Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deer Camp Culinary Creations

Are you headed out to deer camp and need something tasty for supper? Here's an idea from the HOTR hunting trip archives.

It won't win you any photography awards, coming out of the oven in the casserole dish it was about as attractive as. . . . . . . ? (you pick)

(1) Roast Spamalope

(2) The Webley & Scott Mk. IV .38 (making Glocks look gorgeous since 1887).

(3) The Florida Wild Boar or your ex spouse (often mistaken for one another in the wild)

But how about a casserole? I'm half Norwegian so we don't call it casserole. It is known as "hot dish" and has been a part of my life since childhood. What IS a hot dish, you ask? In a nutshell, in its pure form, it's the bastardized offspring of a can of cream of mushroom soup and leftovers.

But sometimes I get a little creative, especially in looking for something I can make at Deer Camp .

Camp Creole Casserole (recipe in the right sidebar). It's an adaption of a recipe I found in a Taste of Home Church Supper cookbook with some HOTR touches. All you need is some dehydrated beans and rice, Cajun seasonings, hominy, corn and some pickled jalapeno, cheese, meat and look, there's a bag of Fritos the squirrels didn't run off with for the topping. With a dutch oven you can cook this right over a camp fire. (and you know, it's prettier after dark, and a couple of beers. . . . . just saying).

But it was really TASTY and if you click to enlarge the picture I bet you will drool just a little bit. Best of all it's inexpensive and can be made easily over a campfire or at home. Plus no cans of Cream of Mushroom soup lost their lives for it.

Yes, those are big chunks of diced smoked ham and sausage in there, no Spam allowed.


  1. " Webley & Scott Mk. IV .38 (making Glocks look gorgeous since 1887."

    Ha! How true!

  2. With that comment they can put away the ugly combat tupperware and put your left-overs in real tupperware!

    Looks good!

    Dann in Ohio

  3. Now I wish you'd been the chef at my last deer camp. Bro-in-law decided the ham'n'beans needed more barley. A LOT more barley.

    After he got done, even the coyotes wouldn't eat the stuff.

  4. Looks good to me.

    I'd be tempted to call it Webley Casserole.

    Doesn't look so good but still goes bang.

  5. "In a nutshell, in its pure form, it's the bastardized offspring of a can of cream of mushroom soup and leftovers."

    Lol... Thanks, made my morning.

  6. Good thing I`ve bought that droolproof keyboard..

    Good one, thanks!

  7. If I had to pick shooting with you or cooking with you (but not both) for the whole day I would have a hard time choosing between the two.

    I think cooking. Easier to talk and laugh. More interactive. Would be fun to share recipes.

  8. Hi Brigid,

    I'm here from Confederate Yankee and I really like it. You have a wonderful blog!

    Thank goodness no cans of Cream of Mushroom soup (shudder!!) were killed to make this recipe. Not sure I could have taken that the day before Thanksgiving....

  9. Hmmm, made with fresh deer sausage from the last deer outing...that looks to be right tasty!

  10. Tango Juliet nailed it. Something hot and spicy would be outstanding just about now!


  11. "Plus no cans of Cream of Mushroom soup lost their lives for it."

    love this!

    as for the camp "hot dish" i understand that context is very important in the rating of a dish.

    one of the best "meals" i ever had was after my first wreck dive, on the back of a fishing boat inhaling diesel fumes. it consisted of a suspiciously crunchy ham & cheese sandwich (all components) and without condiments, followed up by sun heated instant tea (no ice) and generic indeterminate bark-like cookies that on any other day in any other place i wouldn't give to the dog.

    all that said, it is one of my fondest meal memories. which is why letting your guests get good and hungry is a secret of all good cooks!

    now, as to this particular dish, may i suggest that those with in-law frustrations serve it happily along side some of the other T-Day fare this week? could really take care of a few problems, me thinks.


    anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and Barkley, wherever you land, and to all the great HOTR readers:


    let us remember those who came before, native and immigrant ancestors alike who made the peaceful day possible. : )

  12. But the Webleys are so Steampunk! Just try to visualize Sherlock Holmes with a Springfield Xd!

  13. Damn you Brigid. I need to stop reading this blog around lunchtime!

    Looks tasty! Jalapenos!

  14. If you tip that Webley up 45 degrees it is easy to image that barrel and pivot in contact with a skull.

    Hotdog soup.
    Pack of hotdogs,potatoes,carrots,beans etc.


  15. " Webley & Scott Mk. IV .38 (making Glocks look gorgeous since 1887."


    any revolver makes Glocks look like combat tupperware!

  16. Is your camp anything like, Da Yoopers?

  17. Good one! And the recipe is good too!

  18. Guns plus food. Is this a great blog, or what?


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