It was on the Overland Route to California.

  13. I notice they leave out the part about having to get out and help push if stuck in mud or sand, and about getting out and walking up steep inclines so as to save the horses. Typical travel agent!

  14. Found this post when doing an image search for Durango. Not only did I enjoy this post but several others. will be back..Thanks

  15. Joe Todd - Welcome! I hope you will come back to visit.


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