Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Home on the Range Tip on Saving $469

Don't buy a Super Buff Pro WorkoutX ButtBlaster Type Machine (implied nyphomaniac Swedish gymnast not included) -

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Simply try the HOTR ACPX Butt Buster Brass Workout.

Picking up your brass to bring home - the best of all workouts, squats and bends combined, hundreds of reps at a time. Sure the fancy workout equipment is well built, well reviewed and looks nifty in your workout space and their model probably has a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering. But think of all the powder and primers you can buy for $469.


  1. Damn... I was gonna buy that thing too! Always wanted a Swedish nym... uhhh... a workout machine! Heh heh heh, I reckon I'll stick with the a** of brass workout : )

  2. Now that you mention it, the second choice does seem to be way more practical!

    Prettier to look at as well!

  3. I used to work not far from HSN/QVC HQ in Tampa. Wanna know where [name withheld for legal reasons] works out every morning at 5AM instead of using the equipment he shills for the shopping channel? I can give you the address.

    BTW, ever since I moved to the PDX metro and discovered that the legendary HP calculator factory became an office park for Nautilus, I've started to believe that this country is in a hole from which we may not be able to escape.

    The calculator factory was a kind of Mecca for young EE students in the early 80s.

  4. The lady I shoot with regularly, always picks up her brass and mine. She is in pretty good shape, and now I know the reason. That, and the fact she is 25 years younger than me. I thought she did it 'cause she felt sorry for the old geezer, but now I know it is to stay in condition. I feel better!

    Thanks again for the Range Chili recipe. I made some last week. Simple to make and now my favorite Chili recipe! I've tried lots of recipes with lots of ingredients over the years, and yours is my (and many other shooters) favorite.

    I've been using your recipe since the first time I tried it.

  5. Yeah! Way better'n a machine that ends up being a piece of furniture...minus the hot chick of

  6. My middle son would like to have a workout machine or weight set, and I actually think he would use it.

    Nonetheless, I've told him it would be silly to buy one at the sports store or off the TV - any Saturday morning they can be had in most any neighborhood for pennies on the dollar.

    I need to have a serious reloading session for all the .223, .357 and .45 brass that I've picked up. Would like to have one of those blue progressives, but will have to make do with a couple of turret presses (Lyman & Lee) for now.

    Then there's the .30-30 and .270 -
    so many cases, so little time...

  7. How am I supposed to get in shape watching her excersize on the machine?

  8. My knees and back aren't in that good of shape. So I have a Harbor Freight grabber. Works great on brass. And I get most of my exercise by gut-wrenching, watching the evening news.

  9. Does the HOTR ACPX Ass Building Brass Workout come with the implied nyphomaniac Swedish gymnast? or a least a box of reloaded .38s?

    Dann in Ohio

  10. I have always wondered about this. Why not use a casing catcher like this?

  11. For some reason this post brought a strange thought of a creature from the distant past to mind...


  12. Mr WK & I took a carbine class on Saturday at a private range. Three of us policed the range while others broke down the CoFs and stowed the target stands and other equipment. We offered to share it out but the offer was refused for various reasons. We came home with 926 pieces of .223 brass, way more than what we shot ... not including the 100+ pieces of various pistol brass. SWEET!

  13. I guess I'm just lucky to live where I do. Mo Range within 50 miles but I do get regular deliveries of .223, 45ACP,357 Sig, .308 and 9mm from a friend who is charge of my states swat team. They don't reload so they pass it around to re-loaders throughout the state. Considered "sharing the wealth" when it would otherwise be dumped.

  14. It says "click to embiggen" for the brass. What about the picture with the Swedish nym, er, exercise machine? Sorry, I tried to resist. Really. Just not very hard...

  15. I'd be willing to watch your brass...

    Thorvald Wolfe


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